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Benefits of zinc for men

Benefits of zinc for men

The role of zinc is very crucial when it comes to the body, it is the inherent mineral for the enzymes production and for many body processes. It has the quality to repair cells and also to produce the DNA. To the all indicated above uses, zinc is having the property to get good night sleep. Now a days zinc has became a common ingredient in cold lozenges but it is the ideal mineral choice of nutritionists and physicians for the good health. Zinc gives its foster for the healthy cell growth and also for the development. Due to the flight sickness immune function may turn uneven, in such conditions and also to ensure the perception of taste and smell, the role of zinc is loud.  The advantages of the zinc is more to men as it is having the nature in maintaining the prostate health, testosterone levels and the overall sexual health.  Our bodies don’t have the nature to produce zinc, hence it is suggested to take this mineral in daily for the better balance in the body.

There are certain zinc rich foods that are beneficial to men. Let us dig into the health benefits of zinc for your body.

Health benefits of zinc

  • Zinc is known to be “essential trace element” since a very small quantity of zinc is needed for human body.
  • It helps in increasing the immunity system thereby preventing frequent colds, fevers and body pains.
  • Eye diseases like macular degeneration can be prevented by consuming zinc rich foods.
  • Many athletes include zinc rich foods for strengthening the body.
  • Healthy consumption of zinc helps in preventing cancer.

For healthy skin

Zinc plays a major role in treating the skin problems. It keeps the skin healthy and makes   it to glow naturally. Some of the benefits of zinc for skin are

  1. Zinc acts as excellent anti-oxidants for your body. Ant-oxidants are essential for your skin to prevent any kinds of skin disorders.
  2. Zinc helps in getting rid of even harsh rashes and sores.
  3. Zinc acts give an excellent sun screen protection

Prevents diabetics

Diabetics have become a major problem in many men. This can be prevented by means      of taking zinc to your diet in regular levels.

The deficiency in zinc leads to several health problems like retardation of growth, diarrhea and unhealthy appetite. If you are not paying special attention to zinc deficiency, then in severe cases you may experience heavy and abnormal hair loss.

The recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) level of zinc in male above 19+ years is 11mg. Hence the easiest and the best method to eliminate deficiency in zinc are to add foods to your diet that are rich in zinc content.

Boosts the testosterone levels

Human body don’t store the zinc for long time. So the daily consumption of zinc perks in many ways. Zinc is having the vital role in the production of sperms and also in improving potency. Studies clearly explained that a men who takes less zinc content will face the problems with low testosterone levels and decreased semen volume. More intake than to the normal of zinc levels will help for the fertility boost up. The prescribed daily allowance for men is 11 milligrams, where as for women it is 8 milligramZinc is present in many famous foods, when its presence coming to animal food it exists in meat and poultry, as well as oysters and crab. From the plant sources one get the zinc from beans, whole grains, nuts, fortified cereals and dairy products.

Prevents the risk of prostate cancer

One of the important role played by zinc is maintaining the prostate health. It got proved that cancerous prostate tissues are having less zinc content in comparison with the healthy tissue. In the human body zinc is found in every cell, tissue and organ, when coming to the prostate in men, its quantity is high than in any other tissue.

Reduce the cold symptoms

There are proven results that zinc helps to reduce the cold symptoms and its time period of stay. It reduces the cold symptoms by entering into the body parts where the virus has attacked.

Acne help

In treating and preventing the acne problems zinc is having the big role. If there is zinc deficiency it even leads to some kind of acne problems. Taking as a supplement or applying the zinc encompassed ointments that are zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate will help acne blemishes to heal fast. It minimizes the inflammation which has its foot due to acne.

Zinc to prevent baldness

Zinc can stimulate the hair growth by enhancing functionality of immune system. Eating lean cuts of beef and oysters help to inhibit the baldness problems in men.

Some of the foods that are rich in Zinc are

Watermelon Seeds

This is the most unwanted seed according to humans and because of this we tend to spit it out in dirt. But the zinc content present in watermelon seeds is a very good supplement for health. These seeds also contain other nutrients like proteins, healthy fats and magnesium.

Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are many of our favorite. It contains some healthy nutrients packed in it. This flavor enhancing nut is rich in zinc and mono unsaturated fats. If you are a vegetarian, then you can readily eat almonds and sunflower seeds. These are very healthy to your body and you can eat whenever you feel bored or hungry as snacks.