7 best anti-aging food for men

7 best anti-aging food for men

We are growing old every day, every moment. So, this is the truth which cannot be stopped, but including few foods and fruits can help us to look young compared to our age. So, all of us tend to look young and beautiful for our whole life. The secret medicine is not yet out for us, which can keep our age marks at bay. With age our metabolism slows down, every part response and act slowly, which leads to age related diseases. These foods we will talk about do not have the capacity to stop your age, but increases your body stamina, power and immunity, as a result of which your body parts work well and you have to face less health related issues. These will help you to lead a long healthy life. So, take care of your health and stay healthy and happy.

It is an unstoppable process though we want to ride it like the way we want. Man has discovered many things in the world and medicines too, but the scientists still haven’t prepared a key to unlock the aging security. As we age, our body function gradually becomes slow and we turned to be the victim’s of many age related diseases and problems. But there is a list of food items which acts against with the affects that are being caused by the aging. They don’t stop you turning old or sticks to you to the chart of young but the main profit is, they improves the overall health and stamina to counter act with the illness and to protect the body from various effects. They helps to prolong the life and to make the forthcoming life healthy.

Here is the food list for the men to follow for the anti-aging process

Blue berries

The rich amounts of flavonoids present in the blue berries help you to remember things. As we age, loss of memory is a common thing and blue berries helps for the short-term and long-term memory problems. Eat them with the cereals or salads.


Eat grapes to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays, the anti-inflammatory agent resveratrol present in the red grapes is the reason behind it. It also makes your skin to look good.


To burn the fat that is forming in the belly area, whole grains takes the best role. There are proven studies about the greatness of whole grains in reducing the fat.

Black beans

Dried beans and peas are the houses of dietary fiber, by which the toxins present around the area of stomach will be washed off. It also removes the carcinogens that have build up.

Flax seeds

Omega-3 fatty have the ability to reduce inflammation and one of the best source to get omega-3 fatty acids from a plant source is flax seeds. You can get the omega-3 fatty acids more from the fishes in comparison to plant sources. Flaxseeds prevents the formation of plaque. With its two extra-ordinary components called lignans and soluble fiber, flaxseeds controls the LDL cholesterol too.


Brocolli is a cruciferous vegetable, meaning it is loaded with full of phytonutrients which helps to reduce the inflammation and prevents the risk of stomach, lung and other cancers.


Apples reduces the risk of heart diseases by its soluble fiber pectin. It stops the build of cholesterol in the blood vessels, by which the heart will be in a safer point. In addition to this, the insoluble fibers promotes for the strength of the digestive system. The most of the anti-oxidants of an apple is present over the skin, so never peel it off and eat.

Peanut butter

Yes, peanut butter is a high fat content but experts says ” The meals consumed after the exercise session should contain carbohydrates and proteins, amidst fat is a vital component of them when it is taken in the average amounts.”

Maintain few things and be evergreen

People in the busy life at early age forget that they will be old one day when many problems can crop up. So, try to lead a balanced life from a very age. Some of the things which cause ageing and health problems are smoking, eating food rich in fat, sodium and sugar. Also now stress is the part and parcel of life which makes our cells grows old early. So, stress can bring the wrinkles and make you look ugly. Include fish in your diet for sure. This is a multi- helpful food, which gives us an all round development. Cold-water fish like haddock, tuna, salmon, and mackerel are really nutritious and helpful for us and to keep to our youth. These fish have high omega-3 fatty acid which keeps the heart healthy. So, eat fish twice or thrice a week and this will reduce your heart problem and diseases. Eating fish can add magnesium to your body, and make you look younger. So, eat other food which is rich in magnesium. Such magnesium rich food are almonds and spinach etc. Almonds give you beauty with brains. So, the intelligence increases with the radiance of youth forever.

About the goodness of vitamins

Vitamin D is very useful to prevent cancer and keep your look young and vibrant. This vitamin is provided from sunshine exposure, but sometime to tend to expose to sun due to tanning and many other reasons. Also take food rich in vitamin D which will help to recover this deficiency to some extent. So, be precautious and take sufficient vitamin for a better healthy, which is free from illness, and makes you look young and gorgeous. We all dream of a soft and supple skin, but to achieve this you need to have a good food habit. Nothing is magic so suddenly you cannot observe a drastic change, but basics need to fulfil balanced food can help you achieve the desired goal. Proper nutrients, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish and lean protein are important to reach the goal of beauty and attractiveness. Your food should be colourful and full of variation so that you have a balanced diet, to keep well and look young.

The advantage of eating oats

Skin experts suggest having oats in your regular diet. Oats are complex carbohydrates and low glycaemia. Low- Such foods help in lessening the rapid growth of acne and wrinkles. The presence of natural plant chemical helps less damage to the skin cells and keeps the skin free from skin irritation. Having oats also keeps the skin soft and supple. Fruits are always healthy and keep all the organs working. Oranges are good for a young, rejuvenating skin. Oranges contains loads of water which keeps the skin and cells hydrated. If your skin is hydrated wrinkles come at late years, your skin tends to lesser drying. Oranges are also great sources of vitamin C. Now, what is the relation between your great skin and vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps in making collagen which helps to keep your skin soft, shining and supple. Skin is glowing only when you provide the necessary balanced food to your skin. Another important factor for your shining, vibrant skin is keeping it hydrated always. So, consume lots and lots of avocados. These have fat content which is healthy and it is the form of monounsaturated fat, which keeps your skin hydrated. Hydration brings glace and beauty to the skin. Specialists also say that the healthy fat which avocados have help to absorb vitamins and nutrients that is essential for the skin. Just change the rich fat salad dressing and replace with avocado. Use less oil and fat in your diet. Try olive oil, walnut oil and macadamia nut oil in your food.

Antioxidants are great for glowing skins

Antioxidants are just great to keep all the toxins away from your body which gives a disease free health. We have an intake of green tea as an antioxidant to keep the inert part of the body fresh and strong. More the colourful the fruits and vegetables in your plate, the more it is full with antioxidants. If fruits and vegetables cover the maximum serving of your food you will surely look young and feel more energetic. Stay fit, strengthen your heart, and boost up your immunity power. So, to do all these just take the proper food at proper age. Tomatoes are miraculous for a flaw less young skin. You can always think to have a skin which is the cause of everyone’s envy. So, consume tomatoes. Red tomatoes are the best which you can eat because it contains lycopene. Processed tomatoes are equally useful for your glowing skin. Lycopene is easily absorbed by our body. With many usage such as decreasing the risk of prostrate, stomach cancer,etc it helps to remove the skin ageing free radicals which is caused by ultraviolet rays. Sweet potatoes are also great if included in your diet. Sweet potatoes contain a form of antioxidant which is a nutrient metabolism enhancer. It also strengthens the immune-system and also protects oneself from Alzheimer, Parkinson, liver disease, stroke, cancer etc. It also contains vitamin C which helps in reducing the wrinkles and helps in more production of collagen.

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