What should be the normal size of men’s penis?

What should be the normal size of men’s penis?


What should be the normal size

It is a matter of great research that what should be the size of the penis. Scientific research processes are taking place in order to prove the normal size of the penis. Most of the men have the fear that their penis size is not normal. This is just a mere trepidation. In fact men are afraid of the fact that they won’t be able to make happy their partners if the penis is not of the right size. In fact, their normal sexual life would be hampered in the process. However, this is just an anxiety and there is nothing to fear as in most cases the size of the penis in case of men is always right.

The penis is the male reproductive sexual organ that also serves as an outlet for urine. The main parts of the penis are the root, the body, the shaft skin and the foreskin. The size of the penis is different at different times, as the measurement varies due to the time of the day, room temperature, arousal time and in sexual activity. The growth of the penis takes place from infancy to the age of five and again a year before puberty that is around the age of twelve up to the age of seventeen.

There are several facts concerning the size of the pennies in men. Here you have some of the key points which would let you have an idea regarding the average size of the pennies in men.

  • In most cases women have no worries regarding the size of the pennies. They are simply unaware of the fact. Men are more worried regarding the size and thickness of the pennies.
  • More than forty five percent of men have small pennies. This is the general pennies fact in case of men and this has got to do with the normal sexual life of men.
  • Several studies have revealed that the flaccid length of the pennies is from seven to ten centimetres. This is the average size of the pennies in men.
  • When the pennies get erected the length of the same extends to 12 to 16 centimetres and the erected circumference is around 12 centimetres.

The scientific importance regarding the size of the pennies

You would find several men coming to the doctor asking about the size of the pennies. They are worried regarding the right size of the pennies. This is the general attitude. The doctor is of the opinion that incorrect size of the pennies can really cause problem in usual life. There are guys of the age of forty and still they are unmarried because they think they don’t have the pennies of theright size and that they would not be able to make the partners happy. There are several doctors who take advantage of this dissatisfaction and wok upon the size of the pennies letting the men have the confidence that surgery has made the size of the pennies perfectly right. It all lies in the complexity of bones which creates variations in the size of the bones of the pennies.

What is the average penis size?

Size of penis differs from person to person. The average length worked out in some studies show that the penis is 3.5 inches in length normally and goes to 5.1inch length when erected. The latest study in America determined that the average size of the erectile penis is 5.6inches and the circumference of the erectile penis is 4.8 inches. Whatever is the size of the penis, it must be understood that it is normal for the man most people think that the taller the man is the bigger is his penis –this is not true. Different lengths have been found in different heights of men. The shortest penis of 2.5 inches is seen in a big built man of 5.11 inches height. On the other hand a slim person with the height of 5.6 inches has a penis of 5.5 inches.  There is no relation between race and penis.

Small penis size

The small size of the penis is only perception.  Men complaining of small penis can be due to the person suffering from erectile dysfunction. A man sees his own penis to be smaller when they see from the top. This is the result of   foreshadowing.  Abdominal fat can also make the penis look smaller. A small size penis grows to 100% length when erected whereas a longer penis grows to 75% length in erection.

Size of Penis and Women

Women are not affected by the size of the penis. A woman is concerned with the thickness of the penis for sexual satisfaction rather than its length. Women are more satisfied with penetration, mutual masturbation and oral sex.   The vagina of a woman is capable of accommodating any length of penis.The vagina extends to the length of 4 inches when aroused and it has the capacity to increase in length if something is inserted in it gradually…  Hence all sizes of penis will   satisfy a woman.

Can the Size of penis be increased?

There are no creams, pills, exercises or medicines that can increase the size of the penis. Surgery is the only cure in cases when the total length of the penis remains 3 inches when erect. This is no full proof treatment. There are many methods recommended to enlarge the size of the penis. These include some non-surgical methods like stretching by hand, mechanical devices or attachment of weights or with the use of vacuum pumps. All these methods are very risky as the inner tissues of the penis are very delicate and can be damaged by wrong handling of the penis. The results are also not very positive.

The Myth about the Size of the Penis

On the basis of the necessity of pornography most people are marketing things with the promise that they have the right products in possession which can really help in normalizing the size of the penis in men. This is done with the help of the enlargers and the extenders. In case the penis is not of the right size most men have a doubt about their manhood. Once they have a look at the penis the men feel that it s not of the right size. This is once again a false belief and the men are made to suffer in the process.

Facts on the Penis Size

Most of the industries make promises to let you have bigger and extended penis. They promote the kind of innovative enlargers and extenders and they emphasise the fact that these are products to be used to help the penis gain the normal size in time. Here you have some of the basic points to state regarding the average size of the penis. Most women have no complaints regarding the size of the penis. The normal length of the penis in men is from seven centimetres to ten centimetres. The flacid circumference range of the penis is from 9 centimetres to 10 centimetres.

The Details on the Size of Penis in Men

The penis in men has an erect length and that is from 12 to 16 centimetres. In case you have BMI problems and when you become aged the penis becomes less erect and it tends to become shorter in length. However, the marketers are misusing the fact about the length of the penis in men. According to the British journal of Urology International most of the men are unsure about their sexuality and they have the wrong fear that the size of the penis is not right.

The Normal or the Average Size of the Penis

You may sit to study the details regarding the average or the normal size of the penis. The average size is 8.8 centimetres and in case of some men it is 12.9 centimetres. However, there is a difference between the size of the erect penis and the placid penis. There can be difference in the size when the penis is in the normal state and even when it is not in the normal state.

The Accuracy of the Penis Measurement

The accurate measurement of the penis in humans comes from several measuring. In the state of arousal there can be some difference in size and the size of the same even depends on other things like the time of the day, the temperature of the room, the level of the sexual activity and the trust worthiness of the measurement. When you compare the same with the other primates like that of the gorilla you will see that the penis in case of humans is the thickest.

The Growth of the Penis

However, there can be difference in the measurement when being measured by various sources. When you are measuring the penis yourself, it will state something and when it is being measured by a third person the result is sure to be different. The growth of the penis starts at the time of infancy and that is at the age of five. However, in case of some it may start growing at the age of one year till the time of the onset of puberty. The penis will grow till you are 17 years of age.

The Comparative Size of the Penis

However, based on the research you are sure not to find any connection between the sizes of the penis with the other parts of the body. There are several factors which can generally affect the growth of penis in humans. Environmental factors are responsible and you even have genetic factors influencing the growth of penis. The growth of the penis can even get disturbed due to the presence of the endocrine disruptors. There are more things which can influence the growth of the same. In case an adult penis has an erect length of 7 centimetres and based on its normal existence it is known as micropenis in medicine.

The Factors Influencing the Growth of the Penis

The growth and size of the penis is influenced by genetic factors and at the same time it is influenced by other things as well. The formation of penis is influenced by environmental factors like diet and culture and there are more things involved like exposure to pollution and chemical reaction. There is the condition known as Endocrine Disruption and this happens due to excessive exposure to chemical. As a result there is genital deformation both in case of males and females. You can have chemicals from both natural and synthetic sources and these are enough to cause Endocrine Disruption.

The Reason for the Small Size of the Penis

The small size of the penis is also related to PCBs and the sort of plasticiser DEHP. The DEHP metabolites which have been measured from the urine of pregnant woman have a significant connection with the decreased size of the penis and the anogenital distance is even short. Based on the research at the University of Ankara it has been discovered that the size of the penis can get decreased due to several hormonal therapies.

The Male Perception of Penis

The size of the penis can even get reduced due to the intake of estrogen-based fertility medicines. The intake of the medicine can create abnormality in this case and in the result the penis tends to get reduced in size. Males usually have the tendency to underestimate the size of their penis. They always have the feel that the penis is not of the right size. This happens because they look down on the penis in the wrong way. The fault in the looking process makes the penis appear short.

The Male Penis Belief

The male look at the size of the penis in the images of pornography and they have the feel that the size of the penis they have is so reduced. However, the notion is absolutely wrong. In this case the males are in need of the right sex education and sex awareness and in the way they will start believing in the size of the penis they have. A survey has been made by the sexologists and they have seen that most men who believe that they have the incorrect penis size in truth have the average sized penis.

The Comparative Penis Size

In case the person does not have the right idea regarding the size of the penis it would be right to help the person get aware of the same with true and effective medical proofs. Once the person is made to believe that he has a large penis he starts to have the perfect self esteem. A study has been conducted at the Utrecht University that most homosexual men believe that largest penis are the ideal things to posse. If you have a large penis you are sure to have a higher self esteem. This is the common notion. Based on a particular study it has been found out that the average penis of a homosexual man is larger than the average penis of a heterosexual man.

Penis Related Panic

It is likely for men to have anxiety regarding the size of the penis. The conscious men are always worried about the same. There are several folklores saying that the size of the penis has relation with popular culture in men. Panic about penis is the kind of hysteria and this is common with the general population.

The Cause of the Penis Getting Shorter

From the time you started having sexual understanding it is right for you to have the legitimate notion regarding the apt size of the penis. When the penis is removed or it gets reduced the condition is known as genital retraction syndrome. The size of the penis can get reduced due to the formation of the scar tissue and this is caused due to the occurrence of the disease called Peyronie’s disease. The condition can affect ten perfect of the male population. In fact, this is the disease responsible for diminishing the size of the penis and when it is caused in men the condition can be grave.

Time to Judge the Truth

You have the range of products like the penis pumps and the penis pills and there are more dubious products available in the market and these are items to cause perfect penis enlargement. These are products which are immensely marketed and on the usage of the same you would hardly find difference in the size of the penis and then it is one more time for you to get disappointed. Nothing artificial can cause enlargement of the penis. The products help you believe in the myth and not in the reality.

Disregarding the Untrue Facts

In fact, you are sure not to hear about any scientific surgery which can cause increment in the size of the penis. There are even no medicines for the same. The growth of the penis in men is a normal process and it is sure not to get affected due to any improbable reasons. However, make sure that you don’t believe in wrong notions and there is no reason to believe that the size of the penis is the mark of manhood.

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