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20 Amazing fairness tips for men

20 Amazing fairness tips for men

Fair complexion is not going to be a dream anymore. The color complexion has the tendency to uplift the beauty of your face. Though there are a number of tips and ways to get a fairer looking skin for women, it is not that easy for men. This is because of the growth of beards and moustaches around the face which makes it difficult for men to get a fairer looking skin. Moreover, there are lots of chances of skin getting tanned. In order to tackle all these, here are some of the easiest and proven methods for getting a fairer looking skin for men.

Men are turning more conscious towards their looks whether it is pertaining to skin complexion or dressing and concentrating on the flawless skin has become one of the requisites for them. So, come and have a deep look into the below fairness tips that suggests to what to follow for the gorgeous skin.

  1. Carefully select the skin productsMen’s skin is thicker than that of women, hence they need to be more attentive while choosing the skin care products, depending on your skin type – whether it is oily, dry or a combination of both, you will need to look further.
  2. Wash your face twice every dayNever complete a day without washing your face twice. Rinse with a face wash that is having Aloe Vera or lemon extracts, which will cleanse the skin from the deeper layers and moisturize the skin while giving it a polish. Since ages, these two ingredients are considered as the best skin care ingredients to achieve a fair skin.
  3. Exfoliate –One of the good tips for men to get the fair skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation will remove the dead and the dry skin cells present in the skin. The day when you spend a lot amount of time outside on apicnic, sports or travelling is usually the best time to exfoliate. You are also suggested to exfoliate every week or at least once a week.
  4. Cleanse your skinGiving a face wash and exfoliating the skin are the two very important steps, which you can do with the help of natural ingredients to enhance the whiteness of your skin. For example, squeeze a lemon in a bowl and apply it over the face with the help of a cotton ball that is dipped in lemon extract. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off. It works as a natural bleaching agent and contributes to the increase in the skin tone, sum up to that it also loosens up the white heads, black heads and acne.
  5. Talk to your dermatologistHave you been exposed to sun light for a long time?Andgot sunburn?Then immediately consult your nearest dermatologist. Creams that are made up of hydroquinone and kojic acid are the best creams to help you become fair, because they lower the melanocytes, which are responsible for the pigmentation process. However, do not go with high chemical encompassed creams; it is rather better to apply the cream suggested by your dermatologist.
  6. Pigmentation and skin tanning. One of the best skin lightening peels is fruity fatty acid peel. It makes your skin to look vibrant and fairer for a prolonged time hence it is a good choice from the entire skin peels list.
  7. Use a tonerMotor bikes driving or even sitting in the car make you to attract the environmental pollutions. Through which skin go for many chemical reactions followed by itching, redness, inflammation, etc. To step out from this problem, use a toner that is having glocolic acid, which helps to penetrate into the skin.
  8. Moisturize your skin –Never give your skin a climax without moisturizing it. It will help your skin stay perfectly healthy and fresh. Look for moisturizers, which can enhance your fairness. It could also have properties that protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Based on your skin type, pick up a good moisturizer. A heavy moisturizer works for dry skin, whereas an oil free moisturizer will work wonders for skin that is oily.
  9. Apply Talcum Powder –Face powder not only helps you by working well on the texture of the skin, but it also works towards giving you an instant glow!
  10. Use Chickpea Flour –Mix some chickpea flour or Bengal gram flour to curd or lemon juice and some turmeric and apply it to the skin. This will enhance the beauty of the skin and reduce tan.
  11. Orange and curd fairness mask –Take three tablespoons of curd and two tablespoons of orange peel powder. The skin lightening properties of orange go to make the skin fairer. Curd makes the skin clean and clear while giving it a brighter shade of tone. Mix the curd and the orange peel powder in a bowl. Mix them well till they are soft and till you do not find any lumps in them. Wear the mixture on as a face mask. Leave the mixture on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse it off using some cold rose water and then, pat it dry in order to get fairer looking skin.
  12. Drink water –Consume a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. It is necessary to hydrate the skin by drinking water. Since the human body comprises sixty percent water, it is important to drink it, so that it can control your digestion.
  13. Exercise –Exercising is not only good for the health of the body, but also for the health of the skin. You must try to do some freehand exercises for at least half an hour every day.
  14. Sleep well –Sleeping well is important for the health of the skin. If you do not sleep well, the result would be dark circles around the eyes along with exhaustion. Good sleep helps you restore the health of the skin by repairing the cells of the skin.
  15. Use a mixed paste –Prepare a paste from turmeric, neem leaves, poppy seed, sandalwood, with milk and apply the mask. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Massage in a circular motion in order to remove the mask. Then, wash the face with lukewarm water.
  16. Rub the skin with raw potato –It is believed that potato has skin lightening properties. Therefore, dice a potato or cut it into thin slices. Rub the slices on the parts of the skin that you want to lighten. Let it dry completely. Then, wash it off using warm water.
  17. Apply turmeric paste on the skin –Mix some olive oil with turmeric to form a paste. Apply the paste on the skin and leave it on for twenty minutes. Then, rinse it away with warm water to lighten your skin.
  18. Use almond paste – Soak up a few almonds in some raw milk overnight. Then, grind it to a paste to apply on your skin. It is an excellent home remedy in order to give you a fairer skin tone.
  19. Apply raw milk to the skin –When you apply some raw milk to the skin every night before going to sleep, it can give you fair skin over a matter of a few weeks.
  20. Use a mixture of lemon juice and mint juice –Mix half a spoon of lemon juice along with two spoons of mint juice. Leave this on the skin for 20 minutes’ time and you would get fair skin within a matter of a few weeks. This mixture also exfoliates the skin well for added fairness.

There are lots of ways by which you can surely restore the freshness and the fairness of the skin especially in case of men. In fact, you can take to the methods and you can even make use of the best ingredients to bring about the natural skin fairness and freshness.

Papaya can cause skin rejuvenation

Among fruits you can choose papaya for skin fairness. This is the best natural fairness element you can have for the skin. A face mask made of papaya can perfectly eliminate the dead skin cells and it can even help in removing dirt from over the texture of the skin. This is also the best fruit to cause repairing of the skin texture and this way your skin seems so fresh and glowing. For this you need to make a paste of papaya and apply the same on all parts of the face. You need to leave the mask for ten minutes and then cleanse the same with cold water.

The combo pack of lemon and tomato

You can even make a paste of tomato and lemon for the skin. This really works. For this you have to take a completely ripe tomato and make a paste out of the vegetable. After the paste is prepared you can add to it one teaspoon of lemon juice. You should apply the mixture ton all parts of the face and leave the same for twenty minutes. Then you use cold water to wash off your face. Men’s skin is harsh and so you need to repeat this process for a continuous time period of fifteen days. This will surely help you notice the difference as the skin glows and looks so bright.

However, as men’s skin is rough you should always try for something persistent and strong. This is sure to be workable for the skin type.

Avoid sun light

Too much exposure of sunlight to the skin makes it get tanned easily. Due to this, your skin looks dull and the face can lose all its freshness. The first step towards maintaining a fairer looking skin is to remove any obstacles that make your skin tone even worse. Hence avoid direct contact of sun rays to your skin. If at all it is necessary to step into the hot afternoon, make it a practice to use sun screen lotions for the skin.

Protect skin from helmet

Helmet is the armor for your life during travel. For men, it is very much a compulsion to wear helmet whenever you step into a bike. However, if you choose a helmet that is not a branded one, your forehead, face and the neck have lots of chances to get tanned easily. Low quality helmets also cause rashes and skin infection. This in turn spoils the beauty of the skin. There are also some men who avoid helmets due to this reason. However, not wearing helmets is never a wise choice. Hence choose helmets that are of high quality. Also, make it a practice to wear some piece of cloth like hand kerchief as a protective layer between the skin and the helmet. This prevents your skin from helmet rashes and tanning.

Concentrate on food

There are many among both men and women who think that external remedies are the only way to treat tanned skin. In order to get a fairer looking skin, it is not only important to concentrate on external packs and pastes. You should also give equal importance to the food you eat. The food you eat greatly affects the skin tone. Hence make a practice to eat the type of food which helps you in uplifting your color. Foods like ones that are rich in Vitamins give your skin a healthy and fairer look. Certain fruits and vegetables have the ability to keep your skin glowing.

Don’t expect more

One has to keep in mind that each and every person is special in one or the other way. Also, reality is entirely different from what we wish for. Hence don’t reach to over expectation and spend your days in worries. Make a practice to be happy with what you have got. This will help you lead a satisfied and happy life. Moreover, one can’t expect a drastic change in the skin tone within days of your natural treatment. It all requires time and patience.

Go for Natural Methods

Natural kind of treatments is more like a reversible one where it does not cause any side effects. Any discontinuation also does not produce a huge change in your skin tone. However, when you go for chemical treatment or a surgical one, there are some good chances that your skin turns fairer and whiter. If something goes wrong, it becomes an irreversible reaction. Also, the natural method of treatments is always safe and less allergic when compared to artificial methods.

Home remedies for skin

One has to note that getting a fairer skin doesn’t happen in a day a two. Continuous application has to be followed in order to get the desired result. However, there are some treatments which give you an instant fairness to your skin. Here are some simple homemade remedies and packs that help you get a fairer skin naturally.

Honey and cinnamon

Honey is an excellent remedy for getting a fairer looking skin. Also, raw honey makes your skin supple glow and smooth. Honey is an ingredient that is rich in excellent antibacterial properties. This helps in removing any pimples, rashes or allergies in face. Honey when combined with cinnamon powder gives best of results. This pack can be applied to your face twice in a week before going to bed. The properties that is present in honey and cinnamon acts as a very good agent for an instant fair skin. For those who are not comfortable with cinnamon can go for fine turmeric powder. One has to make sure that the honey applied in the face is a raw one.

Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth is commonly called as multani mitti. This is one of the common items available in stores at a cheaper rate. Fuller’s earth is used as an active ingredient in most of the commercial fairness products available in the market. Though fuller’s earth is mainly used by women, it can also be used by men for getting a fair looking skin. Fuller’s earth is mixed with rose water and natural sandalwood powder. This paste is applied all over the face and neck. Leave it to dry under natural environment. Once the face has been dried completely, wash it off with Luke warm water. You can see the complexion of the skin getting fairer on the first tine of use itself. This is one of the simple yet effective remedy for getting a fairer looking skin.

Besan powder with turmeric

Do you think that Besan powder is only used as a kitchen ingredient? No. Besan powder is an effective treatment for fair looking skin. Besan powder when applied directly may sometimes leave your skin dry. Hence, mix besan powder with rose water, curd and turmeric. Apply this paste to your face and neck. This paste can be applied before going for bathing. Upon continuous usage, the tanned looking face can be seen changed into a fair and glowing skin.

If you are too busy with your schedule and find difficulty in applying packs for a period of time, you can simply apply a quality rose water to your face. This gives your face a fairer and shining look.