Health care tips,Health Habits for men over 30 to stay Fit

Health care tips,Health Habits for men over 30 to stay Fit

Health care tips for men over 30


You spend your TIME to make a DIME, You lose your HEALTH to make your WEALTH, but at the end it is FUNNY because you leave back all your MONEY.

Of course the above lines seems to hurt you, but our main intention is to express “The Value of Life is more than everything”,

In our daily routine life, we are fighting for a time to have food that too an unhealthy junk food, do you think we are doing the correct thing, of course “No” but it’s happening as a part of our daily work.

In olden days an average life span of man is double of the current average life span, if we compare everything of today’s life with olden days so many changes took part, due to busy, stress and limited freeness of today’s life may results in the declining of life span Day by Day, particularly.

In we have an eye on the middle age that is almost from 30, you will feel it nothing but “an Age where your Teen Age Drops “ and  an origin of declination in one’s life, but it’s the age where man should be like a “Rock”, with rocking energy.

So if you entered into the “Dead of Teenage”, you should be more careful, since you need to carry Responsibilities.

So let’s see how to save our “30+” and let’s go through some natural remedies, particularly for “Men”

Here we go with tips for men with 30+

  •  Starting to take care of your health please avoid “Junk Food” and “Oily Food”.
  •  Due to busy life schedules  people got habituated to take food which they can get as “Ready Made”, but the danger behind it reveals that “It Spoils your Health”.
  •  Its effects in “Obesity”, “Gastric” and spoil your stomach in turn your Health.
  •  Please take care of your bones; weakness in the bones will affect you a lot at this age, it will results in Fractures to, Take “Vitamin D” and “Iron” which will helps you to save your bones.
  •  Please don’t skip the Exercise and Workouts due to “Heavy and Busy Schedule”, try to do as much as you can with a proper planning which keeps you Fit.
  •  “More you laugh, keep Pharmacy Far” which try to say to that you should be happy always with laugh by keeping stress and unnecessary tension away from your which is the “Price Less Medicine” for having a beautiful and peaceful life with good Health.
  •  Don’t skip your breakfast at any cost, though you are very busy and in hurry to meet Obama, also, please plan you day after having your breakfast, which helps you to keep away from Tired, if you include oatmeal, usually mixed with raisins, walnuts, and flaxseed oil, will help you to keep your metabolism very active the whole day.
  •  Take Green Tea 3 times a day, which helps you to boost your heart life and keep your away from Cancer.
  •  Sleep atleast 7-8 hours a day, not only helps you live longer, but also lowers your stress, sharpens your memory,.
  •  Eat nine fistfuls of colorful fruits and vegetables each day and you’ll reap the benefits without having to give up other foods.
  •  Take a deep breath anytime, anywhere which helps you to fill your lungs with Nitric Acid (Air), which opens up blood vessels.
  •  Avoid Fatty acids and oil’s which cause harm to your health.
  •  Have Nuts which are the best sources of healthful fats and proteins, omega-3 fatty acids in these will boost up your brainpower.
  •  Take 1,000 IU supplement of Vitamin D, which is a very important vitamin to keep you away from cancer Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  •  Take more water with your diet which helps your skin as well as you to look younger, it’s good if you take a large glass half an hour before each meal.

Finally one thing we need remember “About 80% of the food on shelves of “Supermarkets” today didn’t exist 100 years ago.

So having a good food (Of course Home food) with good healthy habits will help you to be “Young” though you are a father of “A couple of kids”.

Quality of life is largely dictated by one factor called Physical Health. When it comes to maintaining a good health, staying fit comes in the first place. Here are some of the tips for staying on course.

Portion control in eating

Most of the men over eat or they’ll eat more often in small quantities. It is extremely important to pay attention to what one eat. Food consumed should have substantial nutritional value. Men who were once overweight understood the value of eating with purpose. This helped them to shed weight and stay fit. It should serve some nutritional purpose in the body which in turn will fuel the daily workouts and in turn optimize the body.

Muscle building basics

Most of the personal trainers say that there are certain muscle building basics. The initial step of this process is to increase the caloric and complete protein intake. Then to consult a gym instructor would be advisable and gym would be the right place to train with weights. Perform compound movements and handle weights on an average around four times a week. Large range of motions should be avoided as it results in breaking down more tissues by the end of the workout.

Importance of rest

Another important aspect in staying healthy and fit is rest. Muscle tissue grows when giving time for the body to relax and recover following the workouts. Taking rest not only helps the body, it also helps the mind to relax and relieve from stress.

Go home, already and stay connected

It has difficult to get out of working overtime form office but making it a habit spoils the health. It is associated with the greater risk of depression and anxiety which can harm health to a greater extent. In addition to healthy eating habits and exercises, staying connected with friends and family is also important. Having good network of family and friends helps in longevity while. Loneliness is associated with greater risk of cardiac disease.

Some fun in the sun

In order for the body to be fit the mind has to be fit first. 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure is important for the body and it supplies the daily need for certain vitamins necessary for the skin and heart. Playing outdoor games, trekking and outing with friends and family also help in the overall body fitness.

Caution: Too much of exposure to sun increases the risk of skin cancer.

Turn off the TV

It is easy to veg out in front if the TV, but it might be harder on the body. A research says that people who watch TV continuously tend to overeat especially unhealthy food. Researchers say that, people who watch a lot of TV in their early 20s or 30s have more heart risk factors in their 40s than those who do not watch much TV.

Moderate drinking method

According to research, not more than two drinks a day for men shields from cardiovascular disease. If the family history or personal medical history advises to stay away from alcohol, then it is important to stay away from drinking.

Routine blood sugars check up

Prediabetes a condition in which blood sugar level is elevated but not high enough to be considered as diabetes. It is toxic to the body as diabetes itself. A study shows that about 57 million people in the US, mostly men have the high risk of Prediabetes.


Exercising on a regular basis, high fibre and healthy carb diet helps keep blood sugar level in the safe range.

Keeping the bones strong

Osteoporosis is just not a women thing. A study says that men too loose the bone density after a certain period. Research in one of the famous journal Cellular Physiology found a connection between male mice bones and probiotics. Researchers say that in addition to aiding digestive health, adding calcium supplements probiotics in the diet helps treat bones in the future.

Maintaining a good prostrate health

A research says that about 180,000 deaths per year around the world are due to intake of sugary soft drinks. Most men prefer soda over water when it comes to satisfying the taste buds. But the consequences of choosing an unhealthy drink may not aid a healthy life. Especially for men, soda might increase the risk of prostate cancer. On top of it soda contributes to the risk of diabetes and excessive weight gain.

Word of advice

If drinking merely a plain water is not enough then adding some lemon berries in carbonated water adsflavour.

Motivation tips for men to stay fit

Rebuilding the body

Men are affected by self-low esteem than women. It is very difficult to give counselling to such men. Men who do not have a proper body shape or a good health are affected tend to isolate themselves. They stay indoors and spend more time in things that affect the body and mind. Such men should come out their present state and consider as to what they have to do in order to build their life and stay fit.

Word of advice: Writing down the primary goals

Every human should have a set of goals in their life and work towards it.  In order to achieve their lifetime goal staying fit is must. Writing down the primary goals of life and aiming towards fulfilling the aspects can be considered as the first step.

Being specific

The notes that have been written should be specific on what to do and what not to do in terms of maintaining the fitness whether it be body or mind.

Laugh a lot and a good night life

After a long day’s work and outside stress, it is healthier for men to talk freely and openly to their partner. This comfortable talk helps them get relieved of most of their health issues. Sharing jokes and maintaining a good sense of humour also helps forget the pain in the outside world and aids the human system.

Smart lifestyle and healthy habits pave way for fitness. Fitness in turn makes men feel and look years younger. More importantly it helps to lead a longer life.

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