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Amazing Nutrition and Diet tips for men health


Are you sure now a day’s people are taking food in order to have a good health or, it’s just a part of their appointment in their daily routine? Ofcousre, though it sounds bad, we are having food in order to continue our daily tasks, nothing more than that, in this busy life cycle we are just treating ourselves as machine and feeding our belly with food whenever it sounds as empty, like filling up fuel in your vehicle.

Treating the food as fuel and taking it in the mandatory hours and making yourself to breach in the part of health and targeting to reach the doctor’s with list of diseases in order to save your system, is not a good health, Whatever you are and where ever you were, you need to take care of your health from your end; because no one will follow you in order to save yourself, since everyone are busy to save themselves.

Let’s talk, share and know about the ways to save our life with some Nutrition Secrets.

What are all the tips and rules to follow in order to maintain good health with Nutrients.

  • Have a meal with fruits and vegetables. Take least 2 cups of fruits and 2 ½ cups of vegetables each day. At least once a week
  • Eat tomatoes or tomato made food like pasta sauce.
  • Since men are stronger than woman, they should eat 2,000 to 2,800 calories per day.
  • Maintain your weight, since your energy depends on your Weight, Height and your activity level.
  • Must take whole grains in your food like whole-grain bread, pasta, cereal, brown rice, oats, barley etc.
  • Make your diet free from fats and its good always to take up foods with a label that says “reduced fat” or “low fat.”
  • Take herbs such as garlic, oregano, chives, paprika, and pepper before adding salt.
  •  Take fruits with your food which provide vitamins and minerals.
  • In order to maintain protein in your body have a fish and meat twice in a week.
  • Try to eat 4-5 hours a day in regular intervals.
  • Instead of rushing to medical store and doctor’s keep a stock of pre-portioned nuts, chopped vegetables or fruit, some low-fat cheese and whole grain crackers, or a container of nonfat yogurt.
  • It’s better to avoid sodium, sugar and Fat based foods.
  • Take milk and fish in your diet in order to get “Vitamin D” which helps to strengthen your bones.
  • Take iron-fortified cereal, leafy greens which help to provide iron in your body.
  • Avoid alcohol in more content, drink moderately so that it helps to reduce your risk of prostate inflammation.
  • In order to say your health is our wealth, finally last our last words are

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Men may try to gain weight or lose weight but being healthy is what we have to look into first. Nutrition is very important for the normal functioning of the body. A balanced diet is as important as nutrition as it helps us to stay fit and healthy. Before choosing food it is good if we take a look at the nutritional contents of the food.

Nutritional Supplements

Taking nutritional supplements is good in some cases but not advisable most of the times. Just go for a routine checkup and simple blood tests will tell us what actually lacks in our system. The doctor will help in taking the right supplement. But taking tablets unnecessarily may not be okay all the time. It is good to replace tablets with nutritional fruits and vegetables.

Diet plans

Consult a nutritionist and they will explain about the diet plan system. In the busy world of today, people are not able to spend much time at home hence they skip breakfast or dinner. Work stress and hurry to complete the work makes them skip things that are necessary to run the body. For such people diet plans would be a better idea. Dieticians have planned and framed food that have to be taken on a regular basis and foods to avoid. It is simple to follow as we have everything in front of our eyes.

By following the diet plan we get enough nutrients to the body at the same time keeps us fit. That is the best part of a diet plan. Whether be weight gaining or weight loss diet plans is proven to have helped a lot of people worldwide. Diets plans are framed according to the eating habits of one’s own country. So men do not have to worry about the food they cannot eat or which is not available in their country.

Planning is most important when it comes to eating. Below are few food types that benefits.


Type 1

Dairy, whole grains, eggs and fiber are best to be considered for breakfast. People who usually skip breakfast can start off with a slice of cheese with whole wheat bread toast and a glass of milk. If you wake up ready for the breakfast then you can try walnut flaxseed oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries.

Type 2

The same plan works out. Some people tend to take breakfast twice. In those cases they tend to take fewer calories but the effect would be the same. Splitting up the meal keeps us from starving in the late morning and helps us to concentrate.

The Rationale

The protein in milk and milk products helps in the production of protein in the muscles and helps in muscle growth. Excessive fat can be reduced by doing exercise.

Bottom line

The goal is to increase the calorie in the body which helps in the growth of muscles.


Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts can be taken. People who prefer non-vegetarian food can choose according to their taste. Soups and salads can also be included during the lunch. It is good having a light soup before starting off with the lunch as it helps trigger the appetite. People who suffer due to lack of appetite can try drinking soup before meals. Salads store a lot of nutrition in them, whether it is fruit salad or vegetable salad as they are fresh and whole.

The Rationale

Lunch is considered to be the best time of the day to take nutritional food. Mornings are for caloric intake and when it gets to dinner the day is short. So the only chance is to feast during the lunch time and add as much nutrition as possible.

Bottom line

To add essential nutrition for the normal growth of the body it is good to sit and eat with the family or friends so that we share and eat good amount of food. Sitting and having lunch ideally makes us feel stuffy soon.


Vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, lean meats, beans and other simple food types can be preferred.

The Rationale

Starting with green salad and then moving on to lean protein or omega-3-rich fish varieties is advisable. A recent study done by the Penn State explains that intake of low calorie salad before the main course actually reduces the food intake up to 15 percent.

Bottom line

To keep the quantity of food intake low. Also it is advisable not to over eat during the night time. It is good to avoid heavy foods as well. Overeating might prevent us from having a good night’s sleep.

Mid-day Snacks

Fruits like apples, papayas, oranges can be taken. Cottage-cheese, yogurt, berries, walnuts, almonds, whole-grain cereal with milk can be added.

The Rationale

People who try to lose weight may not be able to achieve it if they take snacks. It has been proven that people who eat less than three times a day cannot control their appetite. So when they have lunch or dinner they tend to overeat and this habit bring a lot of side effects along with it including disturbed sleep.

Bottom line

The main reason to have a light snack is to stave off hunger. Choose smartly instead of depriving yourself.


  • Try to avoid fried items as much as possible. Though it might pull us towards it maintaining self control here would be the only option.
  • Having non-veg items like beef, pork, chicken and mutton is good. But keep a track of your blood cholesterol level. For a naturally heat body it is good to avoid chicken. Eating non-veg once in a while doesn’t produce any harm to the human body.
  • Having ice cream occasionally is okay but making it a habit is not good as it is harmful for teeth. If you are working on losing weight then stand away from it.


When you go for shopping first make a list as to what you have to buy. Wandering in the market and shopping on an empty stomach tempts us to eat unhealthy junk foods. Overcoming all the trials in terms of food helps to stay away from garbage foods.