Best body care tips for men

Best body care tips for men

body care tips for men

Men do not really take care of their body. They think it’s all womanly affairs to do so. Well it’s not always a womanly matter. Proper care doesn’t mean applying makeup and doing fashion. It mainly means to take care of their body thoroughly in a proper way. Only rinsing your body with just soap and water will not serve the purpose. You need to do all things that is required to take care of the body. If you do not take care of your body now then you will be the sufferer later on. You will look aged before you are even thirty. You will start having wrinkles on your face and look as if you have crossed 50 years of age. So if you want to look evergreen and young and fresh then follow the necessary tips for proper skin care right now.

Caring the body is a necessary practice for both men and women but women always stand at a top place. Most of the men don’t nurture their body by which it often looks unattractive and dull. For the men who just ends up their body care to washing the body with soap bar need to follow the below tips.

Give proper cleansing to face

Depending on the skin type that you have whether it is oily or dry or combination use the cleanser for two times in a day. Even if your skin type is oily and you are being into oily skin related problems like acne and greasiness it is recommended to take the help of cleanser rather than using the bar soap on your face. Always make use of the cleanser that is prepared for the cleansing face.

Get the help from dermatologist

Start consulting your dermatologist for the regular skin cancer check up, take the advice and suggestions to cure acne problem and even to take down the conditions which are stopping your skin from the great look.

Get a healthy sleep

A person needs at least eight hours of sleep for the healthy body. Sleeping for good amount of time will help to replenish the body, it recharges you and repairs the damages that has done during the day. So don’t neglect your sleeping hours.

Sleeping in the late nights is not a good activity for the health, due to any reason like parties or movies or functions you may go for late night sleep but doctors suggest to not go for the late hours sleep which damages your health.

Eat well

Eating the right kind of food in sufficient amounts helps you to stay healthy. Choose your diet with proper care, include the food items like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, On the other side take control over alcohols, caffeine, oily and fatty food items. How far you are from those food items, wrinkles, acne and other age related problems will also stay away from you. Take a multivitamin that is combined with vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants, which is useful to your body to combat with aging signs. Another important practice you need to do is drinking plenty of water, intake of adequate amount of water will keeps you hydrated.

Wear sunscreen

The major tip that most dermatologists suggest is that applying sunscreen. Wear it daily before you are going to out, make it as a habit when you are leaving home for more than 15 minutes. The harmful ultraviolet rays of sun can damage your skin and fuel up process of aging your skin. You need choose a sunscreen that protects the skin from both UVA and UVB, make a note that it must be having sun protector spf of at least 15. Don’t neglect to apply sunscreen after few hours if you are working under for long time.


There are numerous benefits of doing exercises, try to do sweating exercises that makes your body to release toxins. Exercise increases the blood circulation, through which outer skin layers get the vital nutrients.

Men do shave when they get up in the morning every day. But most men would want to keep some beard on their face. If they are keeping it then they should take proper care of it. So here are some simple tips for men.

Moisturize your skin

Especially when the winters arrive then you need to apply some lotion on your skin. Your skin gets dry even if you are having an oily skin. Your skin becomes dead and extremely dry due to the winter season and so you need to apply some amount of nutrients to your skin. You should apply some good moisturizer on your face, hands, elbows, knees and various other body parts where you think your skin has dried up. If you have an oily skin then you should buy such a product which will prevent you from having any acne on your face. The moisturizer will rejuvenate your skin in this season. Men think that they are rough and tough and they do not needs any moisturizer or care of their body.  But the thought is completely proved wrong by the skin specialists. Men are humans being too. They also need the same care like woman. Their skin becomes dry too and it demands to be moisturized in the winters.

Use a sunscreen

The UV rays of the sun are very harmful. You may be thinking why I am suggesting you men to use a sunscreen before going out in the sun. Well the reason is sunscreen is needed by all genders. It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The UV rays are very harmful for your skin. They even causes cancer on your skin. They also make you look older than what you are now. So if you do not want to face a skin cancer then use a sunscreen now with high amount of SPF in it. Try and wear protective clothes if you are out in the afternoon for some work. Also try not to go out during the peak hour of 10 to 12 in the afternoon. Woman uses sunscreen mainly to avoid their skin from getting tanned. But men should use it to protect their skin against the harmful UV rays which causes cancer.

Deo’s that men should use-

Deo’s are a must for every day. Woman sweat very less as compared to men. So they would need a strong deo. Whereas woman uses mild or sweet smelling deo. It protects your body against odors all day long. If you sweat more then you can use some strong odor prescribed by the doctor. You can get one particular deo from the medical stores as it has some benefits in it. It’s very much different from the normal deo that we use. When you use it clogs all your sweat gland. This prevents you to sweat more then you used to so before. This is mainly manufactured for those men who sweat profusely. You can use this deo in another way. You can apply this deo in the night if you sweat more than any common person. Then after getting up in the morning you can take a shower so that the deo is entirely gone from your skin but the effect will stay on. While going out you can apply your normal deo. In this way you will sweat much less than you usually do. Less perspiration will help the skin be in the right condition.

If you are inked then take good care of it- are you tattooed? And you must be thinking how to take proper care of it? Then get hold of some moisturizer and apply it on the surrounding areas of your tattoo so as to prevent it from getting infected or some rashes. If you are done with your tattoo then you can get rid of it with the help of some lotions that are available in the market. But doctors are of the view that these creams are not safe. So you must go to a doctor and have it permanently removed by doing laser treatment.

Wash your face after you get back home

You should wash your face properly with the help of some face wash when you get up in the morning and also during the night when you get back home. This will help to keep your face clean and fresh all through the morning. This will provide a life to your dead skin. Your skin will be devoid of all the germs and dirt that is recollected when you get up in the morning or when you get back home from work during the night. The face wash should contain vitamins so that your skin stays alive and help all the dead skin cells to fade out immediately after the wash.

If any man follows these simple tips of rejuvenating their skin then they should not look 10 years more that what they are right now. They will look the age they are in currently. So read the reviews of various products that are available in the market and choose the best one which suits your skin.

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