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How to get Sagittarius Woman fall in love with you

How to get Sagittarius Woman fall in love with you

Sagittarius being the ninth sign of zodiac is the powerful one which is denoted by means of an archer. This is the sign of the knowledge seekers. One has to accept the fact that it is not easy to make a sag woman fall for a guy. In order to deserve her, you need to do something which can win her heart. The personality of a sag woman may be difficult to understand first. However, when you spend some quality time with her, you love her more and more due to her intense personality traits.

When you are going to make the move towards the very adventurous, energetic and independent Sag woman, you should be rest assured that she might not be the one playing the role of a conventional homemaker. The key to win heart of a sag girl is, in fact, be the partner who can respect her as equal. On the other hand, having her by your side means your partner an intelligent, idealistic woman who shines at every occasion where she accompanies you. When you are looking for a companion, who is light-hearted, optimistic and one who can make life a picnic for you, then its time you check the rules of thumb to make the Sagittarius woman fall for you.

Make Her Laugh-Always

To your Sag lady, there is hardly a bigger turn-off factor than a date that cannot make her laugh. And this does not refer to a polite giggle- it has to be rollicking, rip-roaring and out of the belly. Never forget that Sags are ruled by Jupiter, who happens to be the god of joviality and mirth. NEVER keep on moaning or complaining about your problems, otherwise you lose your chances of attracting her. She would rather get along with someone cheerful, positive and manages to keep smiling, no matter how taxing the situations around are. Also, the Sag gal would love it when you are being playful- feel free to tease her a bit-in a well-mannered way, of course.

Play Straight

REMEMBER that she hates hypocrisy and hypocrites. Being truthful and open is a major key to win these sticklers for integrity- so it is useless to hold back anything from her. If you find to express something extremely embarrassing, then try making a joke about it. As a result, your Sagittarius girl will respect you even more for coming so-clean. But beware- once she discovers that you are being dishonest- be it for any form or for any cause, she is least likely to have faith in you again. Yes, her dull candor can be hard to manage, but you will need to face it, without taking offence or being sensitive. And one more thing, Sags prefer lovers who are experienced. So if you have had a colorful romantic history in the past, there is absolutely no need to keep in under the wraps.

Praise Her Intelligence

You will need to prove her that you have in-depth knowledge about myriad ‘higher things’, say politics, religion or philosophy. Yes, Sagis love frivolity and jokes! Simultaneously, they are far away from empty-headed mass. A true partner, according to a Sagittarius is someone with whom she can discuss the true meaning of life. In case she does not find you of equal wavelength, or if her moral and ethical values do not match yours, you might see her elegantly walking out of your life. In most cases, Sagittarians, by nature love travelling and would love you spend hours listening to the tales of far off, interesting places that you have either visited, or would love to visit.

Being a Flirt Is More Than Okay

Does it sound different to what you learned about Sagittarius’ dislike being dishonest? Well, you should also know that these girls are best enticed by the prospect of a super thrilling adventure. If you are seriously interested in her, then make sure to tempt the girl with an assurance of exiting and adventurous relationship. Make it more than clear that YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HER. But beware once again- you cannot over-flirt with her. If you want to tease her, then you might want to employ a little bit of sexual banter, or a bit of risque joke- but take care that they are genuinely funny and do not verge on vulgarity. The key is- help expanding her mental horizon. Make her teach something that she has never known earlier. Keep in mind that Sagittarians are learners for a lifetime.

Do Not Pin Her Down

By this time, you must have understood that Sagittarius women are restless souls. No wonder that they would always excuse from partners who might pose a threat to their individuality and personal freedom. So if you want to make your relationship work, pay unbiased compliments to her self-sufficiency and individuality. In turn, you’ll experience her undivided companionship for a lifetime. And even when your relationship goes strong, stay prepared for cancelled dates, frequent absences and situations that you might not have prepared yourself for beforehand.

Roam Around

Sag women falls under the adventurous category. She loves to travel a lot. Her thirst for roaming about the places never ends. If you are in search of a valuable tip to attract a sag woman, you can go with the option of travelling. She likes to explore new things and hence you can choose some exquisite places for her where she hasn’t been to earlier. In specific, the location can be adventurous for her to try out new activities. It gives a lot of space for her and she gets to experience your love for her. So, if you wish to have a soulful relationship with a sag woman, your first approach must be to take her to a place which keeps her occupied.

Accept the Way she is

A sag woman is not like any other woman. Her honesty seems rude and her attitude may sometimes seem like degrading others. However, she is an exciting human being to be with. Her thoughts are so pure and innocent. So, accept the way she is and try not to find fault in her attitude.