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14 Best Mixed Drinks for Men

Men at the bar counter typically order hard alcoholic drinks just because they want something strong to go down their throat. Some enjoy cocktail drinks but usually refrain from ordering those, as they do not want to have some unmanly stuff and end up with a girly tag.

But there are some immensely refreshing mixed drinks with great tasting ingredients that you can enjoy with your pals without challenging your masculinity. Here we list some of the best mixed drinks for men to try on.

Best Vodka Mixed Drinks


Manly Cocktails

While at the counter, order the bartender a Manhattan if you are with a group who are keen on having hard alcohol. It provides a safe passage of manly drink without too much punch of alcohol. The key ingredient used in this old-school cocktail is whiskey that goes along with sweet red vermouth and bitters, garnished with a traditional maraschino cherry.

It is a good cocktail drink which is traditionally made with Rye whiskey, but other combinations of Canadian whiskey or bourbon can also be used. There are some variations like the dry Manhattan that includes dry vermouth instead of the sweet ones.

Rum and Coke

Good Mix Drinks

If you are looking for a simpler form of mixed drink, then rum and coke is just the thing for you. Pairing up the rum with a Coke or Pepsi will be an absolute delight. Typically served on the rocks, it is one of the best-mixed drinks that you can have, as it assures to uplift your mood. Another variation is the Cuba Libre which includes the use of lime juice.

Old Fashioned

Mad Men Drinks

This drink involves a combination of whiskey (bourbon or rye), bitters, sugars, and little water, served with a twist of an orange slice.Incidentally, this drink became popular because of an AMC television series “Madmen” in which the main character, Don Draper has been shown sipping this drink.

Classic Martini

Gentleman Cocktails

Like James Bond, this drink is the favorite of many as it strikes a perfect balance between gin and vermouth. However, today’s martinis are also prepared with vodka, but the baseline remains the same. The gin or vodka is being shaken with dry vermouth before being poured into a chilled martini glass. They are mostly garnished with olives whereas dry martini has a pinch of olive juice added to the alcohol.

Irish Car Bomb

Strong Mixed Drinks

Like its name, this mixed drink assures to blow you off. The key components of this drink are the Irish stout beer, which is charged by a shot of half Irish whiskey and Irish cream. Once all the components are mixed in proper order, you need to sip it down quickly or else it will get curdled.


Top Vodka Drinks

We are not talking about the dog, but a drink. One ofthe best drinks to order at thebar, the greyhound includes grapefruit and gin, which is sometimes replaced with vodka. It is served over ice with the rim of glass salted. The grapefruit makes it incredibly refreshing by making the taste of gin less strong.


Best Classic Cocktails

It is the most sophisticated combination of scotch whiskey and amaretto, typically poured into an old fashion glass. It is an excellent choice for drinks on the rocks, which you can enjoy by sipping it slowly after dinner.


Vodka Cocktails

You can have this cocktail as a drink or shot. It includes the use of three ingredients like vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. It is an ideal drink to order at the bar for those who want to have a gala time.


Sweet Cocktails

This traditional drink was prepared by using brandy, particularly Cognac, orange liqueur, and triple sec, garnished with a lemon twist and served in a glass with a sugared rim. At many places today, bourbon is used instead of brandy. In case you have a sweet tooth for cocktails, then this drink is for you.

Long Island Iced Tea

Strong Drinks

This drink is a typical manly drink that one with a heart should order. Long Island includes a series of ingredients like vodka, light rum, sour mix, triple sec, tequila, gin, and a splash of cola. Garnished with a lemon wedge, it delivers a kick that can knock you out cold. It indeed tops the chart of alcoholic drinks and should not be taken as a light cocktail.

Gin and Tonic

Cool Drinks to Order

During the summer season, this is one of the most refreshing drinks you can order at the bar. It is a simple drink that includes a mixture of gin and tonic water, served over ice in a highball glass. The drink is delightful with a pack of punch in it.

White Russian

Best Frozen Mixed Drinks

It is a classic vodka mixed drink which is unbelievably easy to make. A Smirnoff is particularly favored as the prime ingredient of this drink however it can be replaced by other vodkas as well. You need an old-fashioned glass filled with ice, pouring it with a mix of vodka and liqueur, lastly adding some heavy cream on top of it.

Margarita with Blood Orange Juice

Best Fruity Cocktails

It is one of the best fruity mixed drinks that you can have during the summer. The drink contains a mix of tequila, triple sec, fresh blood orange juice, a pinch of sugar, and salt, served in a glass full of ice and garnished with lime wedges.

Black Velvet

Easy Cocktail Recipes

It is one of the best champagne mixed drinks you can have on St. Patrick’s Day. This simple drink is made with chilled champagne and beer stout, preferably Guinness.Sip it up straight without using ice.

Therefore, for those who go to the bar and feel a bit confused about ordering cocktail drinks for themselves, this list might help them whenever they visit a bar next time.