Best Conception tips for men

Best Conception tips for men

conception tips for men

Now a day’s in this computer world, it seems life became very easy, with handful of money, but there’s a word which makes you So happy rather than filling your bank account with millions and Trillions, that is nothing but “You became a Father”, of course this lines make every one so happy, but the universal truth is “It will take 9 months to enter into their own life and even to see the world”.

There were several circumstances and problems between us in order to give a birth to a baby. Even in every aspect like, health part, Sexual life, life Style etc.

Let’s go with the below to share and express our self in order to know method’s and Tips for a couple having a good ,healthy, happy and sexual life.

If a question arises how pregnancy happens? Here we go like this, if the couples are trying to conceive and planned for that then “Healthy Sperm from Male interact with Healthy Egg from a Woman, there results an evolution on Pregnancy, but it depends on many factors from the male end particularly, like sperm count and, sperm life cycle, health conditions etc,

The main problem arising at the time of planning is sperm count, in order to know how much the count should be and what are the factors causes this problem and how we need to go with increasing this for planning a safe sexual life. Lets understand the below words,

If the sperm count in the male body is less it will take more time for a female to become pregnant, and even it will struggle you a lot, an unknown fact is, couple trying to conceive should have sex four times per week, for at least six months, it should not be more than that., basically it’s safe to consult your doctor and know your count, this problem arises due to several factors like, Smoking, alcohol intake, lack of exercise and being overweight,

Here are the steps to prevent this problem by increasing your sperm fertility, and to set a seed to give your child a nice journey.

Stay fit with perfect weight

In order to give a gift to your wife, first of all you should be fit enough to take part in Sex and you should control your weight by doing some basic exercises and work out’s. You should not be more weight which hurts you with dissatisfaction at the time of involvement.

Stop smoking and drinking

In order to increase your fertility and to have a good time you should stop smoking because, cigarettes contribute to lower testosterone levels, and smoking can reduce sperm counts and affect sperm motility,

Taking alcohols will affect you only if you take it in heavy amount, doctor’s says a “Glass of Wine will helps you a lot at the of pregnancy planning” and even it has added benefits in low amounts.

Don’t ever try to take drugs into your body which will effects your fertility a lot.

Food habits and changes

In order to improve your fertility, take a juice of half a lemon in a mug of hot water daily.

Take an egg daily in the morning which contains a full spectrum of amino acids, helping to stimulate sperm production.

In order to improve your count, you can have some medicines with doctor’s suggestion, and even taking “CoEnzyme Q10” supplement daily also helps you to avoid this problem.

Take fruits which acts as “All-round fertility booster”, particularly pomegranate which helps to increase your blood flow and keep your sperm healthy.

Finally have a look and go through all the above and try to have a safe and healthy sex rather than “More”.

Infertility is not only for women it affects men also in the majority. A study show that of all infertility cases, male infertility affects about 30 percent. Male fertility is considered to be a complex process. A research says that only half of couples who are trying to become pregnant achieve pregnancy easily and quickly. Though women carry and deliver a child man play a major role in the process of pregnancy. In this article let us see the causes and preventive measures for male infertility.

Causes for male infertility

There are many causes for male infertility. Apart from the major causes there are minor causes as well. Few minor causes can be avoided.

  • Malnutrition and blood disorder like anemia
  • Exposure to mercury, radiation, radioactive substance, pesticides, heavy metals etc.
  • Intense and heavy exercises.
  • Inadequate Zinc and Vitamin C in the diet.
  • Excessive stress.
  • Physical problems.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Psychological and behavioral problems.
  • Consumption of illegal drugs.

Preventive measures and tips

Male infertility is treated by conventional methods. There are medicines available to treat infertility and can be used by consulting a physician. Let us see some of the methods below.

  • Taking antibiotics to heal any infection which causes sperm depletion.
  • Taking medicines to increase the sperm count and effective sperm motility.
  • If the cause is found to be hormonal imbalance then take medicines to cure hormonal imbalance issues.
  • Avoid using saunas, long hot shower or using hot tubs to take bath.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Take nutritional supplements which are clinically proven and prescribed by the doctors to cure any deficiency.
  • Nothing could be done to prevent male infertility caused by genetic problems or illness. But the possibility of infertility can be reduced by taking some preventive measures.
  • Avoid illegal relationship and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and maintain clean habits.

Special tips

Taking care of age related fertility causes

Men have some biological factors they experience and it affects their fertility later in life. There is a decline in testosterone levels for men over 50 and it affects their sperm production and its function. When men get old they have more DNA damage and other genetic abnormalities in their sperm. This affects in getting a healthy baby. Sperm mobility also reduced.

So older men who try for a baby should first go thorough checkup and take proper treatment. They should avoid all the habits that affect the sperm and stick to things that are good for their sexual life.

Avoiding stress and maintaining calm

Facing problems at work and at home is unavoidable. But one should understand the fact that it normal in everyone’s life and should find a way to overcome it. We should make sure that it doesn’t affect our peace of mind. If we let all the stress and outside pressure affect us, it will have a direct effect on the hormones. In turn causes hormonal imbalances and affects the normal functioning of the body. Apart from the body function it affects the sexual life and spoils the happiness a couple could get.

Maintenance of a good relationship with the partner

Apart from medications and treatment the couples should engage in sexual activity for conception. It should be a healthy relationship. It is advisable to talk to the partner and get intimate as a mind and soul connection is required between partners. If a wife find her partner to be stressed out of something, it is good if she talks to him and find out the matter and take measures to help him get rid of the problem. This will help him to be at ease and enjoy the time with the wife to the fullest.

Knowing when to get help

Men’s body system is different than a women’s system. If you notice a slight change in your bodily function or change in your sexual activity you should know that it is time to watch out. In these situations it is good to consult a physician at the earliest and get advice.

Make the best lifestyle choices that benefit both the body and mind. Choose a calm living area. The places where you live make it of your style. Keep the place where you live clean by avoiding chemicals that affects the hormones of the body.

Environmental exposures

Another factor that affects the male reproductive functions are environmental factors. They have a negative consequence on men. A report by the American Society for Reproductive Medicines states that exposure to certain toxins at work such as those used in printing and dry cleaning, heavy metals in industrial jobs, pesticides used in agricultural fields affects the reproductive function in men.

Men who are concerned about chemicals should ask their higher authority a sheet copy of business’s MSDS which means Material Safety Data Sheet. It includes details about the chemical presence in the employment area.

Stay away from heat

In today’s computer world men sit for a long time in front of computer or laptop. They work on laptops keeping them on their thigh for a long time. This produces heat in the private areas and creates scrotal malfunction. By keeping them on laps they damage the sperm and its motility is also affected.

Next is wearing tight under wears and pants. In olden days men and women wore loose garments but now it has become a fashion to go for tight fitting clothes. But men of today do not understand the effects of it during the later part of life. It affects the scrotum and the quality of the sperm. It is advisable to choose loose under wears and pants for a healthy conception.


Infertility evaluations have traditionally focused on women because they tend to take gynecological care but men are careless about their health and they are reluctant to seek advice. It might be because they are either over confident about their body or shy. Try to come out of it and seek advice before the real test during the later part of life begins.

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