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6 best shaving tips for men

The primary tip to follow to escape from the razor cuts and irritation is to making the beard completely wet. If you wet it entirely, it becomes easy for you to shave because the water absorbed hair is weak and hence it is easy to cut. An ideal way to wet thoroughly is to take a shower before shaving. If you are not sure to take a shower then keep a warm moisturized towel on the face for four to five minutes, which is the technique used by most of the barbers. Applying the shaving cream to the wet face directly hurts you with razor burns and cuts.

Quality of the shaving cream matters

When you are choosing a shaving cream, pick the one that is made from high concentration lubricants such as silicones and moisturizers. These kind of creams will provide less foam in comparison to the cheap creams which give large amount of foam. The increase in the amount of foam disturbs your shaving, where as less is better, as foam is contacted between the skin and beard. A good shaving cream will give less resistance and less irritation. While the major functionality of the shaving cream is to lubricate the face so that shaving process will smoothly and effortlessly, it also helps to capture the moisturizer into the whiskers, retains it smooth and upright, easy to cut. The ideal technique is to leaving the beard for a minute or two after the application of shaving cream over the face, so that beard turns soft and becomes wet also.

Right tool – Shaving brush

Shaving brush is one of the important equipment to get the best shave. The things done bya shaving brush includes: It is necessary to create lather with the shaving cream which is near to the skin and it push the beard so that a close cut is possible. And the best part it always do is, it acts as a exfoliator that removes the dead skin cells present around that area and helps to not get the blemishes, razor burns and also makes the skin soft. Choose the one which is poising between softness and the ability to push the beard.

Follow the direction

Pour the shaving cream on the brush and apply over the beard in the circular motion while ending with the upward strokes in order to lift the beard up.

Check for quality razor and blade

Always take a blade that is sharp, otherwise it forms scratches over the skin. An imperfect razor is the premier reason for razor cuts and burns. So, take a good quality razor and change the blades depending on the beard toughness. It is good to rinse the blade with hot water before the shaving and after few swipes.

Cleanse the skin after the shave

After the completion of shave wash your face with cool water and use a face wash that is including with tea tree oil and witch hazel.

Finish with an after shave

After the completion of all the above steps, make use of best after shave. The good after shave will helps to locks the moisturizer and to soothe the skin, it is also helps to cool and refresh the skin.

Men often neglect the correct procedure in which they are supposed to shave their face and end up having cuts and irritation on their face, which also affects the way they look. All what men need to do is follow very simple and basic tips to make sure that they shave correctly and do not hurt themselves and leave the marks of the cuts on their face. There are numerous shaving tips for men, the common ones are very well known; some of the not regularly followed and yet important ones are as follows:

  • More Lather is Required – When men desire to have a closer shave, then they should make sure that they apply more lather from the brush on the areas of the face where they to shave more closely, if necessary, they should apply some more shaving cream to increase the lather. The purpose of adding up more lather to area where closer shave is desired by men is that the lather formed by the shaving cream helps to moist the beard and makes it easier to get it shaved, without resulting in over-shaving, razor burns or shaving rashes, which makes men feel very irritable, especially when they are out in the sun.
  • The Perfect Way to Rub the Face with Towel – After shaving, when men clean their face with clean and cool water, they often tend to rub their face with the towel to soak the water on their face, which is a very wrong way of soaking the extra water on the face. The correct way of doing it is so pat the face gently with a clean towel, as rubbing is vigorous and is not good for the skin.
  • The Perfect Shaving Process – Often men tend to rush the process of shaving their face, especially the ones who shave daily do this. The primary reason could be the hassle of daily shaving, less availability of time, irritation etc., which does not let the men give the same amount of required efforts, attention and patience required for shaving their face in the proper manner. Men should thus, do not rush the shaving process and do it with patience and in the proper way, in order to get best results and not harm their skin.
  • The Salon Style of Shaving – The ones who have the tendency and requirement of shaving regular cannot go to the salons on a regular basis, but once in a while they should, as the skills of the professionals cannot be achieved by a regular person. In the salons, the shaving is done in the most accurate way and the facial massages helps to improve the blood circulation in the facial area and eventually leads to improvement in the skin. The ones, who do not shave regularly, generally opt for salons only, rather than shaving themselves. At the salons, men can get the exact desired look, that too, without hurting themselves or having razor burns and shaving rashes. Visiting the salon, once in a while, for shaving is a very advisable, convenient and easy way of getting the shave right.
  • The Tips for Oily Skin – Men who have acne-prone skin or have oily skin should be very careful while they shave. They should make gentle strokes on their face with the razor, rather than the usual ones. This would prevent the acne from get worse and also help in getting the shave right.

These are some of the shaving tips which men are usually not aware of, the ones who are, tend to ignore them and become very reluctant, which cannot be appreciated. Men should be more careful while they shave and make sure that they follow these very simple and significant shaving tips to have the best results, without harming their skin.

Reasons of shaving

Shaving is done differently by different men. Some prefer clean shaves, some like to have long beards, while some keep it moderate. Shaving is a very varied feature and comprises of numerous ways in which it can be done. The style and process of shaving depends on the taste and preference of one man to another. There are numerous reasons due to which men shave; some of the common ones are as follows:

  • Some men find beard and moustache on their face to be very irritable and decide to have a smooth and clean-shaved face. For the ones who prefer doing clean shaves, have to shave their face on a regular basis, in order to make sure that there is no roughness and visibility of the beard and the moustache on their face.
  • Some have to make their face clean-shaved due to official reasons, as some offices and companies do not allow their men employees to grow a beard or a moustache and restrict it very strictly, due to which, the ones who desire to have associate with these offices and companies, need to follow the instructions and the have to opt for clean-shaved faced.
  • Some men have to shave their faces due to hygienic, medical and religion reasons.

There are numerous other reasons due to which men shave their face. The important thing which needs to be taken care of is how they shave their face. Shaving is a very usual thing which men do and they should know the right way to do it, not just for their face, but also for their health, this is because, if men use poor quality of blades and razors, there is a risk of them getting infected, which would affect their body. So, it is of utmost importance that men taken the necessary tips, precautions and use quality products to shave their face, so that they do not have to go through any kind of health problems, be it body or face. If men are unaware of the shaving process best suitable for their skin type, then he should consult someone who has the accurate, appropriate and reliable knowledge about the same, and follow it. Once men start shaving in the proper way and follow all the tips, then eventually they would develop a smooth habit of it.