Best alternatives for shaving creams for men

Best alternatives for shaving creams for men

best alternatives for shaving cream

There are a number of shaving creams available in the market. However, the truth is most of themen are not satisfied with the shaving creams they buy in the market. There are various factors like itchiness, irritation, poor quality and bunch of chemicals in those products. Since shaving creams are very much vital and mandatory for men, it is important to choose a proper and non-allergic cream for your skin. A shaving cream that is suitable for one skin type may not suit other skin type. Now, how to choose a good shaving cream for your skin type? This is not going to be an easy task when you go for chemical products. This becomes easy when you choose the products that are easily available in home.

A very common daily activity for most of the men is removing the unwanted hair from the face. Many men do it but there are some who likes to post-pone as they afraid of using the shaving creams which irritates their skin and makes it prone to itchiness, redness and rashes. These array of problems are most common to men with sensitive skin. So to serve such kind of sensitive skin types there are many alternatives you can try on your own. This list also consists of natural ingredients that are available easily at your home.

In general, a good shaving cream should satisfy the below properties.

Ideal shaving cream for men

Below are some of the properties that help you choose the best shaving cream for your skin.

  • Moisturizing Property – Any shaving cream in general should have moisturizing properties in it. This is very much essential for a good shaving cream. This is because a cream that is rich in moisturizing properties helps you achieve a cleaner and smarter shave.
  • Good Lubricant – The shaving cream that you choose should act as a lubricant while shaving. This helps in removing the unwanted hair easily. A good lubricant shaving cream reduces friction thus prevents rash shaving and bump formation.
  • Less / No Allergic – A shaving cream that causes allergy should be a big NO for you. Since shaving itself causes some irritation to skin sometimes, adding salt to the wound is something which should be avoided. Chemical free creams and gels are the best choice in order to escape from any kinds of rashes or irritations in skin.

Why home made shaving creams?

In your busy schedule, it might not be possible for you to have a detailed study on each and every cream for your daily use. Buying shaving creams frequently also exhaust money to a greater extent. In order to have a comfortable and good shaving experience, you can always rely on some naturally available shaving creams.

Some of the key advantages of choosing naturally available shaving creams are

  • It is Natural –Obviously, naturally available homemade shaving creams are free from any unnatural properties. It is always better to rely on nature for beauty and skin. Hence the creams that are available in natural form are the hygienic way of removing unwanted hair.
  • Less Cost – This is another main reason of why men wish to go for natural creams for shaving. Since shaving creams are used more frequently, the cost of buying these creams is really painful for many men. In order to save your money in the best possible way, opting shaving creams that are homemade is the wisest choice.
  • No Chemicals – Home made shaving creams are known to be the traditional creams which were used in early time. These types of creams are free from chemicals and hence it is safe to be used by any type of skin for men. Also, it does not cause any side effects or allergies.
  • More Options – If you wish to try out the alternate shaving creams for men, there are lot of options available which you can try out. You can experiment with each one of the natural ingredients and choose the best one which makes you go crazy happy.

Alternatives for shaving creams

Essential oils

One of the best alternative to try out for shaving cream is essential oils. They fosters to get the soft and smooth skin that are necessary for a better shave. But be careful and patient to remove the hair from the face through   this process as the oiliness leads to slipperiness.

Shea butter

To get the soft and supple skin after the completion of shaving process shea butter is a good ingredient to pick up. Men can use shea butter as like moisturizer and an emollient. So use this natural ingredient as an alternative for the shaving cream.

Apricot paste

Another natural ingredient to use as an alternative for the shaving cream is apricot paste. Get the fresh apricots and make them into paste. Take it into a container and store in the refrigerator. In the next day morning use it like your shaving cream. It helps to heal the wounds developed during shaving process as well.

Peanut butter

The tasty and delicious peanut butter may tempt you to eat but now you are using as an alternative for your shaving cream  not to spread on a bread slice. Apply the peanut butter like your shaving cream and follow the next steps to get a smoother shave. This is better than the foam to reach a soft skin.

Body lotion

No matter which body lotion your wife use to protect her skin. Applying body lotion on the facial skin works excellent for the men with sensitive skin. Take some amount from it and apply on the facial hair to remove those unwanted hairs from the face.


One of the handy available alternative to your shaving cream is soap. There are many men who depend on soap to remove their unwanted hair on the face. Infact it is a good alternative though it doesn’t give the lather as much as foam.


Few drops of shampoo on the facial hair easily develops the lather that is good to remove out the hair. Go using a natural shampoo, chemical based shampoo’s may irritate your skin and causes redness.

Almonds paste

Take 3 or 4 almonds and soak them in the water for a whole night. Peel off the almonds and grind them to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face to get the clean shave. This simple and natural way makes your skin soft and shining as well.

Here are some alternative shaving creams that can be easily prepared in home and comfortably used for your skin.These creams are silky and soft enough and give you a soothing feel which lacks in many of the chemically available creams.


Honey is the best known ingredient which is viscous enough to serve as the ideal shaving cream. Honey wax is mostly used in parlors for hair removal treatment. Hence honey serves as the best natural ingredient for having a smooth and comfortable shave. Honey has the tendency to remove the unwanted hair thoroughly without leaving anything behind. It does many wow things to your skin. Apart from removing unwanted hair, it also removes any darkness that is present in your skin naturally.

Aloe vera gel

Another best method of doing shaving is to use aloe vera gels for removing unwanted hair. Some men do not feel comfortable enough using honey due to its sticky nature. If you are one of them, you can readily use aloe vera gel for quicker shave. Aloe Vera has moisturizing properties which leaves your skin soft and supple after shave. It also makes your skin glossy which makes people just to touch and enjoy the feel of it. It also relieves any allergies or irritations that are present in your skin. You can also add essential oil along with aloe vera gel for better shave.

Coconut Oil

This is one of the easily available products that can be used for removing unwanted hair. Coconut is smooth and lubricant enough that helps in removing the hair without many efforts. Coconut oil not only gives you a happy shave but also gives a shining looks to your legs and face. Since coconut oil is readily available in home, it is one of the most popular ingredients that you can rely on. Moreover, it is too cheap to be used daily.

Hair conditioner and rosemary oil

This is another powerful option of shaving for men. We all know the work of a conditioner. Hair conditioners are used after shampooing for getting a silky and smooth hair. Rosemary oil is one of the best lubricating oil that helps in shaving easily. Hence the combination of conditioner and rosemary oil gives a perfect shaving for men. Mix the conditioner that is available in your home with that of rosemary oil. Now, use this paste for removing the unwanted hair in the desired area. You will be surprised to see the softness your skin gets after a clean shave.

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