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Best anti aging foods for men


Best anti aging foods for men

Every man would like to look young and evergreen for years even if he has become quite old by age. But, it is quite natural to have signs of aging such as wrinkles, grey hair, dark spots etc naturally. But, sometimes due to our lifestyle we hardly have scope to stay young for years. There are some food rich in antioxidants which help in making yourself young naturally. If you can consume the foods rich in anti oxidants that will miraculously slow the effect of aging. This helps in developing eternal youthful looks in you with astonishing skin vitality.

It is really frustrating when anybody meeting you after few years says, “you have put on age.” With some anti aging food, you can once again look young and handsome just like your school days. Antioxidants are the effective molecules that help in clearing away the free radicals that damage cells present in our body. Since these free radicals are always produced in our body, antioxidants are always needed in our body to find with them and remove them completely.

Signs of Aging in Men

Let us look into some of the signs which are prominent in men during their aging.

1)      Red and puffy eyes

2)      Snoring

3)      Always tired or fatigued

4)      Lack in Concentration

5)      Thinning hair

6)      Graying skin

List of anti aging foods for men


If you are a man crossed 40 years of age, getting signs of aging will be quite natural. Berries obtained from a natural atmosphere will be will be really beneficial for not only getting young but also to stop the growth of prostate cancer. If you can get blue berries from the market, it will be really wonderful as they are quite high in antioxidant value. Cranberry is also really useful as it prevents the constriction of blood vessels which also in turn helps in prevent the urinary tract infection.


Avocado is a naturally obtained fruit that is associated with high level of vitamin E, potassium as well as mono-saturated fat. Potassium works brilliantly in eradicating skin aging. If you are suffering from blood pressure, it is also really a great food to consume. It is better to avoid fried items such as chips or fried chicken instead go for healthy food to get wonderful and evergreen skin. You can take a whole grain bread and slice a piece of Avocado in it.


Indian housewives categorize ginger as one of the spice in their kitchen. Due to its anti aging properties, ginger is having a great demand in the market. Other benefits of ginger are enhancing sex drive, an aid in digestion and increase in blood circulation. It will also protect you from common cold and flu. Even if you are willing to get a precautionary measure against cancer, ginger will be one of the effective solutions. You can also consume ginger tea to have excellent flavor.

Sunflower seeds

Anti aging will never be completed without vitamin E which is always present in the sunflower seeds. You can now acquire the highest natural vitamin E content through the sunflower seeds through the sunflower seeds. This will be really efficient in fighting with free radicals that gives rise to the signs of aging. This is also regarded as one of the excellent healthy snacks.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables should be a part of each one of their diet for a healthy living. Green vegetables are rich in nutrients and minerals which help in keeping the body fit. This will help in reducing the aging property of the skin, resulting in making you look young and handsome. Vegetables like Broccoli and Cabbage not only serves as the best food for anti-aging but also helps in reducing the memory loss.


Tomato is considered as one of the favorite for many. The appealing color, its strong and unique taste is chosen by many for their daily diet. Since tomatoes are rich with ant-oxidant properties, it helps in maintaining the skin texture and gives a youthful glow to your skin.

Red Grapes

The anti-oxidant compound which is called as resveratrol is present in grapes. This makes the delicious fruit rank itself among the best anti-aging fruits. It has the power of not only reduce the sign of aging but also helps in preventing your body from heart diseases.

Olive Oil

As you become older, the amount of collagen present keeps on decreasing which results in aging among men and women. Your aged face can be easily curtained with the help of olive oils. Since olive oil contains anti-oxidants and powerful Vitamin E nutrients, it protects your skin from free radicals which is the cause for aging. Olive oils can be applied while bathing for glowing skin. It can also be mixed with honey and applied as a face mask. This helps in reducing the signs of aging effectively.

Some of the general tips that can be followed for reducing the signs of aging are

  • Take Rest – Have the practice of going home early and avoid working late hours. By stretching overtime, it causes anxiety and depression that will be shown predominantly in your skin
  • Exposure to Sun – Exposing your skin under the sunlight for 15 minutes will supply you the necessary Vitamin D for good skin
  • Don’t Strain your Eyes – It is important that your eyes take an equal amount as your body. Hence during your leisure hours, avoid the habit of watching TV frequently and spend some time for Yoga and meditation.