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How often can a Married Man have Sex?

How often can a Married Man have Sex

Sex in a newly married is a natural phenomenon and it occurs so spontaneously for everyone. Sex involves lot of emotions. Thus, even when you look at each other sex works instantly. In fact, you don’t need a reason to be on bed. You can have sex any time and in any form. In fact, happiness and sex is interrelated at this point of time. You feel so happy in life to have someone special with you. Sex for the reason happens automatically.

Having sex twice in a week is the average rate. You always have the inclination and you normally feel the urge. This is the point of time when you don’t need to do anything extra to ignite the feel of sex. Moreover, the feeling is so natural and spontaneous that you need to be extra protective in this case.

However, there is no medical explanation regarding how much sex a person should have just after getting married. It all depends on personal emotion and opportunity and then you can feel the passion igniting within you. In case you have to take external help to bring about the sex drive after marriage then you surely have a medical problem. At the stage it is important that you visit a doctor a sort out the problem at the earliest.

There have been several surveys, researches and theories the frequency of a man having sex but no correct number can be finalized. Sex simply counts the enjoyment of love and satisfaction, the staying together and passion. It must be remembered that sex in married couples depend on many factors like age, occupation, family relations weather and time.

Men and Sex

Some experts believe that for men sex is more of emotional l experience than women.  Men speak less and express their feelings more in actions. They give limited hugs and physical affection to their families. It is also found that for some men sex is the primary way of communicating and showing their love. It can be assumed that male sexuality is just biological. Physical touch of couples increases the oxytocin levels in their brains. Orgasm causes the brain to release more of the hormones that lead to attachment. Men tend to have orgasm more often than women.

Sexual Communal Strength

Some studies looked at sexual desire in long-term relationships and came to the conclusion that people can sustain desire when they meet their partner’s sexual needs. Experts call this sexual communal strength and came to the conclusion that people who rate high in sexual community strength had more sexual desire and could maintain it for a longer time. These people seem to be more focused on the positive side of the relationship. They have sex to feel closer, develop intimacy and not to just please them. They look forward to please and satisfy each other.

Sex and Age

Age also plays a significant role in the frequency of sex between married couples. A survey to this shows that

  • Married people  between the age of 18-29  had sex more than twice a week in a month
  • Those between the ages 30-39 had sex seven times in a month.
  • The middle age couples of   50-59 years had sex less than six times a month.

Sex reduces as the couples grow in age but there are exceptions where older couples have enjoyed sex more often than their young counterparts. Sex keeps life active and keeps the couples healthy.

What is the Average of sex in Married Man?

There can be no one right answer to this question.  When sex subsides in a couple’s relationship it is noted that there is anger, frustration, detachment which can ultimately lead to divorce. The sex life is affected by several factors like lifestyle, health of partners, age and natural libido. But most psychologists and experts’ advice of sex for at least once a week for married couples to continue their healthy relationship.

How to Balance Sex Drives

There are many factors that need to fall into place to make sex desirable. Difference of opinion is the main problem between couples. Out of balance sex drives need to be negotiated by couples by initiating the other when one is refusing. The averages differ from couple to couple. Some couples remain happy with more often sex; some are pleased with less often sex.  The happiness lies in the quality of sex one has rather the frequency.