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Best Muscle building tips for men

muscle building tips

When we pass though any of the Play ground, Gym’s, open air exercise corridors we will find most of the people make work outs very hardly in order to maintain their physic, but the truth is rather than to win the Athletics, or to strength their body most of them will do it just for “Look”, of course this is a common tendency but it is important to structure your program in a way that allows you to meet those goals in the shortest time period possible. In most of the people, the unknown and very less known fact is “a fit body keeps you away from health problems”.

So in order to maintain your body, let’s go through some tips,

Exercises and work outs

In order to shape your arms with broad muscles, go through these

Start your work outs slowly with less weighted things.

Limit your workouts to 45-60 minutes.

Workout during the time of day when you have the most energy.

Add volume after you’ve already built a fair amount of Strength.

Dots try to look for a way to workout easier, look a way to make it harder and even try to do some challenges which in turn increase your confidence.

Do regular workouts to maintain the muscles.

Take some supplements to enhance your muscles and be careful while taking because they can harm your Arm.

Do at least 3-5 hard work outs per a week.

Don’t forget to do the warm up before going to start your work outs.

Find a good Training partner and Gym too with good environment which makes sense to get change in your Structure.

Food habits

Take more proteins which helps to grow your muscles larger.

Take carbohydrates and fatty foods which helps to maintain your body shape.

Have Meat, eggs, cheese, milk, peanuts etc.

Take food correctly in the regular intervals.

Take carbohydrates and amino acids related drink which helps to increase more blood flow to working tissues.

Drink plenty of water.

Sleep at least 8 hours  night.

While going to bed it’s better to take protein food.

Have a Fat free flavored Yogurt (Curd) with fruits addition like banana, berries which in turn add flavor to your food.

Have a green Tea to reduce your stomach fat by increasing fat oxidation.

These are all the basic formulas to get a good and fit muscle and even to maintain them too.

Most of the people try hard for years to add some tone or in muscle building. Merely trying for years wouldn’t help. Before starting off with the workout it is highly important to know about the gym etiquettes and the proper workout attire. Even if the facts about getting strongare cold hard it should be followed to achieve the set goal. Below are some of the tips for muscle building.

Relaxation time

The first and important rule in terms of muscle building is taking proper rest. After spending hours and hours in the gym and doing other workout if you do not rest then all the efforts are a complete waste. Particularly in the night time enough rest is required if not it’s a waste of time and money dealing with the exercises. People actually grow when they sleep not when they train. Failing to get enough of it can seriously impede growth, mental acuity, hormonal balances, recovery, energy levels and many other things. It is a good thing to work out to build muscles but for the growth and betterment of our body it is important to take proper rest. The muscles are broken down while working out and they start to grow during the recovery phase which is eating and sleeping.

Diet that works out

There is no harm in taking food but which and how much food to consume makes a huge difference. Start with animal based protein food and increase the quantity as the body gains mass. Other foods like fat cottage cheese, milk, egg and other non-veg food helps in getting the result. To get rhino strong saturated fats and cholesterol are needed. This in turn helps keep the testosterone levels high.

Exercises types for best result

The best tool for growth is compound exercises. The king of muscle builders are squats and they are not harmful for the knees unless you are overweight and doing half squats. The next in command is the deadlifts. They are safe for the backs unless your shape is horrible. Below are few of the exercises that work.


Causing the muscle fibers to tear would be the only significant way to increase muscles. The only way to achieve it is by subjecting the muscles for external forces to which they are not accustomed. To see significant progress in muscle building get your hands on weight lifting machines, dumbbells and barbells. While lifting make sure you give 3-5 seconds rest between each lift. This gives some time to regain strength mainly for the beginners.

Avoiding cardio

Body requires calories to build muscles. Doing significant amount of cardio exercises like bicycling or running actually burns the calories that are needed for the muscle building process. So it is advisable to use cardio just for 2-3 minutes warm up and then focus on other exercises.

Use adequate heavy weight

Heavy weight should lead to muscle failure by the end of the set. The range of lifting should be 8-13 repetitions per set and performing 3-6 sets per exercise. The counts may vary for the beginners. Most of the people try to exercise with a partner because when the weight gets too heavy they have someone to assist them. Do not skip just because you do not have partner instead rest for a while when you get too tired to lift the weight. This method helps to complete the sets comfortably without muscle failure.


To increase the training density and to fatigue a certain muscle group you may use supersets in your current program but complexes takes this concept to the next level. You will compound fatigue on a group of muscles by doing a set of two to three exercises in a row. Let us see an example.

First target a set of muscles and let us start off with the chest muscles. Select three or four exercises according to the following table:

  • Power exercise – 3-5 reps (Clapping or push-ups)
  • Strength exercises – 6-9 reps (Bench press or dumbbells)
  • Isolation exercises – 8-14 reps (Cable chest fly)
  • Bodyweight fatigue exercises – can choose close grip or push-ups and do it as many times as possible.

At the end you’ll get to the body weight fatigue exercise and by that time your chest will be completely exhausted. This method of doing exercise combines strength, power and hypertrophy rep ranges. Complex initiates tons of muscles fibers and creates a large potential for growth.It is better to start off with one or two programmes in a set because they have negative effects too. They are extremely intense and may leave you sore even after days. So it is advisable to start as slow as possible as we have plenty of time to build the muscles.Before starting off with the exercises, it is important to read every article and watch every video about body building. This helps to know the proper exercise form and teaches us visually how to exercise.

Upper body work

While doing exercises the workouts that have been done for the upper body has to be balanced. It means equal efforts for chest, shoulders and back should be given. Balance will keep you healthy, strong. Balancing helps to stave off shoulder pains as well.

The training volume should be added gradually. Sudden increase of the weight makes the body feel tired. So the next day we may not be able to continue with the same enthusiasm.

Having a stiff drink

Salt is said to be the best performance enhancer than creatine. How does it work? Sodium improves carbohydrate storage by increasing amino acids absorption. There are other energy drinks, fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices. Find out the suitable drink and use it while doing exercise. It helps to stay long without getting tired. Avoid drinks that spoil health.

Doing exercise once and ignoring the diet factor doesn’t fetch the result. In order to reach the goal it is much important to be consistent on both the factors. So don’t over think on muscle building but work hard.