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Best healthy hair care tips for men for good looking hair

Best healthy hair care tips for Men for good looking hair

Getting bouncy and fluffy hair is not an ever ending desire if you are keen with your internal and external hair care. Nurturing your hair by the supply of quality amounts of proteins, nutrients and vitamins will surely makes you to leave your hair open.

If you maintain the healthy and balanced diet the beautiful hair will be all yours. Let us see some of the proteins and nutrients that are helping out to the hair repair and strong scalp.

1. B complex vitamins are very necessary for the hair growth, this vitamin present in the carbohydrates and rich quantity of carbohydrates are available by eating vegetables, fruits, brown rice and whole grains.

2. Proteins prevents the risk of hair from split ends and snapping by providing strength to the hair shaft. So increase your protein rate to make your hair more healthy. Foods with protein are soya beans, dairy products like milk, curd, paneer, cheese, pulses, nuts, oil seeds and beans.

3. For the growth and color of the hair vitamin C is prominent, the sufficient amount of vitamin c will increases the strength of the hair strands. Good ingredients of vitamin C are all citrus fruits such as oranges, lime, lemon and berries. Vitamin c present in the vegetables like red peppers, Brussels sprouts, tomato, cucumbers, cauliflower and dark green leafy vegetables.

4. For the healthy scalp always opt vitamin A items which includes Beta-carotene filled yellow vegetables and yellow fruits, sweet potatoes, apricots and broccoli.

5. When the blood circulation is good hair growth and health will also good. Get the vitamin E from avocados, nuts, rice bran, dark green vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

6. The least popular but more helping vitamin is vitamin K, it keeps the hair healthy. The finest sources of Vitamin K are dairy foods, asparagus, figs, broccoli, rye, lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, dark green leafy vegetables, wheat, oatmeal and yogurt.

7. Essential fatty acids which are found in vegetable oils, whole grains, legumes, fresh nuts and oil seeds, flax seeds oil and pumpkin seeds will aids the dry hair. It also improves the texture and helps for the brittle hair.

8. Do you know, One fourth weight of hair strand is made up of water and it is a medium to discard the toxins and relevant pollutants from the body. It not only hydrates the body but also makes the hair silk and shiny. Retain a habit of drinking plenty of water.

9. Iron is the supplier of the oxygen to hair, hair follicles are in starving condition if there is no sufficient amount of iron. You can increase the iron intake by consuming green vegetables, garden cress seeds, whole grains.

10. Zinc plays a vital role in the hair growth and hair strength, it builds up the hair proteins and conditions it. With its immunity improving feature it will stimulates the growth of the hair. Find the zinc at legumes, spinach, mushrooms, fat less dry milk and whole grains. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds also comprises of zinc.

11. Magnesium is yet another key mineral for hair growth. Foods like whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, pulses, dairy products and fruits contain good amount of magnesium.

External applications for healthy hair

Apple Cidar Vinegar

Having a beautiful looking hair is a dream for many men. Good news is that this can be easily done by applying Apple Cidar Vinegar to your hair. It gives your hair a bouncy look and maintains good and healthy strands. Mix this ingredient with warm water and apply to your hair thoroughly. Wash it off after it has been dried. You will experience desired result upon continuous usage.

Indian Gooseberry

Gooseberries, also called as Amla gives shining look to your hair. This is a natural ingredient that is readily available at your home. Applying Amla powder with castor oil and one full egg leaves your scalp clean and makes your hair healthy and lustrous.

Oil Massage

This is another home remedy which is a cost effective one. Oil Massage strengthens the root and prevents hair loss problem. This gives you a thick hair in natural way. Olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil are considered to be best for the hair. You can heat the oil until it becomes warm and massage it through the scalp for a healthy hair.


Eggs are the natural conditioners for hair. This can be used as a shampoo to your hair. It makes your hair look straight and neat. The external appearance of the hair is also enhanced by this.

Treat wet hair with adequate care

The hair becomes fragile when it is wet since the keratin molecules become weak when water touches them. Unfortunately, that is when people treat the hair harshly – by drying it or applying care products in order to dry it. If you would like healthy, good looking hair, then you should avoid washing it frequently. Over-washing the hair can result in the natural oils present in it getting stripped away. Do not use hot water to wash the hair. Instead, try using warm water. If you do not use warm water or lower the temperature of the water you use to wash your hair, then it will be stripped of all the natural oils.Instead of scrubbing the hair, massage it gently. You should also avoid blow drying it with a dryer.

Avoid the greasy stuff

Styling aids and gels can create looks one would have never thought possible by hair that is left alone. However, would you have imagined that plastic that has been dissolved in alcohol is what makes all these hair styles possible? The bitter truth behind this is that alcohol can strip the hair dry of all the moisture that is necessary to keep it healthy and completely weaken it. This makes the hair brittle and weak. Therefore, you must use styling gels very sparingly. On the other hand, waxes and pomades are extremely difficult to wash in order to remove from the hair. You may need to use a strong shampoo and repeated washings, which can also damage the hair. Water based formulae can help get rid of these pomades and waxes without any hassles.

Get a haircut

Hairs that sprout from the scalp do not always grow. Instead, they only grow older and greyer every day. Hair that is, however, at the end of the strand, can each be at least five to six years old. Hair also loses its moisture and also its strengthwith age. When you regularly trim the hair, the problem automatically gets nipped in the bud. The strength of the hair varies with washing routine, genes, exposure to the heat of the sun, etc. which makes some men go longer between cuts as compared to the others.

No tight helmets or hats

Often, people do not realize that the hair has no breathing space when they wear tight helmets or hats. The sweat that runs in such a tight environment completely ruins the hair. This can contribute towards hair fall and hair loss. If you would like to protect your hair, then you should avoid wearing tight helmets or hats.

Dump 2 in 1 products

Invest in a conditioner and a shampoo, each in its separate bottle. Try to avoid using 2 in 1 products that can only damage the hair. You may think that since men have shorter hair as compared to women, it may need lesser care. However, that is not true. If men do not wash their hair and keep it clean and healthy, it may be prone to dandruff, hair loss, brittle hair, and even an inflamed scalp.

Try to do things differently

Treat your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo if you are suffering from dandruff. If you notice that it gets dirty and oily really fast, then try switching to shampoos that are lighter. Use a homemade hair mask if you think that it is coarse or dry. Not only does trying to do things differently help you keep your hair healthy but it also reduces the chances of potentially embarrassing situations.

Dry your hair before going to sleep

Irrespective of whether you prefer short or long hair, you should let it dry completely before going to sleep at night. Hair that is damp will not be able to hold its shape when your head touches the pillow, leaving you with several flat spots to deal with when you wake up the next day.

Use a SPF based conditioner

A protective scalp balm and a SPF based conditioner will protect your hair and your scalp all the time you are outside the house. This is what most men forget to apply before stepping outside the house and do not remember until they realize that it is too late now.

Beware of chlorinated water

It may be refreshing to take a nice dip in the swimming pool during the summer. It may be the best way to beat the scorching heat of the sun. However, the chlorinated water from the pool can make your hair thin and dry. Therefore, you should avoid spending much time in the swimming pool and you should also wash your hair thoroughly if you have spent time in the chlorinated water.

Aloe Vera

Not only can Aloe Vera be used to protect your hair but it can also prevent your hair from falling. If you are going to be in the sun for a long time, you should apply the gel of Aloe Vera before going out. You can even apply this gel to your sunburned scalp.

Go sulphate free

What could possibly go wrong with a $4 bottle of shampoo that you purchased from the market? Even though it is highly economical, it contains lots of harsh chemicals called sulphates. Moreover, even though these chemicals make these products sudsy, they also strip the hair of its natural oils and leave it brittle. If you would like to avoid its effects, then go for a sulphate free shampoo.

Condition daily

You do not have to apply shampoo on your hair every day in order to condition it. You have to apply a conditioner that is suitable for your hair on a daily basis if you would like to protect and moisturise it. Instead of shampooing on a regular basis and conditioning the hair twice a week, it should be done the other way round. Just apply some conditioner after wetting your hair in the shower every day.

Stop using the comb regularly

Even though you may feel that it is counterintuitive to discard your comb, it is high time you did it. However, if you would like to retain your comb, you should not use it regularly. Using the comb on a daily basis will contribute to strands that are limp. If you give too much attention to your hair by combing it regularly, it can wear out your follicles. Instead of combing your hair, simply run your fingers through it and gently fluff it.

Stay calm and stress free

Many men tend to forget that hair loss is the direct result of stress. Therefore, relaxing regularly is important for those men, who would want the hair on their head to remain. It is important to remain stress free so that you do not lose the hair on your head fast.

Time your salon visits well

The time at which you visit your salon will also determine your hairstyle. If you visit the salon during rush hour, it is likely that your hair stylist will do a hasty job. This could leave you with a hair job that is half baked. Aim to visit your salon at non busy times if you want to receive a personal touch and undivided attention.

Use matte applicants to fight thinness

Styling ingredients that have been made of clay can compensate instantly for oncoming thinness. Even though your receded hairline may be visible, you can pump pasty products and add to your masculine layers that are extremely luxurious.

Have your genes analysed

Many men fear that they will be the victims of male pattern baldness. However, it is easy for people to pre-emptively find out whether there are chances of developing this syndrome. Your mom’s dad is the best indicator of whether you would lose some of those tresses early on in life.

Stop smoking

Tobacco as well as the other carcinogens will make the liveliness of your mane fade or at least dampen. You may feel that it is cool to smoke. However, you may not realize that with each light, one of the hairs on your head gets plucked. The effects add up at a speed that is insanely fast. You can then expect that baldness is on the cards.

Nourish your hair

Did you know that the hair is made of keratin, which is also the content of your toenails and fingernails? You should ingest huge quantities of gelatin if you want to nourish your hair andimprove the quality of your hair.

Tie up your long hair

Do you have long hair? When you look at some stories, you would realise that some great men have sported long hair at some point of time or another. Even though long hair looks good, hair that is all over the face does not. Make it a point to, therefore, tie up your long hair.

Bathe before you sleep

Bathing before going to sleep is a very healthy practice. It will keep you free from stress and also help you. However, do not forget to dry your hair after washing it before going to sleep.

Do not wash and repeat

You need not wash your hair twice just because promotional materials for hair products say so. The procedure of washing, rinsing, and repeating is just a way to make you use more and more shampoo for your hair. Many people are aware that shampoos are not effective even if you use them for washing and rinsing your hair twice.

Try out the alternatives

Always try more than one look for your hair. If one style does not suit you, always try the other styles. You must try out all the alternatives so that if you are not satisfied with one, you can always go with the other. This will give you options for special occasions such as important business meetings or dates with your loved one.

Pat your hair dry

When you rub your hair by drying it quickly, it will completely damage your hair. If your hair is already thin, then you should avoid rubbing your hair but simply pat it dry. This method will require a little more time than simply rubbing your hair dry. Use very slow movements to dry your hair rather than harsh ones. A thermal styling spray is alternatively recommended to avoid the use of a hair dryer to blow dry your hair.

Dry shampoo

Are you one of the people, who are always on the go most of the time? Do you struggle to find the time to even wash your hair? You need not worry any longer since you could now opt for a powder shampoo to dry shampoo your hair so that the excess oil and dirt are absorbed, leaving your tresses looking fresh.