7 best hair tips for men to make your hair healthy and shine

7 best hair tips for men to make your hair healthy and shine

Hair is build up with the combination of protein and keratin where it don’t use the nervous system or blood supply and they have no repairing qualities. The only thing you could do to your damaged hair is to cut off up to damaged scale. Maintenance is necessary in order to reload the strength, shine and elasticity.

Hair tips for men
Pat dry
Drying the hair with the help of towel is one of the reason behind the hair damage. When the hair is rubbed some times hair struck in the threads of the towel and reaches to its breaking point, which gives problem to cuticle – the hair outer layer and leads to the split ends and frizziness.
So next time you are going to dry the hair with towel, shake and eliminate the excess water and give the strokes in the direction of the hair growth instead of rubbing.
This process takes some greater amount of time to dry the hair but you can find, how your hair looks varies after further hair cuts. Using the blow drying frequently leads to the damage of the hair, it dries the hair and even scalp too. When you are in hurry and in must to use the blow drying take the help of thermal styling spray, which works as a coat to the hair and shields from the damaging affects, make use of wide tooth comb to restrict the pulling.

Don’t go for hot
Every one likes the pleasure of being in the hot shower, more than the pleasure it don’t offers you any thing, showering with hot water is binded with problems indeed. Very hot water removes the essential oils from the hair and scalp and turns them dry.

Pick the right tool
Don’t put the brush on hair in the immediate shower out moment. When combing the wet hair try to use a wide tooth brush and comb properly to remove the twists hair loops. Stay away from the blow dryers and iron in order to keep your hair out from the dry circle.

Say no for tight hats
Handling the tight hats gives raise for the traction alopecia, a case where the hair comes out from the scalp. Similar to the tight hat a tight ponytail also leads to the cuticle damage and breakage.

Retain the hair trimmed
The simple way to discard the damaged hair is by giving an appropriate cut to it. Trimming for the regular months will leave your hair better and takes away the split ends. Despite you are in the line to grow your hair long don’t neglect to give cuts, make sure to visit barber for at least 6 months, communicate with your barber or stylist to cut up to your desired length.

Avoid chemicals to hair
The often use of hair colors will leave the looks of hair as dull and dry. It is recommended to not use the chemicals incorporated products to use in the home, get the professional services in nurturing. Hair stylist know the hair types and they choose the one that suits you gives perfect looks to you and healthy hair.

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