Amazing pushup tips – Tips of getting amazing pushups

Gents would like to get a well framed muscular body. But, not everyone has the potential to get such a well shaped body structure. You need to go through the tough exercise schedule to get well shaped body. Pushup is one of the important exercises which help a man to increase muscle mass reducing all extra fat present in the body. You must have known about the pushups in your high school gym classes. This exercise is performed to get a very strong mid section as well as upper body. Some people perform pushup in an improper way. This is not only waste of energy but also waste of time.

Proper pushup forms

It is now important to get some proper pushup forms. It is important to find out the common mistakes of individuals while performing the act of pushups.  Some people goes too fast while performing the pushup act. The best way of performing the act will be to slow down at first and get the three second contraction. You must carry on with the full range of motion and try out the pushups through the way down the floor. It is important to pay attention to the alignment of the elbows. The best as well as ideal angle is around 45 degrees. This particular position will prevent injuries and your chest muscle will also work effectively.

Tips of getting amazing pushups

  • When you are using a flat source, it will be important for you to keep your muscle plank and straight.
  • You must breathe in your way down
  • When you are raising up, your must breathe up
  • It is good to keep the elbows at 45 degree angle. Reduce the space between your armpits by packing the elbows towards your either sides. To improve the shoulder health, you must stack your joints. For that you have to put your elbows under your shoulders and your hands under your elbows while working out.
  • Your gym instructor might have suggested you not to perform the same exercise several times. When you are carrying on with the standard pushup exercise, your legs would be kept straight and knees would face the ground. But, while doing this, over time the effectiveness will be reduced. But, there are some simple and effective tweaks which will make your pushup routine really efficient.
  • Putting your hands on the exercise ball will be an important way of getting the pushup done effectively. This attempts forcing the core muscle of yours to work and keep you in proper balance. If you want to provide greater challenge to the upper part of your body, using the exercise ball in the particular phase is really important.  You must keep your hands at the top of the ball and carry on with the pushups.
  • Lifting a leg is an important part in this regard. As soon as you extend your leg behind you, you can get your muscle toned up effectively.
  • You need to decide about the targeted group of muscle before considering your hand position. As the hand position dictates exactly which muscles are targeted.
  • To reduce the risk of injury, rounding of spine, try to avoid banana back pushups. Squeeze your core muscles to make the push up a full body workout.
  • To enhance your postures, improve the condition of the neutral spine and lower back, squeeze the glute muscle group.
  • Abstain from flaring your elbows wide to avoid rotator cuff and shoulder injuries.

Pushup levels

When an individual says that he would start doing pushup regularly inorder to make body look fit and attractive, he must understand the technicalities of the activity. Even though it looks like just another exercise, most men make a lot of mistakes that can turn the result upside down. Many people might not understand exactly how many level does pushup comprise. Generally, this exercise has 6 levels. Following all the levels step by step will help you to achieve a spectacular, muscular body along with amazing strength and stamina.

The levels are:

Level 1- Here you have to place the knees towards the floor and slowly press your body up.

Level 2- This is basically named as standard pushup here you need to keep your hands around shoulder

Level 3– Here, you have to keep your hand spread out more than your shoulder width and include some chest muscular act.

Level 4- This is one of the difficult levels where your entire body weight need sto be under your finger tips

Level 5- This step would comprise of putting clench over the fist till ground

Level 6 – Here you need to shift your weight and building strength

You can carry on with the pushups with the help of the finger tips. Since this is an advanced technique, it will eventually grip your hand.