How to get Scorpio woman fall in love with you

How to get Scorpio woman fall in love with you

There is No Easy Way into the Complex Heart of a Scorpio Woman

Simply spoken, there is no magic potion to get a woman fall in love with you when you are untrue at the heart. This holds true irrespective of all Zodiac signs. If you want to be a lover, first learn to control your demons and to love a woman always by truthfulness and honesty. Hurting her is not allowed under any circumstances. Keep your dark feelings for her enemies if you are a true lover. Otherwise, you will be branded in the categories of enmity.

You do not want that with a Scorpio girl especially. Mars, the ancient warrior God, and Pluto, the God of the Underworld are ruling planets of the Scorpio zodiac. If you give her the reasons to hate you, she will not look back at your distress. The only feeling she would harbor is how to destroy you ruthlessly; the dark forces of the Universe are by her side. By star sign, she represents the Scorpius, a giant mythical scorpion sent by Mother Earth Gaia to destroy the Great Hunter Orion when he was unable to control his power. Orion was a good hunter, but when he gained too much power, he threatened to destroy all creations. Gaia could not let this happen, as much as she loved her brave son! So, she sent across the giant Scorpius to kill him, and he died.

Complex nature

Essentially, a Scorpio woman can destroy any man, whoever he is! Her stars give her this power. Of course, she is also very careful not to hurt a loving man. In fact, this is the reason why she may actually leave you! She does not want you to get hurt anymore by being at her side! However, a true man will understand her predicament and will never leave her. She may not answer your calls or reply to your text messages. However, when there is true love, the distance will keep you forever waiting patiently. You need to help her recognize that you will keep her secrets, absorb her pain, and love her despite all the confusions and secrets.

Be true

The cardinal rule to woo a Scorpio girl is to be true to your feelings about her. However, do not ever try to force your feelings on her or manipulate her mind in any way. Scorpios are deeply intuitive, they have a natural controlling streak, and they are repulsive to any form of abuse. She is a sexy queen who has a lot going on in her mind. Terrible thoughts often pass through the secret chambers of her mind, and she channelizes these for her protection.

A true Scorpio will never hurt you unless you give her sufficient reasons. She will allow you chances to rectify only upto a certain extent. Beyond that, she is ruthless and without any good feelings to her enemy.

Be intuitive

Remember, never to repeat anything that she explicitly forbids you. Just a two-word warning from her should be enough sign for you to cross that line never. Her secretive nature makes her deeply intuitive and she can read your mind like an open book! She expects you to be caring, pampering, protective, and intuitive. You have to guess her problems because she won’t tell them to you directly. Help her heart to be at peace and comfort in your presence.

Be an amazing friend

She is fiercely independent and can handle big responsibilities very easily. Wildness is her second nature and they are crazily passionate in bed. She does not want you to share her responsibilities, as she can handle them by herself. All she needs is a friend who can help her handle her world perfectly. Be that friend to her, and be patient.

She is a very sensitive woman and her feelings run very deep. She may take ages to say ‘yes’ to your proposal. When she says so, she will keep her end of commiment at any cost. Nothing in the world (not even the Greatest Gods) can deter a Scorpio woman from her promise! Naturally, she also expects you to be fully true. Do not flirt with other women when you are in a closed relationship with a Scorpio girl. She can scar you so very badly that you may never recover from the pain.

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