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3 amazing hygiene tips for men

Even though the metrosexual man may have been hyped in certain parts of the society, it has not excited all men enough to get a facial or a pedicure. While trying to retain their manliness, men forget to take care of simple things, which would go a long way in appeasing their women. Here are three amazing hygiene tips for men that would not only keep your woman from feeling irked but also keep you healthy.

Following the best hygiene practices makes a men perfect, every one likes to know about the hygiene but are less who discusses about. There are many hygiene tips for men which he shouldn’t skip them in his daily routine.

Spread words

When you are going to talk with a person in a pleasant manner, if your breath spreads the smell like rotten egg it spoils your moment though how much important it is. Spread your words but not the smell, pick a good tooth paste or a mouth wash which can flushes out all your bad breath.
Flossing is an important practice every person need to follow in each and every day,  it really works.  It helps to increase the freshness of breath and ward off the gum diseases.
With the normal floss it is the same action you will encounter every time – the bad breath. Avoid the normal flosses and spend a good amount to increase your mouth freshness.

Brush the tongue

The bacteria and other substances build up on your tongue not just adds you odd looks but also stands as the top reason for your bad breath. Fix it by a gentle scrub with the tooth brush while you are brushing the teeth. But you feel like the gag flex is sensitive

Follow the below tips:

Make a fist with your left hand with your thumb inside and hold it tightly. For most of the people, this conquer the gag reflex; no one is sure why.Exhale through your mouth as you brush.Brush perpendicular to your tongue rather than forth and back.

Don’t give head shower daily

Showering your head daily removes the natural oils present in the scalp and is the biggest reason for the frizzy and dry hair. If at all if you find the greasiness in your scalp and is tempting to take the head wash then skip it by sprinkling some baby powder on your scalp. It will fixes the bad odor and greasiness too.

You may also try a dry shampoo in your shampoo less days. Prepare your own shampoo by mixing one cup of oatmeal with one cup of baking soda. Sprinkle on your scalp and let it sit for a minute and then comb it. You are fresh now with odor free and greasy-free look.

Wash your face

If your skin is sensitive and it is looking for a simple method to screw it tight. Then wash your face with a organic homemade face wash. Wash your face with honey. The antibacterial and natural moisturizing properties of honey leave your face fresh without taking out the necessary oils from the face.

Wash your feet

Though you look great in the suit, the smell that comes from your feet may increases your chance of disgust. So, if you sense the smell from feet give it a proper treatment. With the wash cloth scrub your toes and feet bottom, it removes the bacteria and fungus over the feet.

Wear clean clothes

Wearing clean clothes by washing them regularly seems so basic. However, the truth is that it is a complicated science, which very few people understand. Here are a few tips to make doing laundry seem like a breeze.

  • Soak stains immediately. In other words, if there are stains on your shirt, make sure you get rid of them immediately by scrubbing those parts of the top that are stained with some detergent and a brush. Then, put the shirt to soak in some water till all the stains have completely vanished.
  • Do not overstuff your clothes in the washing machine. If you overload your machine, it will never let all your clothes get clean even though it may save you money on electricity bills. You should never fill your washer up to more than three quarters of the drum.
  • Before you can add your clothes to the washing machine, add some detergent to them. This way, you can make sure that your clothes are extremely clean. Moreover, there is less chance that your favourite jeans will be soaked with powdery residue.
  • Mark your measuring cup so that even if the measuring caps are difficult to read, you will know how much detergent you should really use. The manufacturers of detergents may want you to use as much as possible but you should make sure you do not use much of them so that your clothes become clean without any damage to the fabric.
  • Add water softeners to your washing machine. You could also add borax, which is a deodoriser. You can add these boosters either individually or along with your detergent.
  • Opt for cold water while washing your clothes. Using warm water will only make the colours bleed.

Fix chapped lips

Chapped lips can be unattractive, painful, and even annoying. However, people deal with them for a variety of reasons throughout the year. It does not matter whether the chapped lips have resulted from a bad lip balm or bad weather.Here are things you can do to prevent and treat chapped lips.

  • Stay away from allergens by avoiding the use of certain detergents, deodorant sprays, etc. that would otherwise chap your lips.
  • Use a lip balm that comes with sun protection factor so that your lips are protected from the harmful rays of the sun that can chap your lips within an instant.
  • Gently exfoliate your lips using natural exfoliating agents. When your lips are chapped, they can begin to peel and can make them bleed. Moreover, it can be extremely painful. Use some sugar scrub to gently exfoliate them. Make sure that you use a good moisturiser after this.
  • Use a moisturiser to keep your lips wet all the time so that they do not chap. Use products that contain petroleum or beeswax since these will work to hold the moisture in. Before going to sleep, apply the moisturiser on your lips.Alternatively, use ointments such as those containing Aloe Vera, Shea butter, coconut oil or some other moisturising natural ingredients.
  • If you are suffering from a serious case of chapped lips, you may be suffering from some other health condition that is causing it. In such cases, the bacteria can enter through abrasions on the lips. This condition is known as cheilitis and needs immediate medical attention before it is too late. In several cases, the key to preventing chapped lips from occurring is by following certain home remedies that will keep your lips from chapping.

Shave regularly

You must shave your face regularly since failing to do so is neither good for your hygiene nor will it improve your appearance.

  • Use a shaving brush that has been made with a badger’s hair since it is the only material that will carry the water from the basin up to your face to give you the best lather.
  • There should be no friction between your face and the shaving blade. However, if you can feel the razor blade rubbing against your face, your shaving cream has not done the job of giving you a smooth shave properly. In such a case, you would need to get a new shaving cream – one that can give you that smooth shave you need.
  • Apply some hot water on your face before shaving. The best way to achieve this is by standing in the shower and washing your face. After shaving, you need to use some hot water to wash your face. This will allow for a smooth shave.
  • Even if you use a very good shaving cream, make sure your razor blade is not dull since it can otherwise harm your skin.
  • Do not use disposable razor blades as much as possible.Not only are they flimsy but they will also hurt you.
  • Make sure you invest in a quality instrument since you use the razor for shaving every day and also since it comes in contact with your skin regularly.
  • Before shaving, work in the shaving cream. This will ensure that you get a smooth shave. Do not be in a hurry to slap on the shaving cream on your face.
  • Use a pre-shave in case you have a heavy beard and want a close shave.
  • Be sure to reapply more lather in case you want to shave your face once again. Do not use the same lather that you used for shaving your face earlier.
  • Do not use your shaving cream with numbing ingredients such as menthol since they will only irritate your skin.