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How healthy eating and physical activity in men keep a person fit?

How healthy eating and physical activity in men keep a person fit

Eating healthy and eating the right kinds of food is sure to help you have the right and the healthiest lifestyle ever. Good food helps in boosting life and with healthy eating you have lots of advantages to enjoy at the best.

An individual can remain fit and healthy with perfect nutrition in diet as well as physical exercise. Numerous health benefits can be possible to obtain from a balanced diet. A perfect diet with good fat, lean protein as well as crabs is very beneficial for people instead of starving. It is essential to get daily calories between 45 and 65 percent in carbohydrates and around 20 to 35 percent calories from fat.

Benefits of healthy eating

Healthy heart

You have a chance of experiencing healthy heart if content of sodium, cholesterol and fat is low in your diet. The saturated fat will be eradicated which is commonly found in food items like palm oils, red meat, coconut oil and fried food.


It is really important for each individual to have enough energy in order to deal with variety of activities inside home, office as well as outside. Here lies the immediate benefit of switching over to a healthy diet.  You need to eliminate all unhealthy substances such as fat, simple carbohydrates, junk foods etc. This will help blood sugar fluctuations in each individual and increase body metabolism

Weight control

You can control your weight only if you can eat less calories. You must know amount of calorie appropriate for you to burn extra fat. After knowing the amount of calorie which your body requires each day, controlling over the amount of food intake will be easy. Nutritious food such as green vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc would be appropriate to control body weight.

Mood uplifting and stress management

Eating is not just about filling your stomach. The contents of the foods you eat have a remarkable impact on your brain too. Have you ever wondered why you feel yourself on the top of cloud 9 after eating a bar of dark chocolate? It is because of the polyphenol present in performs in the manner of an antidepressant targeting the secretion of is a neurotransmitter which acts like a mild sedative and a mood is banana, it has dopamine which is a stress releases the stress by regulating the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids (tuna, salmon), vitamins c (citrus fruits) also help to cut down the level of cortisol from the body. Eating protein-rich foods helps in retaining the body mass during the phase of chronic stress.

Increased brain capacity

Your brain is the regulator of all the physical and emotional functions. You need to provide constant supply of required brain boosters to enhance its functioning. Switching to a healthy diet will increase the capacity of your brain. As a result, you will have a sharp memory, powerful cognitive and motor skills. A balanced diet also obstructs the ageing of brain. Nuts are the most well-known brain chargers. Try to eat a fistful of almond every day for the breakfast for optimum result.

Stay youthful

You need not to go for any Botox, surgery or anti-ageing cream when you have nature’s very own anti-ageing agents protecting your skin cells from damage. Fruits like lemon, orange and other vitamin c enriched foods have antioxidants that increase the collagen production and keep the skin cells intact with fatty acids are also quite effective in warding off premature ageing. The benefits of eating healthy for your skin aremore than you can count. Foods packed with vitamin E, vitamin A and other essential compounds replenish the texture of your skin and protect it from dermatological issues.

Benefits of physical activities

Exercise has always been a wonderful factor for making a person fit and healthy. Due to sedentary lifestyle of people there is a chance of overweight and development of variety of chronic diseases. According to the report, only 30 percent of Adult Americans are connected with regular physical activities while they pass a leisure time. Also 4 million cardio vascular diseases can be eradicated with the systematized physical activity.

Only consuming food with all type of nutrition is not enough. The dietician will ask you for an adequate diet and then will suggest for a proper exercise without which your body will not be balanced and you will suffer from unbalanced physical structure.  You must have seen many individuals who have suffered from the effect of obesity due to lack of exercise and diet. You must increase your physical activities.

People can become saggy and irresponsive if he is seen sitting idle for a long time without much physical activities.  You can run, jog, play games or simply help your wife in her household activities to stay fit all the time. There are scopes of getting yourself healthy without carrying on with tough exercise. You don’t have to visit gym and get your exercise done. Rather the variety of physical activities will benefit your health and maintain fitness of the body. Even if your lifestyle changes, you can remain fit and handsome with variety of exercises.

Good Eating Enhances Brain Capacity

When you eat healthy you are sure to be better productive. Your brain is in need of the essential fuel for efficient functioning. When you are not eating the right kinds of food the brain tends to get affected. When eating a balanced diet your brain gets all the nourishment and now you can make the brain run with speed and function with perfection.

Healthy Eating Helps You Handle Stress

When you are eating good food the cortisol level of the body is better controlled and you are sure to feel less stressed. It is good to eat foods with omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C and magnesium. When the body experiences stress it helps in the excess breakdown of the protein. This is not the right way that the protein should be utilized. Thus, this is the time you are in need of healthy eating to help provide the body with the essential amount of protein and other important nutrients.

Eat Healthy and Stay Slim

The right choice of food will also help you have better control on your body weight. Eat more of carrots and less of chips and see the difference in your body shape and weight. As side dish it is best that you order for salad and not fries. Simple, the right food choice will help you lose weight. This is also a means by which you can stop spending unnecessary money on food. Tasty foods would cost you much and thus there is no point to spending for unhealthy existence.