5 simple body waxing tips for men

5 simple body waxing tips for men

It is not just for metrosexuals or a few men, who are at the top of the corporate ladder anymore. Most men are now making a beeline at men’s salons to get themselves waxed. Men are now losing all the unwanted hair – from the muscly chest to the nether regions. Manscaping has become extremely popular. Here are some simple body waxing tips for men.

These days, not only women wish to look great and attractive. Even men have the similar desire. Even in movies, much emphasis is given to the male appearance. Previously, hairs over the chest were a symbol of masculinity. But today, thought have completely changed. Very few males wish to keep hair on their chest. Rather they want a clean shave. A popular way of removing unwanted hair from male body is waxing. Previously, waxing was very common among the females. But, today, even male had adopted the same. It was once a routine for female. Since use of shaving creams has become quite ineffective to keep unwanted hair from male bodies for a long time, waxing has become widely accepted.

Tips for male body waxing

If you want to get a perfect waxing, there are some steps which you really need to follow. Process of waxing is little bit painful. But, if you are following the waxing tips, waxing will become very effective. Some of the tips are as follows:

Pre wax lotion

Before going through the waxing activity, you must apply the good quality of pre waxed lotion to the areas where you intend to get waxed. This will help in removing all traces of oils, bacteria and unwanted element that can be a hindrance in the process of waxing, it also cleans the area when the waxing is going to take place.

Waxing spatulas

The applicator of the wax is an important factor for individuals willing to get the waxing done. Spatulas are used to apply the wax on individual’s skin. There are various types of spatulas available in the market. Wooden spatulas are also there and even the reusable plastic spatulas are readily available in the market. The choice of spatula is important as it covers the skin with wax in a consistent way.

Wearing gloves

It is not advisable to carry on with the activity of waxing without gloves. Even the hot waxes can stick to your hand. Even it is not safe or hygienic to apply the wax with empty hand.  You must wear gloves while you are applying wax strips in your hand or any part of your skin. Different types of gloves are available in the market such as latex, vinyl etc. It is important to choose the Gloves that have grip. It should not restrict your hand movement at all.

Forms of wax

It is quite important to known that, wax comes in different forms such as hot wax, solid wax, cream wax etc. Today, you can find many companies that manufactured formulated wax for waxing men’s unwanted hairs. Since the hairs of men are very thick and coarse. The wax used for women will not be applicable over here.

After wax lotion

Just like the after shave lotion, it is important to apply after wax lotion after application of wax. The formulated products used by men after completing the hair removing procedure are very strong. Thus, it can cause irritations and inflammation. After wax lotion is very important in this situation.

Check your skin

Do you have abrasions, wounds, cuts, burns or other injuries on your skin? Make sure they heal completely before you can go for a waxing session since they can otherwise give you a burning sensation when the salon owner applies the wax on those parts of your body, which are injured. Moreover, if you do not get them healed, they may lead to serious skin infections and even irritate your skin. Do not go for waxing if you are not ready. Even if it takes a lot of time to heal, wait your chance to get that bikini wax. Stop worrying about whether waxing will be painful or not since it will be if you do not get your wounds healed. Also, having coarse hair can make it extremely painful to get your chest or other parts of the body waxed. However, it is not usually as bad as you imagine unless and until you get the waxing done when you are wounded. During this time, you should not even try to wax yourself as your open wounds might become infected. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin, try not to go for waxing or get some trial waxing done on some parts of your skin to see whether it is affecting your skin or not.

Wash the areas to be waxed

Before getting waxing performed on you, make sure you wash the areas that are to be treated using wax. This is because it will not only allow the wax to settle down on the skin but also remove any dirt or oil that has stuck to your skin. This is one of the most important waxing tips since you would be able to get a smoother shave since the water will make the unwanted hairs on your body softer. Otherwise, the dust, wax or oil that has adhered to your skin will interfere with the waxing process, making it extremely painful. So, avoid going for your waxing session without washing the areas that are to be waxed. If you want, you can always take a bath and then, go to the salon. This will make it much easier to get waxing done. Moreover, waxing would be done faster when you do this exercise.

Do a trial check on yourself

Instead of going to the salon and waiting for waxing to be performed on you, do a trial check on yourself. Sometimes, waxing can irritate the skin if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes, people can be allergic to wax. Applying wax on yourself, letting the wax sit for some time and waxing yourself can tell you whether you will face any problems when you go to the salon to get yourself waxed. You should also consider taking a bath after doing a trial check on yourself so that the wax does not remain on your skin and cause an allergic reaction. A trial check should be done whether or not you are new to waxing since it can tell you whether you will have trouble while waxing. A trial check will tell you whether waxing is suitable for you or not so that you can decide not to have it done on you in the future. Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable but that is because of the technique you are using. So, when you do a trial check, you will be able to easily find out whether the skin irritation is because of the wax or the technique. Moreover, this exercise will help avoid any further complications.

Avoid things that will cause pain

Since coffee can make you alert, it will make you feel pain even more while getting yourself waxed. Do not drink coffee before waxing or do anything else that will make you feel pain while you get yourself waxed. Do not shave if you are thinking of getting yourself waxed. If the wax is to adhere to your body, it has to at least be half a centimetre long. Do not even use hair removal creams such as Veet if you want excellent results while getting your body waxed. If you are getting yourself waxed on a regular basis, you would need to leave at least four weeks between treatments. The more regularly you get yourself waxed, the better since young hair comes out very easily as compared to hair that is relatively older. Do not wear tight clothes to your salon since they can rub against the skin after your waxing session. Exfoliating before waxing can give you much better results since the dead skin cells will be removed and this will make it easier for you to get waxed. Do not have the wax overheated by the salon owners since it can lead to serious injury. It does not have to be scalding hot or liquefied completely in order to work.

Take care while getting waxed

Take care to see to it that they wax you in the same direction of the hair growth and when they pull the cloth off, they should do it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This will require a few applications in order to yield the best results. The best way to wax the hair is to seek professional help.Only professionals know these techniques quite well and can do a fantastic job out of it. Ask your salon owner to use some cold compress after waxing the unwanted hairs on your body. It is recommended that you also use a good moisturiser in order to soothe the skin after your waxing session.Follow the above tips if you would like to see excellent results after you have got yourself waxed.

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