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Amazing anti-wrinkle remedies and tips for men

anti wrinkles tips for men

Are you looking dull and old even if your age is just above 20!! Microscope your face, you may be wearing wrinkles.Wrinkles are the biggest signs of aging and their affect on the skin when you are below the age to get them  is too embarrassing. This serious condition might have stroked you due to various reasons; the excess exposure of skin to sun rays, pollution, dirt, dust, chemicals, bad food habits, addiction to alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, unhealthy life style, sleep deprivation and so on.

Protect your skin from UV rays

Despite men’s skin is hard and rough compared to women they must also have to protect their skin from the harsh sun rays in order to never woke up a day with the discomforting wrinkles. It is your choice to rely on the options, whether it is protective hat, scarf or sunscreen lotion you are going to depend on to save your skin from n number of environment dangers.

Do not frown

Studies had revealed the interesting point, the more you flaunt frown the more your skin will be prone to the risk of wrinkles. This is because the process of frowning hurts your facial muscles and skin, which subsequently results for the improper skin texture.

Feed on anti-oxidant rich foods

The daily consumption of food items that are profound of antioxidants definitely helps you from wearing the wrinkles. Antioxidants aids to fight with the free radical molecules which are the serious contributors of the wrinkles. These antioxidants also protect your skin from the general environmental pollution’s, gases and other toxic chemicals that are named big for promoting skin wrinkles. So rely on the foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, pomegranates and green tea which are known to be high sources of antioxidants.

Quit smoking

Among the top list of wrinkle contributors smoking always stands tall. The more you are smoking the more indirectly you are making your skin damage.The damage of the body parts and the damage of the skin is the formulating result of the smoke coming out from your mouth. The person who can be able to manage quitting smoke is the brave one who is adding more life time to his body and punching on the wrinkle factors.

Laugh and laugh

Many practical results proved that a person who is happy falls less sick due to because of the high immunity he consists in the body. Even though you are under the scale of stress, your mind is capable of healing it and by which it constructs your body young and energetic.

The more happier you are the more healthier you body is and the more charming your skin and is with out the skin problems, especially wrinkles and aging sings.  May be one don’t invent a great prescription for the wrinkle-free and healthy skin other than happy and stress less mind set.