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5 best and simple manicure tips for men

The hands are the most important organs of the body. People shake hands; they cook, and even write with their hands. Hence, the hands need to be maintained by both women as well as men. If you would like a macho manicure, then here are some of the simplest of manicure tips for men.

Good looks for women is not only the prime objective, rather men are also very concerned about their looks. Modern men are very cautious about their grooming factors as well as their good looks. Even, if you want to be successful in your field, preventability is an important consideration.  Perfect shape and layout of the finger nails becomes a necessity for individuals shaking hand in corporate meeting and attending a formal party. There was a time when women used to access men by their shoes. Cleaner the shoes, acceptable are the man. Today, women are eager to see men with cleaned shaved and trimmed nails.

Experts dealing with manicure can provide a perfect shape of nails along with the cleanliness. It is also important for male personalities to keep their ginger nails trimmed.

Steps by step procedure of male manicure

It is no more required to go to the parlor and get your nails trimmed. It is now possible to get proper care of your finger and toe nails at home.

Easy to do

If you are planning to get your finger nails manicured, you must purchase a male manicure grooming kit from the market. This kit will contain nail buffer, cuticle nipper, orange sticks, emery board, finger nail clipper, nail brush etc.

First of all you have to take out the fingernail clipper to cut your nails. You must not cit your nails too small or keep it large. The shape must be ideal. After cutting your nails, you must shape it up emery board.  Since you are a male personality, it will be quite essential for you to cut the nails straight. Now file away the rough edges of the finger nails that have come out after cutting the nails. Filing must be done in such a way that it becomes smooth from all sides. It is also very essential to remove all dust and dirt from the nails with the help of the brush.


After cutting your nails and removing all dirt from the hands, it is also equally important to soften your hands. You have to soak your hand in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Now ask someone to massage your hand with baby oil to make it soft.

Technique of pushing cuticles

As soon as your cuticles become soft, the next step will be to dab some of the cuticle remover at the base of nails so that it can be pushed backed in an easy way. Use the orange stick to push away the dry skin later.


Clipping is another important factor in the process of male manicure. This will help in wiping away the dead skin chips. You must do clipping in a precise way so that there is no tear in your hand nails or skins.


Application of moisturizer to your hand skin along with your nails is an important way to get your hand skin redefined. You can massage your skin with aloe era extract or cocoa butter to get a shinny and beautiful nails.

Remove your hangnails

When you find an annoying piece of skin that sticks out between the skin near the tip of your finger and your nail, remember that it is a hangnail. It can bleed if you pull it out and hurt like hell since it is still attached to your skin. Instead of trying to remove the hangnail with your hands, get a hangnail clipper from your local shop. This is in case you would like to remove any excess skin at the base. Do this after a shower since they will be softer when you clip them afterwards. Here are some tips for getting rid of hangnails.

  • Apply some petroleum jelly on the hangnails and leave them overnight. The fats present in the jelly will penetrate through the different layers of the skin and make the hangnails soft enough for you to be able to cut them.
  • Apply some organic honey on the affected areas. This will help keep the area soft and prevent a hangnail infection.
  • You can also try soaking your fingers in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Dip your hands in yogurt for about half an hour and this will automatically deal with the problem. Moreover, you may not even have to cut those hangnails.
  • Apply some Vitamin E oil on the hangnails. This will help soften the hangnails so that you can cut them.

Don’t rely exclusively on clippers

Do not rely on clippers alone since most of them are not that soft on the nails. If you would like a good pair of clippers, then get yourself the expensive variety rather than the stainless steel variety that has dull edges. The blunt force of clippers will tear your nails and even ensures that your nails grow unevenly. This in turn means that you have to clip your nails more frequently. The mechanism is extremely brutal and you would need to use some other mechanism such as a nail cutter in its place if you would like to avoid problems. Alternatively, invest in a new clipper package that contains multiple clippers in it and more importantly, a good pair of nail scissors. When you use the nail scissors, it will straighten the cut nails. The nail scissors are much better than nail clippers alone. So, do not rely exclusively on clippers alone since there are many other nail cutting mechanisms that will work wonders for your nails.

Don’t use low quality steel

Did you know that steel is actually made up of carbon and iron? You should go for steel that contains lots of carbon while purchasing products for grooming yourself. You should avoid using stainless steel nail clippers, nail trimmers, and other nail cutting products that are made of poor quality stainless steel. Unfortunately, steel that has lots of carbon is susceptible to rust. This is a bad trait in nail cutting tools that are frequently stored in bathrooms. The solution to this problem is getting stainless steel that resists rust. However, these products may not hold an edge for long. Do not go for cheap stainless steel tools. Instead, go for those tools that are a bit expensive. In other words, go for stainless steel products that come from Europe rather than those that have come from Pakistan and China. However, there are going to be exceptions in both directions. Therefore, you should be careful what you purchase. The European products are still going to last longer than their Asian counterparts. So, make sure you get high quality European nail cutting products.

Don’t use machine-finished tools

Human nails are extremely fragile. Do not try to apply pressure on it while cutting them since they can easily break. You definitely do not want to be in a sweet spot, where the nails get cut unevenly in a single stroke. Mass produced nail cutting and trimming products do not have the capability of being able to cut nails evenly and without hurting them. Handmade nail clippers and cutters are much better than those made using machines. Each piece is adjusted, readjusted, measured, etc. as needed until the right level of pressure is achieved. You can usually tell whether a nail clipper has been tensioned by hand or not by seeing the screw. A screw that has been plated with gold and that contrasts with the steel blade goes to show that the blades have been completed even before they were tensioned and that the tensioning adjustments were only made during the final stages of the manufacturing process of the nail clippers. On the other hand, screws that have been plated along with the blade go to show that they have possibly been mass manufactured. The tensioning of such tools may not be precise and may have inconsistencies in them.

Follow proper hygiene

Nails have to be cut properly since they are also part of the body. However, some people use the same nail cutters for cutting their toenails as well as their fingernails. Using the same nail cutters for the fingernails and the toenails is a great way to spread bacteria and fungus. This results in potentially painful infections and bad odours. In fact, in one extremely rare case, a Brazilian woman caught the HIV virus through her cousin’s manicure set. Make sure you own your own set of manicure tools. Moreover, the devices should be separate for cutting the toenails and the fingernails. Also, make sure you wash the tools regularly using a good disinfectant. Even if you are just using fingernail cutters, make sure you wash them after every single use. Gross stuff can get under your fingernails after all.