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Best foods to boost male health

foods for male health

You have some of the super foods which if you include in the men’s diet can help in improving the overall health of the person. These are healthier stuffs and can work best in masking the person feel so fit and energetic. The quality of the foods will help the person stay in the best of health and in the process he is sure to have the healthiest existence ever.

The busy scheduled day may not be giving you the accurate time to consume the best foods in the world to boost your health. But to work hard and to achieve success, perfect health is crucial. So, let us see some food items which will boost the male health.

Foods to boost male health

Tart cherries

The pigments present in the cherries and cherry juice are similar to some anti-inflammatory medicines. Cherries also help to soothe the muscle sores.


Consumption of chocolate is a good way to fuel the blood circulation in the body. The disturbance in the blood flow tends to develop erection problems. So, have a tasty delight with the chocolate to control the bad cholesterol levels, retain the blood pressure under check and to improve the blood circulation. But make sure you have not been addicted to neither the taste nor flavor it will put some weight.

Sea foods

Low zinc amount in the body has been linked with the low sperm count and male infertility. So add your diet with sea foods that are rich in zinc amounts. The sufficient amount of zinc helps in maintaining the health of heart, reproductive system and muscles.
Alternatively you can also choose nuts, seeds, chicken, beef and some other food items that are good sources of zinc.


Avocado is a fruit with high amounts of fat. Eating avocado is a good practice to keep down the bad cholesterol and total cholesterol in the body. Well, the formula is to consume mono-saturated fat compounds instead of saturated and trans fat. And make sure you are taking nearly 25 to 35 percent of calories from fat and not more than that.


Love to exercise but staying back due to the muscle injuries and pain! Then ginger is a good item that can solve your problem. Toss few ginger slices in your dishes and enjoy the benefits of this natural herb. It is also believed to reduce inflammation in the body also.

Milk and yogurt

To build up the muscles, muscle building amino acid ‘leucine’ is necessary and you grab it easily from the water content of milk and curd, which is also called as whey. In cleaning the gut and retaining it healthy Greek yogurt helps you a lot through its potassium, protein and friendly bacteria.


To maintain the bone health and to manage the muscle contraction, the mineral potassium plays a key role and one can get loads of potassium from bananas. So, consume either in the form of juice or raw.

Pistachios and brazil nuts

Nuts are the best source of fiber, zinc and protein. Most of the nuts are healthy based including pistachios and Brazil nuts. Pistachios consist of high plant sterols which helps to improve cholesterol levels where as Brazil nuts offers you rich amounts of selenium that boosts the immune system and aids the thyroid gland.

Soy foods

One can consume soy in the form soy milk, tofu and miso soup to prevent the risk of prostate cancer.

Oysters can help in improving the health of the men

Oyster is a good food for the men. You should make sure to have oysters daily and with this you are sure to have the perfect quantity of zinc and also the best content of antioxidants and minerals. Body processes are in need of ample zinc and this helps in the perfect production of DNA and also causes the apt repairing of the cells. This is the reason you should make sure to include oysters in your daily diet for the best of health and fitness.

Fatty fish is good for health

Fatty fish is also a good food for the men. The fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid and also contains polyunsaturated fats. These are healthy fats and this makes the food so perfect and preferable for consumption. The food can be highly beneficial for the heart and it also makes proper the immunity system and the blood circulatory system. With the correct intake of the fatty fish there are lesser chances that you may suffer from prostate cancer. Among the fatty fish you have varieties like sardine, salmon, mackerel, tuna herring and the rest. The experts of the American Heart Association have recommended that the variety of fish should be taken twice in a week. This will help men stay in the best of health and in the way they can even omit dangerous diseases.

Broccoli is good for the men

Another good vegetable for men is broccoli. This is a cruciferous vegetable and it can really help in preventing the chances of heart diseases. This is also the best food to prevent cancer. Broccoli is loaded with lots of Vitamin C and it also contains a large amount of beta carotene, sulphoraphane which is a sort of phytochemical, and potassium. The content of sulphoraphne is essential for it contains the strongest anti-cancer properties. You have other cruciferous vegetables and these are bokchoy, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts and the rest. These are stuffs to help the health of men be in the best of state ever.

Whole grains is right for men

For men whole grains is the best of food ever. It is bad to have the wrong carb content in the diet. A diet with whole grains can really help in providing vitamins, fibres minerals and the rest. This helps in maintaining the health of the heart and also encourages the building of the muscles. Now, men are sure to look best with a small waist line. When you are buying grains have a look at the label which says that it is whole grain. Now, with the intake of the whole grains you can have digestive problem. As a remedy you can increase your regular intake of fibre. It is also important that you have plenty of water. This will help the body fluid stay in the perfect state ever.

The effectiveness of plant stanol in men

Men should have the intake of the plant stanols. This once again falls under the good food category. This is a natural substance and it is found in ample in fruits and vegetables. This can help in lowering the level of blood cholesterol. Concentrated versions of the stanols are included in products like yogurt, margarine, granola bars, orange juice and the rest. For men it is best that you have an intake of two grams of plant stanol and 2 doses of the same should be taken with the meals. This will help in the right absorption of cholesterol within the intestine. Once you start having an intake of stanol you will no more require the necessity of high dosage medicine. The goodness of the food variety will help you stay in the best of health for years. This is the right food for men to consume and stay best ever and always.

The assortment of berries and cherries for the men

Both berries and cherries are good for men. Berries can come in all colours of blue, violet and red. The berries have good content of health guarding flavonoid and they even contain anthocyanine. You can add the right amount of berries to the diet and there will be no decline in the performance of the brain. This will help you have the same level of thinking even when you are aged. The berries will help in enhancing the functioning of the brain and at the same time the part of the body is made to stay perfectly healthy.

Red and orange vegetables for the men

The kinds of red and orange vegetables are good for the men. This is the reason it is vital that you include in your diet vegetables like carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and vegetables containing good amount of beta carotene and, antioxidants and vitamin C. These are vegetables to help the skin stay healthy and they protect the same from the strong rays of the sun. However, it is good to say that in fact all sorts of vegetables are good for both men and women. Men can have the intake of the dark green leafy vegetables and they should also eat vegetables rich in nutrients. Not enough intake of vegetables induce men to suffer from harmful prostate diseases and in the way they feel so weak and diseased.

The right kind of food will always help men stay strong and active for years. At the same time it is even important for men to drink lots of water as this will help the blood stay in the perfect fluid state ever.