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21 Personal Questions to ask a girl with a Romantic Approach

So you’ve been talking to a girl for some time now, and you guys have been getting steadily close. You have already talked about movies, music, books, and food, but are hesitant to ask those personal questions because of certain obvious thoughts like what if she gets offended? Is this the right time? But trust me, the right time will never come unless you take the initiative.

Since personal questions vary from person to person, it can get quite dicey to know what to ask and what not to. Here, we list some natural and logical personal questions along with their possible consequences.

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

1.    Are you Single?

If the answer is no, there is no scope of moving forward; stop the conversation immediately. And if she says yes, bingo! However, if she says that she is confused or in a complicated relationship, it probably implies that you have to help her out with the situation.

2.    What was your favorite childhood toy?

Surprisingly enough, it is a cute question that every girl would love to answer. It results in a win-win situation for both, since you will get to know what to gift her in future, and it will also show how considerate you are.

3.    What would be your exotic holiday destination?

This one’s another good question to ask a girl, as it will help her picture you two roaming around her favorite holiday spot. You will also get a hint about whether or not the girl is as adventurous or as romantic as you.

4.    What are your secret skills?

It may sound funny to you, but the girl will love to talk about herself and indulge in your question. Studies have found that girls are good at multitasking and this is the best chance for her to brag.

5.    What will be your 3 wishes, if you find a ‘Genie’ in a bottle?

This is a tricky one by which she will unintentionally reveal her deepest desires. Moreover, if you can help her with realizing her wishes, you are sure to become an active and important part of her life.

6.    Have you ever fallen for any male character in a particular movie?

Every girl must have a crush on a film character-so study them carefully. It will be a good way to gauge whether you fit into her dream man’s shoes or not. If not, then you have a long way to go.

7.    How many guys have you dated so far?

Whatever be the reply, do not judge her character based on it. Always keep in mind that love can happen twice or even thrice. This question may make her feel awkward, so don’t force her if she is reluctant to answer.

8.    Have you ever blamed alcohol for the stupid things you have done?

It is a quick question which will not only give you an idea of how crazy your would-be partner is but also her drinking preference and capacity. Join in on her experience as she relives the memory of her most stupid shenanigans.

9.    What are the things that you would like to do for the rest of your life?

The thought behind the question is very deep and meaningful. It will disclose many aspects like whether she is enjoying her work or not, her spiritual stand and also her state of mind.

10.    Did you ever shoplift?

This is one of some crazy personal questions to ask a girl, although it’s a teenager thing. But if she confesses, be assured that she genuinely trusts and you are not wasting time here. 

11.    Do you have any unrealistic goals in your life?

Here’s a serious personal question which can reveal the aspirations of her life, along with her focus and determination. Whatever the goal is, be it a dream house, job or a sports car, do respect it.

12.    What quality or trait do you like in me and why?

A flirty and personal question to ask a girl where you will get to know her perspective about your positive and negative personality traits. If the girl attempts to flatter you with words, think twice before you fall for it.

13.    Do you find children fascinating? Why?

This is a cute yet tricky personal question that will present an elaborate picture of her motherly and kind nature. You may also get the chance to figure out her views on marriage, such as whether she wants to continue working or not, if she prefers a nanny, and so on.

14.    Would you like to go out with me?

It is an incomplete question as it doesn’t specify the time and place. If the answer is yes, the ball is in your court as she trusts you enough.  On the other hand, if she answers you with more questions like when and where, chances are that she is giving it a second thought. But if the answer is no, you have to work on gaining her trust.

15.    What do you think about intimate relationships?

Hands down, this here is one of the most awkward questions asked to a girl. Irrespective of your intention, you’ll be conveying the message of your strong affection towards her, which is good. A girl must be made aware of the way you feel about her. Intimacy is the key to a successful relationship.

16.    Which movie made you cry the most?

An intelligent personal question you must ask a girl since it would be a sensible decision to know her emotional threshold before going all in with her.

17.    Do you believe in God?

Irrespective of her answer, never ask this question with preconceived notions as you may be implying your beliefs or values. Give the girl space to express her views.

18.    Which movie with intense lovemaking scenes is your favorite?

This is yet another weird thing to ask a girl where the probability of you getting an answer is very low. But if she names any, jot it down and watch the movie. Learn the moves and try them whenever you guys are ready.

19.    What is the most common pick-up line tried on you?

The answer to this will make you roll over with laughter, allowing her to sneak a peek into your humorous, uninhibited side. It is indeed a good personal question you must ask a girl.

20.    What are you afraid of the most?

A girl may hesitate to respond to it, so don’t pressurize her and ask for an apology if you made her uncomfortable.

21.    Is there anything that turns you off?

It is a standard question that every guy must know because there is no point in knowing what turns her on if you are unaware of what turns her off.

Keeping in mind that while a casual conversation is one thing and asking her personal questions is another, never overstep your boundary and respect her just as a gentleman would.