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Top Celebrity Perfumes & Cologne for Men

Top Celebrity Perfumes for Men

Isn’t it great to have a list of perfumes which your favorite celebrities are using? In this article, we have listed down the top brands which are loved by our Indian celebrities. They are all from reputed brands like Ferrari, Chanel, Gucci, etc., and their descriptions would tell you the combination and the apt occasions to carry them for.

Rasasi Blue for Men, 100ml – Rs 740

Rasasi Blue for Men, 100ml – Rs 740

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Rasis Blue for men, which is the first fragrance for men and that matches the spirit of the successful Blue Lady product. This perfume Blue for Men is bottled in frosted blue glass and has a silver metallic cap. The product is available for men in a 100ml bottle that is suitable for men. It combines the aromas of different flavors such as mint, coriander, amber, and pepper amongst others. The branding blue has a silver background that perfect match for our Blue lady.

Jaguar classic Black for men 100ml – Rs 1,280

Jaguar classic Black for men 100ml

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Jaguar Classic Black is an awe-inspiring cologne for men. The perfume was launched in the year, 2009. It is basically a luxurious aromatic fragrance for men, blended with heart notes of lotus flower, spicy ginger and orange. It is a combination of green apple, mandarin, heart note of orange, spicy ginger with notes of white musk, and sandalwood. This it creates a woody feeling with the mix of all fragrances. This is one of the typical fragrances that are of an oriental Fougere nature that can be made for stylish men.

Jaguar Cologne has a fresh and sensuous that comprises the goodness of several oriental ingredients. It has an enticing fragrance of the perfume that is emphatically masculine and its sensuous aroma uplifts the spirit of trendy men to a good extent. It is an invigorating fragrance that assures a touchy feel. Men love to carry on all occasions with its super fragrance.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray (New Version) 200ml/6.7oz – Rs 10,100.36

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Eau

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It is an exclusive fragrance for D&G which boasts to keep you fresh all day. It is classy and has a sweet essence. The top notes include tangerine, Neroli and bergamot, while the middle notes have lavender, pepper and sage. Finally, it ends with cedar, Tonka and tobacco. The perfume had been launched in 2012 and goes well with all occasions. If you love and follow the Latin style or music, you will love their odor.

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme EDT for Men, 90ml – Rs 3,749

Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme EDT for Men

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Guilty from Gucci is a sensuous perfume and can be carried on all seasons. It has an exclusive touch of pink pepper combined in fruit essences. From the base you get a touch of amber and patchouli, which makes the entire combination very seductive and impressive. If you’re planning to go for a dinner date or a party, this would surely be your favorite option.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for Men, 200ml – Rs 3,798

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for Men

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Armani had created this exclusive perfume after getting indulged into the natural beauty of Pantellerie. He had made two distinctive perfumes for men and women, and they were both inspired from the environment there. The men’s perfume gives a feeling of freedom, blended in wind and water. He has combined salty and sweet notes of seawater with the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. It is further added with rosemary and pellucid hedoine. It ends with a spicy touch and a woody base.

Chanel Allure Pour Homme For Men 150 ml – Rs 13,342.49

Chanel Allure Pour Homme For Men

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Chanel is a luxury brand preferred by a lot of celebrities. Their products boast of elegance and beauty. This perfume boasts of masculinity. It blends in with fresh flowers and oriental resins. It also has a touch of musk which makes it last longer. You get a fragrance of sensuality due to the spicy tones. It is going to be an apt use for the dinner dates, parties, evening events and of course, anywhere you want to make a good impression.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, 200ml – Rs 13,094

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

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Calvin Klein has perfumes for all occasions, but this particular will suit you for almost all times. The top notes start off with a soft touch of lavender, bergamot, mandarin orange and lemon. The middle holes lily, coriander, juniper berries, orange blossoms, jasmine, sage, basil, geranium and lily-of-the-valley. Finally, the base holds the notes of amber, musk, sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood and Vetiver. This will last you all day and can surely be carried off to work.



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This is a classic fragrance created with a modern touch. The famous perfumer Alberto Morillas had his nose behind this exclusivity. It had started off with citruses, bergamot, Neroli and petit grain. In the middle it had hyacinth, sage, Clary, geranium and cedar. Finally, it ended with Tonka bean, amber and musk. In an overall, it has a touch of Mediterranean and keeps you fresh all day.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT for Men, 200ml – Rs 10,479

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT for Men

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This perfume speaks of freshness and freedom. It gives you the feeling of big blue sky, energy from open waters and is blended with fresh air. In an overall, it has an aquatic touch which ends with spices to make it a little more exotic. It includes basil, Clary sage and verbena for the soothing feeling. On the other hand, it has suede, moss and musk.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml/3.3oz – Rs 7,360.54

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Intense

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It is a crisp fragrance with a touch of sweetness and warmth. It includes captivating notes of apple and orange blossom at the top, and includes geranium, clove and cinnamon in the middle. Finally, in the end it includes cedar-wood, Vetiver and sandalwood. It is apt for night use, when you go out for dinner dates, events, parties, etc. It has been lately launched this year and has had an increasing popularity ever since.

Ferrari Essence Oud for Men – Rs 3,799

Ferrari Essence Oud for Men

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This is an exclusive perfume from Ferrari for all those men who like intense fragrances. It is strong, lustful and attractive. The main ingredient of the Oud (agar) has been placed in the middle and is surrounded with olibanum and resins. It further has a spicy touch of cumin, saffron and rose. It is a very seductive pick to allure women and is surely apt for dinner dates.

POUR HOMME BLUE LABEL For Men By Givenchy For Men (Eau De Toilette, 100 ML) – Rs 4,796


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This fragrance gives you energy and freshness. It has a signature blue, which gives your mind freedom and gentleness. It has an aquatic touch due to the essence of the sea. At the top you have bergamot, grapefruit and hedione, in the middle you have pepper, cardamom and davana. Finally, it ends with cedar, oliban and Vetiver. It is apt for all day wear, so you can carry it off to work.

Burberry Men, 100ml – Rs 3,549

Burberry Men

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This is the authentic men’s perfume from Burberry. It comes with a woody aroma which boasts of masculinity and strength. There is a touch of mint, lavender, sandalwood, amber and cedar. Indulge into this sensual perfume and see how attractive you look. It is apt for night use and will last you really long.

Creed Millesime Imperial for Men, 120ml – Rs 16,999

Creed Millesime Imperial for Men

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This perfume is mild and refreshing. It evokes citrus groves and boasts of the panoramic beauty of the landscapes and seaside of Sicily. This is a versatile beauty and can be carried on all occasions. You can use it for corporate meetings and also for late night greetings. This perfume will calm your senses and its longevity takes you through the day.

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz for men 120ml – Rs  6,299

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz for men

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This has been exclusively designed by Mercedes Benz. It comes with a woody essence blended with spices. The brand had started launching perfumes since 2012 and they have been in demand since then. The perfumer behind this pick is Oliver Cresp. He has added bergamot, mandarin orange and amalfi lemon for the top notes, galbanum, violet, nutmeg and pepper to the middle notes, and finally ended with patchouli, vetiver and Virginia cedar.

Alfred Dunhill Desire for Men, 100ml – Rs 2,600

Alfred Dunhill Desire for Men

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Dunhill is one of the oldest British brands for fashion. They have been serving their customers for more than 100 years and they have evolved ever since. This perfume is addressed to the self-confident men. It opens with the notes of bergamot, apple, orange blossoms and lemons. In the heart it has rose, teakwood and patchouli. Finally, it ends with a blend of musk, labdanum and musk. The nose behind this attractive blend was Michael Almairac.

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black EDT – 125 ml (For Men) – Rs 4,345

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black EDT

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Double black has been introduced like the second version of Polo Black. The flavor isn’t very heavy, but it is refreshing. It opens with the oriental touch of mango. It further carries on having woody essences and spices. You get a touch of nutmeg, coffee and pepper give you an extremely distinctive smell. Finally, in the end you get the spices touch of fir and cardamom.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 100ml – Rs 5,890

Christian Dior Fahrenheit

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This is a perfect daytime perfume by Dior. It has a pleasant smell which can leave its imprints on the natural smell of your skin. The main ingredients include honeysuckle, balsam and sandalwood. Feel delighted and uplift your mood with this special perfume. It is a long lasting fragrance but your skin type might differ the longevity.

Azzaro Chrome Summer for Men, 100ml – Rs 3,246

Azzaro Chrome Summer for Me

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Chrome boasts off its citrus essences which are blended in the perfect proportion for men. This perfume had been launched in 1996, with the top notes of rosemary, Neroli, bergamot, pineapple and lemon. In the middle it has coriander, cyclamen, oak moss and jasmine. At the base you have Tonka bean, sandalwood, musk, cedar, oak-moss, cardamom and rosewood.

Bvlgari Aqva for men 150ml – Rs 5,999

Bvlgari Aqva for men

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Bvlgari brings you a very masculine fragrance which is blended with fruit and citrus notes. This is for all men who love subtlety. It is complex yet contemporary styled. The regular one was introduced in 2005 but this one has a more mature version, added with amber, petit grain, Santolina, mandarin and Posidonia. This is a perfect perfume to boast sophistication and class.