You are currently viewing Surprising foods for stomach ulcers – Foods to be avoided for stomach ulcers

Surprising foods for stomach ulcers – Foods to be avoided for stomach ulcers

Surprising foods for stomach ulcers - Foods to be avoided for stomach ulcers

Ulcers are small sores formed on the lining of the intestines and stomach.  Foods do not cause ulcers but some foods can aggravate the ulcer by increasing the production of acids and irritate the ulcer. Ulcer friendly foods are certain foods that help in reducing the pain and also in healing the ulcer.

Ulcer Friendly Foods to be avoided

Certain foodstend to aggravate the ulcers while others can help to improve the symptoms. Foods that increase ulcers are —

High Soluble-fiber– Foods like oats, barley and cereals and fruits like pears and apples help in preventing ulcers.

Foods High in Antioxidants—Many fruits and vegetables  like blue berries, cherries and green tea that contain high anti-oxidants help in destroying harmful  molecules that damage cells.  The flavonoids in some fruits and vegetables like apples, garlic andonions can cause gastric ulcers besides having many health benefits.

Probiotic Foods—Yogurt,kefir, and fermented foods are probiotic foods contain live bacteria which can help to reduce the harmful bacteria that cause ulcers in the intestines.

Beverages—Drinks like alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks and fruit juices with citric acid increase the production of acid and deteriorates ulcer conditions.

Foods Safe to Eat with Stomach Ulcers

  • Caffeine free beverages and juices with low acids are safe to eat with stomach ulcers. Mild herbal teas and water are also safe for people suffering from stomach ulcers.
  • Lean meats, fish and poultry and seafood are safe.
  • Low fat and fat free dairy products are advisable against full fat dairy products.
  • Ulcer tolerated foodsalso include pasta, cooked cereals, rice and dry cereal.
  • Fruits and vegetables with low acid contain should be consumed as they do not irritate the ulcers.  These include peaches, apples, grapes, kiwi bananas and berries.
  •  Healthy oils are canola and olive oil which should be replaced with lard, butter and margarine that contain hydrogenated oils and Tran’s fats.
  •  The use of spices should be limited and all forms of pepper should be used in a limited quantity.

Easy Stomach Ulcer Diet

Minor adjustments in one’s lifestyle as well as some changes in the eating habits will form an easy ulcer diet. One must know what foods are good and what are bad for one’s stomach. There should be no fuss or stress in following an ulcer diet.

The stomach ulcer diet should be focused on the person’s taste and flavour. There are no hard and fast rules for this diet as different foods affect different people in different ways. The main goals of an ulcer friendly diet are that it must provide proper nourishment to the person. The diet must neutralize the effect of gas and stop the production of acid. There is an option to include vitamins in the ulcer diet.

Vitamins and minerals are always beneficial and are harmless. They help in the speedy recovery of ulcers.

Herbal remedies also assist in the healing of stomach ulcers. Some of these include cabbage juice, alfalfa and aloe Vera juice. Herbal remedies are getting more and more popular these days as they provide safer ways to improve one’s health and are helpful in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

It is painful when you have stomach ulcers and the pain becomes more when you are having foods that are not right for the condition. This is the reason it is important that you stay careful regarding the food intake and take to proper treatment of the condition.

Foods to be avoided

Stop the intake of carbonated stuff

It is important that you avoid having the intake of the carbonated beverages if you have stomach ulcers. The stuff will stimulate the kind of acid production and can even lead to indigestion. In fact, the use of caffeine and carbonated beverages can be harmful for those having ulcer in the stomach. It is also recommended not to have soda. This too can add in making the condition worse and painful.

Avoid taking alcohol

When you have stomach ulcer the intake of alcohol can cause gastroesophageal reflex and in short it is known as GERD. The intake of the alcohol can damage the stomach lining and can even cause irritation in the small intestine. If there is ulcer in the stomach and you still continue to have alcohol then there can be adverse inflammation and bleeding. When there is bleeding inside the stomach you can feel the pain and the irritation.

Avoid having spicy foods

When you have stomach ulcer it is important that you manage the acid reflux. For this it is important that you avoid the intake of the spicy food. You should not take spicy foods like chillies, hot cause and hot peppers. These are the foods that can increase the amount of stomach acid and can even trigger acid reflux and the symptoms can get damaged day by day. It is also required that you avoid the food hat are rich in citric acid. This can really cause discomfort in patients suffering from stomach ulcers. So, make sure that you take the right food at the right time.

More foods to avoid

There are more foods that you need to avoid in case you have stomach ulcers. It is recommended not to have refined foods, like white bread, pasta and sugar. It is best that you avoid eating red meats and even avoid the intake of the Trans fats. The Trans fats are present in the commercially baked foods and also in processed foodies. This is the reason you are asked to have a diet rich in fibre and you should also have the intake of the dark green leafy vegetables. Please make sure to have lean meats and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Foods that you should eat

Honey is soothing

When you have stomach ulcer the first thing you should have is honey. Other than being sweet honey has lots of positive properties. It comes with two hundred elements and this depends on the kind of tree from which it is being derived. Honey has lots of polyphenols and antioxidants. This is a powerful and potent antibacterial solution and can initiate normal blood sugar level. This is the best component you can have in soothing the ulcer.

The intake of garlic is recommended

On the intake of garlic there is more of H. pylori growth. This is a lab tested truth and it is based on animal and the human trials. You may not like the taste of the direct garlic. In this case it is best to have garlic in the supplement form. The garlic also acts like the kind of blood thinner and this is the reason you should ask the doctor before having an intake of the same. It can have adverse effect if not taken in the right amount. So, a physician advice is desirable in this case.

Cranberry is great for stomach ulcer

If there is infection in the urinary tract you can take to cranberry. It prevents the bacteria to settle on the walls of the urinary bladder. It is also the right compound with can effectively combat the growth of H. pylori. For the condition you can have cranberry juice. You can even eat cranberries and there are cranberry supplements available in the market. You can avail for the same as well. However, there is no recommended dosage. You should not have too much of cranberry. You should not have the fruit in excess. This can cause stomach irritation even if you don’t have ulcers. So, make sure that the fruit is taken in the right amount. It is also recommended to have cranberry in the raw form. The commercial juice is once again not right or the stomach as they come with artificial sweetener. So, make sure to take the raw fruit when available.

The magic of mastic

In the Mediterranean you have the sap of the green tree and this is known as mastic. If you chew mastic then you can combat conditions of H. pylori.  In case you are getting the ulcer treated the right way you can take to the chewing of the mastic gums. On chewing the gun it is sure that you will not face any side effects. You can directly chew the gum or you can even swallow the mastic in the form of supplement.

More things to eat

When you have stomach ulcer it is best that you have a simple diet based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A diet rich in vitamin can really help in treating the condition of stomach ulcer. If you have foods which contain polyphenols and even the amount of antioxidants these can really protect you from the presence of ulcers. This is the reason it is good to have food elements like dried raspberry, Mexican oregano, dark chocolate, blueberries and black olives. There are more things you can have for the perfect cure of the ulcers.

You should make a list of all the items that you should have and not have to cure the condition of stomach ulcer. These are components that will allow the stomach stay in the best of state ever and help you have relief from the condition at the earliest.