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Effect of aging in male reproductive system

Male Reproduction System

Due to aging lots of changes can occur in the male reproductive system. It is true that age can create internal problems and you can feel the difference with the kind of personal experience. There can be changes in the testicular tissue. Production of sperm can get effected and there can be erectile functioning.

Male personalities may also have complications in their reproductive system as they age up. They may have problems such as sperm production, drastic changes in testicular tissues and erectile dysfunction. But, the changes so stated seem to occur gradually.  According to some people, it is also named as andropause. The changes in male reproductive system are not as rapid as that of women.  Since the reproductive system of women is really very complex, there is no comparison of it with that of men.

Changes in the male reproductive organ takes place once they reach higher age level with an effect of testes.  There will be a decreasing effect in the testosterone level of male personalities once they cross 40 years of age.  The testicular tissue mass seems to have a decreasing trend with the level of testosterone same.  Even if the testosterone level decreases it will be very minute. With age people have problem with erection of penis which is also known as erectile dysfunction.

Effect in fertility

Men can’t expect that much of fertility after crossing 40 years of age the way they had fertility effect within 20 to 30 years of age.  One of the reasons for the slowing down of fertility rate is decreased elasticity in the tube that carries the sperm.  Some of the surface cells is lost by the prostate gland, epididimys as well as seminal vesicles.

Effect in urinary function

As a person ages up, the prostate gland of the particular person also gets enlarged. It is just due to the fact that the prostate tissue gets replaced with scar like tissue. It is a typical physical condition of individuals who grows old and is named as benign prostatic hypertrophy. There is a good relation of urinary system with that of changes in reproductive system.

The extend of fertility changes in men can vary from one person to another. Sometime even the age may not be a good predictor of fertility in male personality.  Men can even become father even if their prostate gland is removed. Even if a man ages up the volume of sperm remains same but the fertile sperm or living sperms tends to decrease.

It is also quite natural if the sex drive in men decreases by age.  Even the sexual responses which have been quite high few years back become really slow and less intense with age. The enlargement of prostate glands takes place when men ages. This is the time when replacement of the prostate tissue is done with scar like tissues. This is one of the most terrific conditions that is suffered by 50% of men in the environment.  Also the problem of slow urination will persist. These men can also face the problem of ejaculation.  If the urinary system changes, there will be absolute changes in the reproductive system.

Facts on fertilization

As a matter of fact, every man has a different fertility levels. Always the age may not be the predictor of such phenomenon. There may not be close relationship between fertility with that of prostate. Even men can get children after the infected prostate gland is removed. There has been proof of some fairly old men becoming father.  Even if the volume of sperm remains same, there can be chances of getting few sperms in the liquid which is living.

Even in some men it has be found that decrease in sex drive takes place. Even the response for sexual drive will become less intense as well as slow. This is give rise to decrease in testosterone level. Also the social as well as psychological changes in men can give rise to decrease in sexual drive.  The drive to have sex may also decrease if an individual goes through serious medications. Chronic illness can also be one of the factors associated with decrease in sexual drive in a man.

Some common problems with solutions

Aging men can easily have the problem of erectile dysfunction. Even if they like to have sex, erection takes place less often in elderly men than that of young men. But, today such problem of erectile dysfunction can be easily eradicated without any trouble. You need to speak to the health care provider to avail such remedy.

Taking Utmost Care of ED Problems

It is customary for you to have erectile dysfunction of ED problems. Erections don’t often happen when a man becomes aged. Aging does not cause repeated ejaculations. ED can often take place due to medical problems. Apart from aging too much medicinal intake can cause conditions o ED. When you become aged you tend to suffer from various diseases and this make you have lots of medicine s to stay well. These are medicines which can cause erectile imperfection. In case you are aged and you are taking medicines for hypertension you would gradually lose the inclination to become sexually involved. ED can also be an outcome of diabetes. In case you are looking for a solution to correct the condition of ED you can consult an urologist at the earliest.

The Associated Problems

With age you lack in vital energy and you have so many problems in life that love disappears at this stage and lots of concerns come with the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. The pennies of men tend to become less sensitive. It stops from acquiring the erection. Less amount of fluid is released in the process and especially at the time of ejaculation. This is the reason you don’t feel the sexual urge more often once you become aged. There is even reduction in forewarning at the time of ejaculation. You have orgasm without ejaculation. The refractory period of the pennies is more frequent in this case.

Prevention of the Condition

There are several ways by which you can take care of things before time. It is good to avoid consequences of hypertension and diabetes. Rather than opting for alternatives like prostate enlargement and testicular atrophy it is vital that you address the underlying disorders before it is too late. Perfect health condition will help you get rid of sexual and urinary problems in the latter part of life. At the same time it is important that you stay happy and tress free in life. Happiness ushers best of health and even when you are aged nothing is sure to go wrong with the process of reproductive system as you are so young at heart.