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Amazing winter hair care tips for men

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Stylizing your hair won’t be that much easy for you guys in this winter season if you are not alerted yourself with some of the vital tips and tricks. Winter, one of the tensing seasons may call for several hair problems from various angles. At some moments few are losing their temper in itching the scalp, another may getting ready to fight with the dandruff, it’s not the end there are few who are thriving to come out from the layers of dull hair looks and some are looking at the hair fall therapies.

Winter hair care tips for men

Say no to frequent hair wash

Like many men would you love to run the water from the head every time that you shower! Well, it is not a good act indeed! Washing your hair so often may be fine with the heads of normal and who wisely choose their products but if you are tracking the dry, ithcy scalp and life less hair then the frequent washing is not your chapter from the hair care regimen book. It strips the essential oils from the scalp and exacerbate it. If it is too strict to take a head shower then follow up with right conditioner that can reload the lost moisture in the scalp and hair. Using the shampoos from the grocery store under the low cost is not the exact pinch, taking care matters!


For long time there is a belief that conditioners are not the part of men hair care, particularly for the heads with short hair but always remember the perks that you are get from conditioning the hair. It makes your hair soft and smooth, if you think it was the only property of the conditioner then you have mistaken. It is most essential for any gender inorder to keep the scalp clean, dirt-free and healthy. The more healthy your scalp the more healthier your hair will be.

Take care while choosing hair care products

Certain hair products such as gels and lotions which help to lock your trendy looks for the moment may harm your hair permanently. However, it relies on the products that you use, if you grab the right product it will help to increase the overall health of the hair and scalp. So, get the experts suggestion while you are tapping into store to buy the hair care products. Remember products also changes according to your hair type and needs.

Hair cuts

Some guys have a wrong thought that frequent hair cuts leads to hair fall, but the truth is that hair  loss depends up on the genetics but not on the number of hair cuts that you have.

If you’re fond of getting long hair, never leave your hair in its way. Go and have a hair cut, communicate with your stylist and tell him upto which length the hair needed to be get cut. If not, your long hair style and shape will go off. So visit the saloon for every 4-6 weeks.

During winters men needs to take care of their hair very nicely. The hair scalp loses the moisturizer due to the chilly weather outside. The chilly weather as well as the heat inside your house affects your scalp all together. This makes your scalp drier and you get dandruffs. Due to dandruffs you start losing hair and you scratch your hair very often. In this way winters affects your hair. You have to be very careful with the products that you use on your hair. Some tips will help you to keep your hair in the best place.

  1. Clean your hair– You have to rinse your hair each and every day of your busy schedule. If you are staying outside for a long period of time then you will need to rinse well through your hair. If you do not do that then your hair will fall and you will face tough times. You would also need to use some good hair products or else your precious hair might be affected.
  2. Use some good quality oil on your hair– It may be a big question to many of you that how to go out with oil on hair each and every day in the morning? Well if you want to save your hair from falling out then you would need to massage some nutritious oil on your scalp. This will prevent your hair from becoming dry and also help your hair to grow. You can use Moroccan oil on your scalp every day. After you come back from work at night you can apply the oil and then sleep.
  3. Conditioners- You have to use conditioners each and every time you shower. This will remove the oil as well as protect your hair from the cool breeze that blows outside. This will also nourish your hair every time you use. People have got a wrong perception that conditioners are only for woman to use. Well they are completely wrong. It is equally important for men as well.
  4. Usage of a towel should be avoided– You should never use a towel directly after you wash your hair. This process will damage your hair roots. Unlike the summer season you should allow your hair to dry naturally all by itself in the winters.
  5. Use shampoos very less- During this season you should shampoo very think ably. People shampoo their hair because during this season hair becomes very rigid and dry. To make it glow once again people does this terrible mistake. This should be completely avoided. Shampoos should be used very less.
  6. Use a covering when you go out– While you are on your way to your destination you should cover your hair to protect it from the cool breeze. The cool breeze damages your hair to a great extent. Once damaged it takes a lot of time to mend it.

There is difference between dry scalp and actually having dandruff. Dandruff makes you scratch your hair enormously.  Dandruff even leads to hair fall and damage of hair. Due to dandruff your hair loses the glow and nutrition which you used to have earlier. For removing dandruff from your head you can apply some homemade remedies which are very simple and easy to make. The remedies uses only affordable products and the ingredients are very easily available in your local market. Your hair is the most sensitive part of your body. And as all other parts of your body needs extra care in this winter season so does your hair needs it. You may think that a man should never do these things. You may also think that these are all womanly affairs. But these are very natural. They are usually done to fight against the winter season. Once if your hair gets damaged then it will take a lot of time to straighten it. You have to choose your hair care products very carefully. You can also use some homely products which suits your scalp.

If you follow the tips then you can also style your hair. It won’t affect your hair much if you do so. You need to avoid some equipment’s which helps you in the styling of your hair. If you are able to style your hair without using those machineries like blow dryers then your hair will stay at its best during the winter months. During winters you have got to be extra careful with your hair as well as with your skin.  Each and every body parts has to be taken care of very properly. If you want you can also make some products at home instead of purchasing it from outside. When you purchase it from the market then they charge you a heavy price and you get a product with chemicals in it. A market product will always be made with chemicals. So it’s better to avoid some products with chemicals in it. Even if you choose your products very carefully you will still have harmful chemicals in it which can damage your hair. So if you can then you can moisturize your hair during the dry season with some homemade quality products. You can purchase some simple and natural products from the local market and something’s to apply it on your hair during the winter season.

Summing up

Well the tips that are mentioned above are applicable for men only.  These are some simple tips which any men can follow each and every day of their life during the winter season if they don’t want their hair to fallout and dandruffs to haunt them. Dandruffs are the worst part that affects you during the winter season. It is the main reason due to which you need to take so much care. Men usually are not used to so much of beauty tips. But this is not a beauty tip. This is just a way to save their hair from the cool breeze of the weather.