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Top hair regrowth treatments for men

Top Hair Regrowth Treatments for Men

What is male pattern baldness?

Baldness is a condition in adult males where hair does not grow in their original places. In some there is a partial loss of hair. Men face this situation in many ways. Some get anxious of this condition and lose their confidence, feel depressed and are afraid to face the society.  Others embrace the look of baldness and do not bother about it.

Male pattern baldness is passed on from generation to generation. The main causes of male baldness are heredity and loss of male sex hormones called androgens which help in regulating hair growth. Each strand of hair grows from a little hole in the skin which is called follicle. During baldness the hair follicle reduces in size and becomes shorter and finer and after sometimes stops growing hair.

Effective of hair re-growth treatments

Off label therapy

This is done by using a drug that helps in blocking both enzymes present in hair and is effective to synthesize DHT. But, this therapy is not for the young patients.

Hair transplant or surgery

Hair transplantation takes place from the areas where unwanted hair grows such as your cheeks, under arms, private parts. Hair is taken from that area and then placed over the head region of the patient where the hair growth is lagging. Those people who cannot respond to medical treatment must go ahead with hair transplantation.

Laser therapy

Another effective treatment procedure through which an individual can easily get back natural hair over the bald area is known as laser therapy. Through this therapy, your head can easily regain hair within the period of 6 months.


Some people are allergic towards drugs and surgeries. Since they have suffered a lot of side effects due to this , adopting a natural way of getting back hair will be more effective for them.

More facts about hair re-growth

There are limited options for regrowth of hair in men. There are some prescribed drugs for hair growth, but experts believe that it is easier to preserve the few remaining hair than regrow the lost hair.  In the modern advanced technology there are methods ofhair transplant. This is a very expensive method but gives 100% surety. But one cannot rely on it completely. It must be accompanied with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

It is possible to help the bald spot from growing bigger by taking care of the remaining hair from getting lost. There is a plan which people have suggested preventing the bald patch from growing bigger and in cases where quick action is taken some lost hair can also regrow.

Steps for Regrowth of hair

Step 1– When hair loss occurs due to starved hairfollicles that are deprived of essential nutrients and minerals it is possible to regrow hair by providing the essential nutrients. A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables will help in stocking the blood with the nourishment required by the hair follicles. A multi vitamin capsule a day may also help in this condition.

Step 2—massaging the hair with coconut or other oil on a regular basis will help in improving the flow of blood in the scalp. This will reduce the cause of hair follicles from starving and dying off.

Step 3—some supplements must be taken to control the production of DHT which can enter the nucleus of the hair follicle and change the rate of protein synthesis   in men who are genetically prone to baldness.

Truth of Baldness

The basic truth of baldness is that it comes down genetically. There are some remedies to slow down baldness but it cannot be fully prevented. These natural remedies accompanied with medical treatment make the hair stronger and healthier. Hair transplant is a solution to baldness but that is also not fully effective and has some side effects.  Embracing baldness and taking care of the remaining hair is a better solution to face the situation for adult male who are suffering from this condition.