Best food tips for men

Best food tips for men

When it comes to the health, the most significant factor is the food which is been eaten. For every individual their and their loved ones fitness is very important. Over the past few years, people are paying attention towards their health, especially men. Men desire to have the perfect and the fittest body, which would keep them healthy as well as attractive. One thing should always be kept in mind by men that the first and foremost key to good health is good diet. The food habits of the person play the most important role in the body shape and weight of the person.

The impact of food on every human being is very large. The way you eat resembles your body, health and your resistant power.  The right kind of food helps to combat with many diseases. How good a man eats defines his future health when he ages.

Eating right

  • A healthy diet for men includes
    Eat two cups of fruits and two and half cups of vegetables every day. Maintain your diet with tomatoes for at least once in a week, eat them whether in the form of dishes or toss them in the salads.  The antioxidants named lycopene present in the tomatoes and tomato products is good to protect the prostate health.
  • Whole grains – Daily eat whole grains with the add up of all grains. Rather than eating the refined grains, whole grains are very good choice. Replace the refined grains with whole grain cereals, breads, oats and brown rice.
  •  Ensure to include fish about two to three servings per week.
  • For the young men, it is recommended to add the diet with 38 grams of fiber where as it is recommended up to 30 grams of fiber for the men who is greater than 50.
  • Unsaturated fat food items like nuts, oils and salads are needed to be replaced with the saturated fat food items like butter, high fat diary products and high fats contained sweets.
  • Consume 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day from fruits, vegetables, milk and fish.

Energy foods

Men have bigger muscles than women and they are required to consume more amount of calories on every day. In a day, active men averagely consumes about 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day. Depending on the person’s weight, height and activity level the intake of energy amounts differ.

What to eat and what not

For weight management, resistant power, disease restriction and energy men should have to eat the whole grain based food items like cereals, brown rice, whole grain bread, barley, pasta, oats, vegetables and fruits. The above mentioned food items are rich in fiber, which helps to balance the hunger and offers fullness, and they are good sources to prevent the risk of certain cancers such as prostate cancer and colon cancer.Men percept that eating meat will increase the protein level which helps for the muscles mass. But it doesn’t work in exact until he is involved into the work outs. They even have the thought that red meat is having more than protein amount. It doesn’t mean that it is unhealthy but the major thing is they shouldn’t have to skip the whole grains and vegetables. How ever, eating plenty amounts of meat has been linked with the many health issues like heart diseases and colorectal cancer in men.

Weight and disease risk

Most of the men, increase their weight around 40’s in comparison to women. If your waist measurement is more than 40 inches, it is necessary to burn out some calories. Indeed this fat content is the  major reason behind the heart and diabetics problem

The Process of Eating Food

When we talk about food, it is just not what we eat, but also how we eat it. The portions of food, number of meals and the diet content works on the body and shapes the body of the person. Some men think that starving would help them to reduce their weight and over-eating will lead to increase in their weight, and just by reducing or increasing the amount of food they have in a day would help them to get the body which they desire, which is a misconception. Men should consult professional dieticians to know the necessary changes which they need to make in their daily food habits and diet.

The Simple and Basic Food Tips

To start with the basics, men can also follow the simple and basic food tips, which have proved to be effective and have been followed by numerous men from a long period of time. The advantage of starting with the basics is to not bring massive changes all at once, which could have side-effects on the person, mentally as well as physically. There are numerous simple and basic tips to start with; some of them are as follows:

  • Men who desire to lose weight should have a protein smoothie before the meal. Protein smoothies helps to make the men feel fuller for a long period of time and all provide then the accurate and healthy protein and calorie which is required to provide the carry out the daily work.
  • The time at which the breakfast, lunch and dinner is done is very important. The ideal time for having breakfast is from seven to nine o’clock in the morning, if it is not possible for men to have breakfast within these two hours in the morning, then at least it should be made sure that it is done before the clock hits 10 a.m., for having lunch, the ideal time is between 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., and the ideal tie for having dinner is from 7 p.m. to 9p.m., it should be made sure that dinner is eaten three hours prior going to sleep. Men should also keep in mind that breakfast is the most meal of the day and should not be skipped; lunch should be keep moderate to heavy and dinner should be kept light to moderate.
  • Maintain a strict diet during the week, to have the satisfaction of the taste buds, one day in a week can be skipped so that for once a week the food which is loved is eaten, but it should be made sure that over-eating is avoided.
  • When dieting, it becomes very difficult to gulp in the blunt food; it is advisable that men flavour their blunt food with a touch of spices rather than having sauces which are very high in their calorie content.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal, this helps to improve the digestion.
  • Men who intend to burn lot of calories should sometimes replace their meals with the appropriate protein shakes, which help to fill the stomach. Protein shakes are also advisable to have when are men are too busy with their work and get late to have their meal, in order to not disturb the diet, protein shakes can make up for the delay or skipping of the meals.
  • Before ordering food from restaurants, its calories and fat content should be enquired.
  • Instead of having junk and fried food for the evening snacks, fruits juices, granola bars, cereal bars, etc., should be consumed, which are tasty as well as healthy to have.
  • Including salads in the meals are very beneficial. Salads are very high in the nutritive value, which helps to give the body the required energy and power to do the daily work, and that too through a correct platform.

The Healthy Food Habits

Food habits needs to be healthy to have a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet is the first step towards the fitness, health and shape of the body. Every individual should always keep in mind that under-eating and over-eating are extremely harmful for the health of the body, as well as the mind, and thus, if ones needs to lose or gain their body weight, should opt for correct food habits and consult a dietician to know what changes they need to bring in their diet. As only eating correctly would help them in the long run and emphasis should not be put only on the immediate results. To have a perfect and healthy body, one should start exercising along with bringing changes in their food habits.

Taking the Necessary Care

Food habits also include the intake of alcohol, nicotine and other addictive stuff, which needs to be avoided as much as possible. Other food habits also include eating of fresh fruits and vegetables rather than having the stale ones. The quality of the food is very much dependent on the way it is been cooked, as the ingredients and the process of cooking effects the calorie and fat content of the food. There are numerous food habits which are supposed to be adopted, but the nature in which body of individuals functions, vary from one to another, and it is always advisable that the diet plan is made under the consultation of a qualified, professional and certified dietician, who knows what changes are supposed to be brought in the diets of different individuals.

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