You are currently viewing Health care tips,Health Habits for men over 40 to stay Fit

Health care tips,Health Habits for men over 40 to stay Fit

Health care tips for men over 40

A common word which hits every one in early morning of Monday was “Weekend over, again Work week got started to make us week”, though everyone thinks about this, still they will hope  And look for a “Next weekend”, did someone or any one cross checked themselves that “ More the weekends pass results in your age to become old”.

Age of 40, which might make you not be as quick to get up off the floor like early stages. This is the age where you need to be very careful because, in this age you don’t have patience or will to welcome the disease or problem unexpectedly and then fighting to save yourself. You should be aware of taking charge of your health in order to save yourself making sure it never happens.

So want to keep away all the problems by improving your health during this decade which helps you to make a platform for next 40 years.

Let’s go with our ideas to keep your “Health as your Wealth” in 40’s.

Once your age sounds as 40, you should be aware of all the things and should knock the “Health care Provider” door time to time and you need to screen several things which will helps you in the increase of your will ness to be healthy.

In this age due to hectic work and family schedules you will become tired, so it’s better to do exercise and work outs regularly.

You might face challenges like aches, lose in your Stamina, and very serious condition like Heart problems, cancer related issues, its mandatory to maintain Diet with nutrients, because Preventive care in your 40s is the best way to greet the coming years.

Dot neglect you health by watching out for the state of your body, take as much as fruits, vegetables, healthy protein based food, vitamins etc.

Plan for your diet and take atleast 5 fruits and vegetables as mandatory, which will decrease a risk of cancer and heart attack.

Plan and Develop with healthy food options and have plenty of them in hand.

Everything will dried up at this age, particularly many hormone’s like testosterone and growth hormone will begin to decline, planning for exercises and work outs will help’s your body by stimulating hormone’s like “Growth Hormone”.

Without physical activity “Metabolism” in your body will be slow and bone density also decline which results in several problems, so doing exercises will help you to improve your Metabolism and even make you feel free from the Stress and tension.

Have a look on your hereditary life style(Family History) because, due to hereditary also you will face some sort of challenges like cancer, heart attack etc, particularly in 40’s.

Better to go for all the checkups and having medicine for any type of problems will release you from pain.

Should take food contains rich in Vitamin D.

Take food with multi vitamins which will help to supply a base of the B complex, vitamins C and E. It also provides a mineral foundation, an area where many people are deficient.

Take fish 3-5 times a week, contains omega 3 fatty acids which helps to keep your body safe with tremendous health benefits.

Take a test on thyroid too because at this age thyroid also effects your mental sharpness, metabolism and energy production. If it effects, you can find it with fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, constipation, cold hands and feet, and sugar cravings etc.

So finally we just need to understand “A healthy outside starts from the Inside” to take care of your health with all the above instructions.

At the age of 40, people not only have jobs that are extremely demanding but also growing children, ageing parents, etc. This makes it almost impossible for people to find the time to take stock of their health. However, the truth is that when a person reaches his 40s, he needs to get an overall health check-up on his birthday since this is one time of life when a person begins to suffer from diseases.

Watch out for eye problems

Have your eyes checked regularly by an efficient ophthalmologist since 40 is the age when most people begin suffering from vision problems. If you do not take proper care of your eyes, you are likely to experience eye problems that might potentially even lead to partial or complete blindness. If somebody in your family is suffering from macular degeneration, then you would need to watch out for it too when you reach your 40s since it could even affect you. This is because macular degeneration is a condition that tends to be genetic in nature.

Know your numbers

It is important that you know your numbers – your blood sugar level, blood pressure level, body weight, and cholesterol level. Whenever you visit your doctor or pharmacy, make sure you get your blood sugar and blood pressure levels checked. This will help you identify the diseases that you might potentially suffer from well in advance and prevent them by reducing the numbers. For instance, if you know your blood pressure level, you can prevent the possibility of suffering from a stroke, heart disease or even kidney failure by bringing it down.

Include more fibres in your diet

Make sure you add fibre rich foods to your diet. This will help you lose weight even if you gorge on a lot of food. Of course, this does not imply that you can continue eating foods that are extremely sweet or oily. Even fibre rich foods will not work if you continue such unhealthy trends.

Butt out

Stop smoking the day you reach 40. This is because smoking can cause cancer and many other health problems. Quitting smoking may not be easy but it will protect you from kidney failure, lung diseases, and several other health complications.

Stop eating white foods

Foods that are white such as white pasta, white bread, white sugar, white flour, etc. can harm your health. So, stop consuming them the day you turn 40. In fact, since these foods have been stripped of their natural fibres, you should realise that they are not good for the health.

Stay away from trans fats

Not only should you reduce your overall fat intake but also stay away from Trans fats since they could harm your health. Anything that has been prepared using hydrogenated oils is not good for the health. This also includes deep fried foods since it will raise your risk of suffering from heart diseases.

Drink only in moderation

Even though the French claim that wine is good for the health of the heart, too much of it can damage your overall health. Therefore, moderation is important. Like they say, “anything in excess is poison.” Do not drink more than one or two glasses of alcohol per day.

Avoid going tech-crazy

If you go tech-crazy, you would not have the time to spend on fruitful pursuits such as exercising or cycling. Interact more with nature and commune with it every day by sitting outside in your lawn and doing some yoga.

Protect your prostate

A growth spurt is triggered in the prostate gland when a man reaches 40. This makes men want to urinate a lot at night time. The good news is that this condition can be treated using the extracts of two herbs – pygeum and palmetto. Several research studies have shown that these herbs do not have any adverse side effects on those who consume them but improve the urinary flow with ease.

Maintain close relationships

Make it a point to maintain some close relationships with people. Just because you are 40 and still single does not mean that you have to be alone. In other words, socialise by attending spiritual or religious events, do some volunteer work or simply have pets at home that can help you feel less lonely.

Learn to drive properly

Did you know that men generally tend to have more car accidents as compared to women? Moreover, men in their 40s are more likely to die of a car accident than any other accident or mishap. Learn to drive your car properly and avoid driving it too fast.

Don’t neglect your mental health

Depression affects both women as well as men. More than sixty percent of the people who have committed suicide in the past have had major depression. So, do not neglect your mental health as much as possible. Many people fail to realise that fatigue, restlessness, agitation, irritability, inability to sleep properly, etc. are common symptoms of depression. However, if you take care of your mental health properly, all these symptoms will not affect you.

Exfoliate your skin

Regularly exfoliate your skin using natural face masks and face packs so that the health of your skin will not suffer. Make it a point to cleanse it every single day. Make sure you also wear sunscreen while going to work so that you do not have to worry about the sun affecting the health of your skin. Remember – exfoliation is not just for women but also for men. Besides, the health of the skin is also important for the overall health.

If you begin taking care of your health starting from your 40s, you will also continue to be healthy in your 50s and 60s. Turning 40 is one of the important milestones in your life. So, make the most of it by taking good care of your health. Do not neglect your health at this point of life since you could otherwise end up losing the most precious wealth in your life.