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Best foods to increase the libido /sex drive


The sexual drive or desire of a person is known as the libido. It is usually influenced by social, biological and psychological factors like work, family, personality, stress lifestyle and relationship with the partner. Other factors that can affect a person’s sex drive are some medical condition or effect of certain medications. Similarly there are many factors that affect the loss of sex drive in a person. Loss of libido is usually linked with professional or mental stress or in women it is also linked with change in life pattern like pregnancy or birth of a child. Most of the time the loss of sex drive lasts for a short time .It is very frustrating and upsetting for the couples.

 A healthy sexual life is desired by the partners. But, this is not always possible if one of the partners suffers from low libido. This is one of the serious problems faced by people irrespective of the gender. You might have found your partner incapable to carry on with the sexual activities the why he used to do few months ago. You might have doubted him. But, the reason is due to low libido. You can now try variety of herbs and spices to boost libido.

Diet tips to increase Libido

Celery No one will think about having celery when they are willing to improve their sex life. But, it is really a wonderful source of sexual stimulation. Since celery contain androsterone, it helps to release odorless hormone from a men while sexual activities. This creates a boost in women. You can wash celery and eat them in the raw form.

Bananas Many individuals do like bananas due to its sweetness and unique taste obtained from nature. Bromelain enzyme is present in Banana which helps in increasing libido in an individual. Thus, a person becoming impotent can get a reversal easily. Bananas are also good source of riboflavin (vitamin B) and potassium in human body. These vitamins are very essential to increase the energy level of an individual.

You can consume this banana along with your special lady to stimulate your sexual desire. You must have this before going to bed.

Raw Oyster Oysters are filled with zinc that helps males to raise their sperms. Oysters are also regarded as one of the classic aphrodisiacs which helps male partner to increase testosterone production.  Dopamine is a hormone which is popular for increasing libido in human being. Oyster contains that particular hormone which can be transferred to human body for their sexual stimulation. Many people suck oysters from shells. This is probably known as an erotic activity. You must get some raw oysters, feed her with the same and even ask her to feed you with the oyster. Since the natural ingredient has a slippery taste, you and your partner will get the mood back again.

You must purchase oyster in raw form. Scrub its shell so that all types of harmful objects go away. Place these raw oysters over ice and squeeze some lemon juice. Now start sucking it.

Almonds Another effective way of washing improving libido is through consumption of Almonds. Since this naturally obtained substance is a wonderful source of essential fatty acids, this helps men in producing healthy hormones. Even females get aroused sexually with the smell of almond. If you want to make your partner aroused, this is the time for you to place some candles that has almond scent. But, a male should store a lot of energy once he provokes a female with almond scent.

Above mentioned food are very effective in boosting Libido in an individual. You should be very happy and contented with your sexual stamina level.

Black Raspberries are rich in contents that help in enhancing libido and sex desire. The seeds of these berries are equally effective in increasing the desire.

Broccoli in any form-cooked, raw or sautéed is a great boost in sexual action. The vitamin C in broccoli is good for improving female sexual desire as well.

Cloves- can be used in diet in different ways. It has been used since an age to treat male sexual dysfunction .It kills the spread of bad breath which can be a hindrance in the process of kissing.

Figs are excellent stimulants of fertility. They help in production of the sex hormones.

Watermelon—though most part of watermelon is water but the remaining part contain nutrients that are important for sexual health. It helps in increasing libido by relaxing the blood vessels.

Eggs is a good agent for sex which can be takes poached, fried scrambled or devilled  Since eggs are rich in protein  which promote stamina in the body. It is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Saffron is a royal expensive ingredient to promote sex life. It has been found by researchers that saffron has the power to enhance sexual power in a person. Few strands can be used in making rice, barley, milk or tea. It can also be added to soups and stews.

Lettuce–Iceberg lettuce contains a nutrient that helps to activatethe sex hormone. A small bowl of salad taken for supper is sure to increase the sex drive.

Ginger is a perfect libido enhancer. It helps in circulation and adjustment of the temperature. It can be consumed raw or used in cooking or in several drinks