15 secrets that women wants you to know

15 secrets that women wants you to know

15 secrets that women wants you to know

All females have some sorts of secrets in life that they would like men to know. These are really not secrets. These are fascinations in life which will help the men fall in more love with the female counterpart.

A woman can expect many more from a guy especially when he is quite close to her or they are in a relationship. Some guys without experience would hardly know about the astonishing facts which his partner would wish him to know.  If you are really eager to know the facts and satisfy your girlfriend or spouse, a little research would be necessary.

15 secrets women wishes a man to know

Women like caring

It is not only the looks on which women are attracted; rather they are also wish to get someone as their life partner who cares for her. The sensitive side of guys is really appreciated by a woman. Once you keep your arm around her, she will rest in peace.

Appropriate dress

If you are willing to impress your spouse, wearing a suitable dress according to the occasion is important. Your lady will always expect you to dress up in a style which she likes.

Masculinity with romance

Many women expect their spouse to take up a masculine role when it comes to romance. When the relationship is in the wooing stage, this step would be really important. She would always expect you to pull her and take her up in your arms.

Subconscious preference of women

Some women like men to wear red color tie with black suit. Since the women would dress up in red, it will be ideal for you to get a tinge of red color in your attire.

Not hiding flaws

Women would always prefer a person with honesty and truth. Even if you have flaws which are there in all individuals, you should not hide it from your lady.


Women would always expect her man to be attentive towards her words. Some men have a tendency of nodding their head without being attentive. But, this would be a wrong approach. You need to listen carefully.

Slow lane

Since most of the women likes slow lane when it comes to sex, she would expect the same from you as well. You should also know that, a little romance with sex will add more pleasure in relationship.

Sex is not the way to win heart

Some guys have a mis-conception that, as soon as women get the taste of sex, she would become dependent on the guy. But, this is not always true. Rather women do not like sex initially.

What she needs in bed

A girl would always expect her man to know what exactly she needs in her bed. If you still don’t know, ask your lady.

Expects safe sex

When the couple is into a sexual relationship, the man should understand that his lady wishes him to do safe sex.

Fearing relationship talk

Your lady will always expect you not to fear the relationship task. Even if you did something wrong, you must discuss with your partner.

Love magnet

Women would expect to pass on your shirt to her which will turn on to the love magnet in a relationship.

Looking into partner’s eye

Your spouse would always expect you to look into her eyes whenever you are with her as it increases honesty and dedication towards her.

Taking to a long drive

Whenever you get time, you must take her to a long drive as girls likes going with their partner to a long drive.

Spend for her

Women expect their husbands to take her to shopping and spend irresistible sum of money for her.

The girl wishes the men to be confident

The girl loves the men to be confident. He should have the self confidence to help the woman feel so taken care of. His level of confidence makes the lady feel protected and this is what she would like the man to know to help feel on top of the world.

The secret of being fashionable

The lady is extremely fashionable. This is something she wants him to know. Thus, when he is buying her something the gift should be according to her choice. He should not buy what the lady does not prefer. Thus, it is important that the man should know the secret choice of the girl.

Girls prefer honesty

It is a secret but it is true that girls love men to be honest and prudent. Being honest is part of the manliness. If the man is nit honest then he may lie unnecessarily and this makes the lady feel awkward. This is the reason she would wish that her boyfriend will tell her everything even if the truth is hard to accept.

The girls prefer the men to be helpful

Again it is secret that girls would love the fact that their partners are helpful. The ladies enjoy and they feel proud about the fact that the men have the tendency to serve the society and they are always the first one to say yes when there is a necessity. Lazy and disinterested men never excite the girls. They make them feel more boring and this is one of the greatest secrets the girls would prefer the men to know.

Girls are emotional – Men should know

In secret the girls are extremely emotional. They don’t want to show their emotion but at the same time they would prefer the men to value their sentiment. This is something highly crucial. Emotion covers a big place in the life of the woman and she prefers the man know about her tastes, likes and dislikes.

Say sorry and the girl will be pleased

Girls love to hear sorry and they can pardon very easily. In case the man is at fault he should know how to say sorry. His apology will make the girl feel special and at once she believes that the man is really repenting from the depth of the heart.

Expecting love to be revealed

The girls love and expect the men to remember the special days. If the men are not able to remember the birthdays and the anniversaries then it is frustrating for the ladies. They cannot pardon the men in any way. Gifts, surprises and small ways of revealing love always make the ladies feel so special.

Women desire to earn respect

It is true that it is the secret desire for the girls to receive respect from their husbands. If the men don’t know how to show respect then that is a matter of great shame. Being respectful to ladies is a great think in life. This shows the sort of value and principle you believe in.

Gift a flower to a woman – She will be happy

Women expect that the men would know what they treasure the most in life. May be it is not something big but still it has the relevance in the life of the female. For instance, you would love to be gifted with a rose and you find that the man has no passion for flowers at all. This is something really frustrating. In the way the woman starts having a negative feel for the man.

The real essence of romance is being together

Romance does not always for the girls mean retiring to bed. Romance for the ladies means enjoying music together, or appreciating a piece of art. Being together and admiring something nice really makes the woman feel so special. She will always cherish the moment for the rest of her life. These are special moments which freeze and lets the partners feel on top of the world.


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