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8 best qualities of real men

If you are a real man then you would understand manly feelings. If he finds any girl worth him then he would try and think how to charm that girl. On the other hand many guys would think the other way around. They would have arrogance and try to show that they are superior. So basically there are various different types of men in our society. A man is expected to take all the responsibilities of the house and this is mainly the earning part. He throws the rest of the homely duties on his wife, mother or sister or any other lady in the home. But men today have improved a lot. They are giving an equal position to woman as them. As the woman they are even expected to look after the family, wash their own clothes, looking after the kids and what not. So conditions have changed a lot in this 21st century.

Do you call a man who looks muscular and handsome is a real man!! But it’s not. A real man have a set of specific characteristics which he follow in his life time, they not just show his external person but a person of inside. So, to know who is a real man, here are top qualities to check.

Whom do you think a real man is? Well many girls may think that a real man is a person who is very good looking and is handsome and sashing. He should be able to charm woman. Well then you are completely wrong. Exterior look does matters a lot but interior is the best part of any human. A man has to be very responsible from within. He is even expected to be strong. He is generally very possessive of his woman. But does anyone have the idea that he some men are very sensitive from within? I don’t think they have this knowledge about men. They try and show that they are hard and have no feelings. But the case is not so. Some are even more sensitive than what women are. They are human too. They have full right to cry when they are sad due to some reasons.

The best characteristic of a real man

Being stronger

A real man don’t worry about the things that are tossing negative points over his face, he don’t cry for the bad situations where as he learns fighting with them, he don’t complain about the situations where as curves them straight, he don’t consult a doctor for a normal cough. He is responsible with his actions and words. A real man tunes himself in such a way that is he is ready to conquer the world.

He focuses

A real man have the sense in differentiating between important and use less things, he don’t call for the actions that gives no profit and use. When coming to his hobbies, he is with an array of hobbies, which helps him to reach his goal, and stabilizes his mind and body to achieve them. He focuses on power, family and money, he don’t shift his focus towards sex.

He know the importance of family

A real man tends to be a back bone to his family, he makes his family strong and follows the traditions and responsibilities that are given to him from his ancestors. He cares his children great, though he looks for discipline. He dwells with responsible in the work whether it is family related work or his organization work.

He strives to be a role model

A real man respects himself and others too; he keeps his set of disciplines as boundaries. He utilizes his time effectively and gets fruitful results. A real man’s actions are in such a way that they inspires the other people, he takes challenges and completes them at any cost.

He never gossip

A real man retains his mouth shut, he never talk about the things on which he don’t have the knowledge or persons he never met. He doesn’t participate in the girly discussions about others. He release the words up to the requirement.

His word is his bond

For a real man, his words are very important to him. He keeps his promise, in case, if he doesn’t keep his promise, he doesn’t offer the words. He never breaks his word, as he knows how powerful they are as like the actions.

A real man makes his own fortune

A real man don’t depend on the fortune, he don’t wait for the best time to knock his door. He analyses the things and plans his actions to achieve the goal. He tosses the lady luck and paints his own destiny of success.

He don’t have women looks

A real man doesn’t adapt the girly looks like long hair and manicures etc. He doesn’t shave his hair in the chest, though they are acceptable. He feels like his hygiene needs should be take care by a woman.

Men do possess some good as well as some bad qualities. Both the genders in our society have some basic qualities which are same. They are even demanded by the society to go on with their characteristics. In this article I would like to tell you about the good qualities that a real man should possess. The qualities are as follows;

  • He should know how to speak– A man should know how to be well spoken. He should have all the gentlemanly manners that he is expected to have. Especially when a woman looks at him he is expected to show his gentlemanly manners more and more to her. He should be gentle and at the same time determined. He should answer questions asked by anyone to the point. At the same time people should enjoy talking to him.
  • He should be attentive enough– Everyone agrees to the point that a man should be well versed in his language. But more than that there’re another important point that should be taken into view. He should pay full attention to the person he is talking to. He should not show that he dislikes the conversation. He should also contribute to his conversation with his opponent. In no way shall he make the person make uncomfortable and embarrassed. It does requires a lot of attention to be able to grasp all the things that you don’t even like talking about and then discussing about it. But the best and a real man does it.
  • He should also have destination and target– If he is a real man then he would try and accomplish his goal and targets. Women are very much aware of the fact that a man who chalks out a future only for himself is useless and selfish. Whereas a man who carves out a future along with a woman is the real man. A woman always targets to have a real man as her husband and not someone who is hardly aware what is going on in his partner’s life. If he is educated and hardworking then he would be able to accomplish any task of his desire. He won’t give you any excuses for not having been able to do the work.
  • Generosity should be present in his character– A real man should be generous in his character. He should be tolerant enough to listen to his wife or girlfriend. No woman would like to be with a man who is rude and will never listen to her words. He should be very caring and loving towards his wife and family. A man should also donate things in his own small way to various charitable trusts. These are the things which touch a woman.
  • A real man should be able to adjust himself in various roles– A man who is able to take care of every kind of roles in a family will be able to take his own decisions all by himself. Why should a woman be always adjusting in a family? When there is a family then there both should compromise and adjust. Normally men don’t adjust. But to have a healthy family they should adjust and play numerous roles.
  • A real man should be broad minded– This is 21st Woman these days have gone much far than men. They are considered as equal to men. In fact many women handle all by themselves. From home to office to kids everything is on them. If a man doesn’t let any woman work outside or help her in her daily homely chores these days then a woman doesn’t marry. So better be careful and change your habit before you lose the most precious moment of your life.

So these are the few qualities that are real man is expected to have in today’s world. If he doesn’t have this then he won’t be easily accepted by any independent woman these days. He should not be very much possessive of her and give her complete space. He should never behave like any husband of the 16th century. World has changed and it’s high time that he should change.