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An elegant women as patner?

elegant women as patner


Has the tradition of marriage been running on the same rails? The answer is no.

When this type choice is given, the people used to go to their youth days. They married with the interest of their parents or elders. Now when they are questioned alike, some accept the real one, some will be jealous of the others, some accept the changes in the traditions.

The youth at any age of 60, 70, 80, 90….2013 do think as their experience. In old traditions, the parents used to fix the girl for his son. Same old pattern for the girl too. They used to see how will be the pair if they get married. The boy likes her color or her beauty etc. Everything like this is to get an elegant lady for his son.

In the traditions, there has been another elegance i. e,. the wealth that they get from the bride. This has been playing the main role in the selections of couple. This has been the dominant one. Though the young men run with date or something and something- finally they go for a wealthy girl to marry.

Some patterns are such-date, friendship later decides to marry the same girl may be common or may not common. In any way, elegance is the main aim to get a good wife in concerning to men.

Some men like to marry a girl who may not be as much impressive to the other man or men or to his family members. Because that man liked her elegance.

No doubt or no question: men like elegant women.  The elegance of the women can not be experienced within minutes by seeing. But it has to move with her for hours. When the pair moves with each other, then only they come to their own choices. This is achieved in the format called LOVE. Love marriages are rare and they can not sustain because of the non support of their parents. The closeness between man and woman may build up some relation to move further such as to marry. Moving close and finally separating is not good at all. So once decided to move closely is meant that they certainly marry each other. This closely moving will give hope to both that the relation between them will be for a family set up. The closely moving and decide to marry can not be achieve easily because the parents of both sides have to agree. When they disagree, their dreams break up and they will be in darkness for some time or for ever. This break up happens when this girl might not be liked by his mother or father or both due to caste difference, religion differences, wealth differences or non-wealthy etc.

Where this type of society of old traditions does not prevail, the choice of the man will be the elegant girl. Because the man thinks of comfort and stability.  Of course family or father or mother or both only want comfort and stability.

When a boy brings his girl friend to his home and introduces to his family, the family may not accept most of the occasions. Because it is against to the tradition. Such relations may not develop into marriage. The social culture demands more of family type women for their wife. So there are men who want to get pleasure of the society that they live in.

The society where there are no traditional chains, the selection of a wife will be easier. The men look for the grace, comfort and stable. The man requires assurance that his wife can be a good wife and good mother too. Elegant remains for ever. So the man who selects the elegant woman as his wife will be a happier man indeed. Those who go by beauty and other liking may at stake when this beauty fades year by year. But charm and manners remain for ever and make the life happy and satisfactory.

Most of the pairs that are married will start to think about their choices like children, their brought up, their studies etc. Of course it is good enough. But to enjoy at moment they enter into the new life style -that is married life.

Irrespective of the requirements such as suiting to his society, into his family, good mother- the idea of selecting an elegant woman as his wife must be only an utmost motive. This elegance of the wife can make everything good, happy and prosperous. In the case of the men who follow the choice of their parents, they too prefer to have an elegant woman as his family. But selection completes within minutes depending on the tradition of her family, appearance of the woman- you may call it as beauty. That is why some of the families broke up their relationship early. Some serious incidents such as murdering the bride occur in the society where dissatisfaction decapitate the terms.

At any cast the hopes of a man must be alive to have an elegant woman as his wife.