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Best fashion tips for men with dark skin tone

Best fashion tips for men with dark skin tone

Guys who have black skin tone usually feel that they have a very less options of styling, which is an absolute misconception. In fact, dark skin guys are really blessed ones. This has been proven even scientifically. There are articles which cite that dark skin tone protects your skin from skin cancer due to the presence of Melanin in your skin. This Melanin helps your skin protect from harmful UV rays. Keeping the scientific reasons apart, one of the most popular reasons of why girls prefer for black guys is that black skin toned men exhibit more masculine physique which gives attractiveness and sexy look to your body.

So, if you are into the group of dark skin tone, you should really be happy. Dark skinned guys need very less efforts to make them appear great. Here are some fashion tips that give you a refreshing style.

Fashion is an ever changing book that always comes with new volumes. Some or many men have faced the problem with the fashion look at one time or other due to the improper awareness and information. Especially when it comes to men with dark skin complexion the pick-up of attire, color and accessories are time consuming and a bit difficult. To solve this problem here are few fashion tips for men with dark skin tone.

Fashion tips for men with dark skin tone

Say no to whites

The very first most tip men with dark skin need to get is that the way they dress and the colors they pick to wear.  Never go with the colors like white, it display you more darker than what you are where as few colors like light green and light yellow or lemon yellow matches perfect on your dark skin tone. Similarly, pastel colors with the blend of light stripes are also a good choice to sport on. Make a trail with the costume and judge it before going to buy.

Go with light colors

Though you have the interest with striking and glittering socks types, colors such as black, navy blue and dark brown gives you optimum look in the formal attire. Remember to wear light shades of blue or beige if you are getting ready with casual wears.

Match khakis with warm colors

At one time or another, men with dark skin might not feel comfy in the pants they wear whether it is formal or informal. If you would like to dress up in khakis, choose some warm colors such as beige or light brown. Mix and match yellow shades on the khakis to get a neat outfit.


Accessories are the cool stuff men love to wear the most like how jewels are for woman. Most of the men like to play with various types and shades of latest watches. Choose them as per the occasion and the attire you wear, for the working time, pick the one with gold or silver plated. If you are seeking for the sporty watches white colored background faces are the exact matches.


In the summer season sunglasses are very must to escape from the sun light. But never wear a sunglass that is designed with bright or silver colored frames, they will make you look more dark and they don’t suit to your skin tone even. Select the colors either of brown or black lens with the same band color, it will makes you look neat. In addition to the above reflective sunglasses is also a complete non-choice for the men with dark complexion. So always try to avoid wearing bright colored and reflective one’s.

These are the simple tips men with dark skin needed to be followed inorder to make their looks sharp and great. Always choose to wear the best that makes you look right.

Do Wonder With Black Socks

Do you know that socks create a huge impact on men? Yes, socks play a major role in forming good impression. Black socks are preferred by a great population of men as it is a symbol for professionalism and good reputation. The black socks go hand in hand with the ones who are having a dark skin tone. They leave a great impression on you even though you are surrounded by bunch of men. Another advantage is that black socks mostly match with any types of clothing and doesn’t get dirty.

Colored Lens

Yes, this is yet another way to flatter the girl with your looks. Colored lens have become trendy nowadays. Eyes contribute a lot to your handsomeness. There are different shades of lens color that suit different types of skin. There are rumors that colored lens are enemies to dark skin toned guy. The truth is it is not! There are varieties of colored lens for guys who have dark skin.

Green and blue colored lens top the rank for the dark textured guys. Light shades of these colors uplift your charm even more. Make sure that you are not going for darker shades. These colors give a subtle and refreshing look. Honey colors are also known to match with the dark sinned tones. While choosing the colored lens, you should be careful with the brand you choose. The lens you choose must be hygienic. Appropriate solutions are needed to dip the lens in it to prevent dryness. If you are opting for lens, make sure you choose a safe one.

Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Hair colors are yet other interesting ways to create craze. You can easily earn the name of style of icon by choosing the best hair colors for your hair.  There are certain hair colors which looks ravishing for dark skin toned men. Let us look into some of those.

Golden brown coloring with red highlights look great for men with dark skin. The same goes with chestnut copper and mahogany colors.  These colors look rocking when done for your hair. Flame red is also an astonishing color which highlights your look to a great extent.

Other Tips for Dark Skinned Guys

Generally, dark skinned guys must pay more attention to their skin. Skin care should be a part of their regime. Try to avoid any kinds of razor bumps or acnes as it spoils your face. Similarly when concentrating on clothes, colors like yellow, pink and orange looks stunning for your tone.

Hence, try out these tips and create a fashion revolution among your circle.

Give a Nod for Formals

Formal suits and shirts look great for dark skinned guys. It looks professional and at the same time, adds a commanding attitude to your attire. One thing you have to be careful with the formals is the color combinations you choose for your tie and socks. Many people who wear formals miss out the right combination of formal attire. Hence take care in choosing the right type of tie and socks to your suit.

Always Moisturize

Moisturizer is very much essential for dark skinned guys as dark toned skin suffers from dryness problem. Make sure to apply moisturizing cream to your skin after the daily shower. This also helps you prevent any other skin problems and keeps your skin fresh and healthy. Apart from protecting your skin, it also gives you a dusky look which looks handsome on you.

Other reasons on why you should be using moisturizer are

  • It prevents your skin from aging
  • Moisturizer plus sun screen as a combo will help you from forming pigmentation
  • It forms as a protective layer against harmful bacteria’s and dust
  • It keeps your skin radiant and glowing throughout the day
  • If you suffer from oiliness, moisturizer can prevent it effectively. Oiliness is one of the main reasons for acne prone skin. Hence moisturizer prevents your skin from oiliness which in turn prevents your skin from acne.

In order to maximize the effects of moisturizer, it is important to buy the right products and apply at the right time. Use proper product according to your skin and apply it gently in your skin. Never forget the neck part.

Avoid Clumsiness

It’s known that ‘too much cooks spoil the broth’. Hence don’t overdo your make up style as this may look awkward on you. Dark skin toned guys should avoid clumsy attires and make up styles as it spoils the look you wish to project. Look simple with right amount of fashion dress up.

Beard for Sexy Look

Earlier beards were only for guys to express their sadness or failures. This is not the case these days. Growing beards are one of the easy ways to look sexy and masculine. You should note that many women prefer men with beards.

Here are some of the daring beard looks that gives a perfect look for your skin tone.

  • The classic beard is one of the most common and popular type for dark skinned ones. This type of style covers the full face and gives an eye catching look. This type of beard also involves less maintenance than any other beard types.
  • Beard with moustache is another popular trend developed these days. This gives a rugged look to your face. You get an inbuilt cool attitude behavior if you are to try out this type of style.
  • The goatee look is another classic beard style which is loved mostly by youngsters. However growing this type of beard is not an easy job. It requires some attention and maintenance to be carried out. This kind of beard is grown at different proportions that bore a great style.
  • Last but never the least is the growing popularity for French beards. This particular kind of beard is a variation of goatee in broader form. You can also have moustache along with it to have a handsome look. This style mainly looks great on dark skin toned guys.

Colors that Suit Dark Skin

Though the entire range of colors looks fabulous on dark skin guys, there are some colors that lift up the handsome features of the dark skinned guys. One has to take great care in choosing the color of the dress you wear. This is because colors play an important role in making one to have a confident look. There is certain niche that has to be followed while choosing the best color for you. Some colors have the capacity to show you extra handsome while some other colors have the tendency to inch down your handsome look.

One should get familiar with the color wheel which consists of both warm and cool colors. If you are a dark skinned guy, you can try out wearing some warm and pleasing colors for your skin. Some examples of warm colors are yellow, orange and pink. These colors reveal your handsomeness in its best possible way. You can bet that even a simple looking dress works out well in these types of colors.

If you prefer to go for cool colors, you can try it out with different combinations of warm colors. If you are not sure of whether your pick should be warm or cool, the easy way is to wear a sensible combination of both these colors.

Experiment with Fashion

Experimenting with latest trends and modern outlook dowonders for dark skinned guys. Trying new things day by day is the best way to know what suits you best. When you try different styles and fashion wears, you tend to compare the styles and cultivate the learning of which suits you the best. Refer to magazines and newspapers and look for the trendy fashions on your way. Get feedback from your closed ones and improve your style and handsome look day by day.

Shirts that Differs

This is closely related to experimenting where you can try out some comic shirts. You can also go for shirts that are imprinted with fine words. Another choice is to go for shirts with logos. This is becoming the trend these days. Though one must remember at what occasion you are about to wear these shirts. Choose the type of shirt that goes hand in hand with the occasion you are about to attend.

Fitted Jeans for Perfect Fit

Boys and jean are like bread and butter. Jeans are the best and easy way to look stylish and ravishing. In specific, jeans that are closely bound with your leg gives a ruggard look. Jeans look manly for any kind of guy. If you are a dark skinned guy, you should have no problem wearing it. One common mistake men do while shopping jeans is the lack of involvement towards buying it. Many guys just go for a jean according to their size. However, there are certain things to look apart from that. As a black skinned guy, you should be aware of the fact that has to be considered while choosing perfectly fitted jeans for your physique.

1) Know the fabric

Do you think buying a pair of jeans is such an easy task? Unfortunately, it is not. You need to know about the quality of the fabric. You must note that good quality fabric gives you a high class look than a normal one. So, take care in choosing a quality pair of Jeans.

2) Type of Jeans

If you think that jeans is just one other dress to wear, it is not. There are many types of jeans that you can experiment with. Don’t get stuck with the same model of jeans all the time. Try out different type of jeans which helps you create a different style statement. Some of the types of jeans that look great for the black skinned guys are

Skinny and Super Skinny Jeans – This type gives you a sexy look to your attire.

Flared Leg jeans – An old fashioned yet an attractive type of jean where the width of the material at the bottom is wide enough to give a retro look.

Low Rise Jeans – These are the popular categories of jeans for men these days. Low to medium rise jeans look cool for black skin tone.

Studs for men

Earlier, studs for women are common. Now studs are mostly preferred by men than women. Most of the studs available for men come in stainless steel and silver that gives a cool look to men. Silver studs are found to be attractive mostly for black skinned guys. Hence you can easily experiment with different men’s earrings and studs that are of silver shade.

The studs for men are worn for the below reasons

  • Align with fashion trend
  • Customs or traditions followed
  • For a sexy look
  • To show off their status
  • To stand apart from crowd

So why not try the looking studs for looking handsome? This gives a cool guy look and makes you an attitude man. If you are a dark skinned guy, you can try out different men earrings for your ear. It gives a different dimension to your face and offers you an attractive look. This makes people turn towards you. Wearing earrings is one of the easy ways to increase your modern look percentage.