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best and worst food for men health and fitness

best & worst food for men

Always there will be a great difference between good and bad. Whether they are habits, lifestyle or food items. The way you move it directs to that intended destination. Taking a proper care about health and verifying the diet products will betters your health and body. Here are few perfect foods listed for the intake along with the items to avoid. Not just knowing what is good and bad will not prompt any affects but practicing makes the judgement.

Foods to concentrate

Apples contain vitamin C and also pectin, It is a soluble fibre and helps in lowering the blood cholesterol.

Bananas are the portable sources of potassium, it will helps the blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart stroke.

Almonds are the containers of calcium, fibre, iron, and as well as magnesium. Which help in lowering cholesterol.

Blue berries contains vitamin C and phytonutrients. These nutrients fight with the memory loss problems and reduces the aging factor.

Broccoli is filled with phytonutrients, vitamins A and C. It helps in the prevention of heart disease, cancers of few types and diabetes.

Salmon is an excellent provider of omega-3s, it has many heart protective properties.

Spinach comprises of vitamins A and C, it protects from the degeneration of macular and stimulates the immune system.

Cooked tomatoes
They are sources of lycopene which is very useful to work against free radical molecules and prostate cancer causing agents. Extra virgin olive oil also fights with prostate cancer.

Foods to avoid

High saturated and trans fats raises the cholesterol levels. Animal meat and dairy products contains the high amounts of saturated fats where as baked items and fast foods contains the trans fats.

Cheese contained thick paneer items, ghee based sweets, burgers, sand witches will increase the cholesterol levels and gives the risk for the heart diseases.

Ice creams and desserts contains loads of calories, eat fruit salads instead of ice creams. Fruits are the stronger sources of fibre, vitamins and many proteins.

Though chicken is considered to be as low fat meat option, depending on the way you cook fats will be added or closed. If your preference is not skinless chicken, it will add the fats for sure.

Liver is makes good to you by adding iron but it is the container of high cholesterol. So, eat with a limit.

Coffee contains caffeine and it is a stimulant of central nervous. So, skip the coffee and drink green tea instead of.

Men eating disorders

Bad eating habits prompt for the disorders of men and women too, pertaining to a crew of physical activity learners mostly kick these disorder problems. Here are some of the signs for the eating disorders.

The one who feels with low self esteem and thriving for the perfection falls under the eating disorders circle.

Fasting in regular times, dieting for long days, uncontrolled and unlimited meals eating will also the eating disorder people.

Some other factors are with draw from social events, lack of concentration, feeling over weight, mark to the food, calories, diet and weight, exercising for more than hours, sudden weight loss etc.