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13 Best Hat Styles for Men

There is a saying that goes, “if you’re going to wear a hat, wear it well”. Thus, it is a must that you know of the different hat styles for men and also what “wearing it well” implies. Needless to say, the perfect hat is one that is comfortable, well-fitting, and matches with your outfit.

Before you learn about the different hat styles, you must know what a classic hat looks like. It is a hard-sided, structured style hat comprising typically of wool, a stiff crown (top), a round brim, and a 1-2 inch ribbon at the base of the crown.

Different Men’s Hat Styles


The fedora is a low soft felt hat with a 2.5 inch wide brim. It features a crown which is 4.5 inches in height and is furrowed lengthwise, giving it a cramped look at the front and the back. It can be made of cashmere, wool of goats, rabbits, or beaver felt. The fedora style rose to fame between the 1920s and 1950s until John F Kennedy, the American politician style icon, pioneered a hatless fashion.

Fedora Hat


Once considered the rich man’s hat, the trilby has a narrow brim that is angled down in the front and turned up at the back. The crown height too, is relatively shorter. In the 1960s when modern engineered cars with lower head space were introduced, the hat became massively popular.

Trilby Hat


A formal style hat made from stiff felt, and grosgrain fabric. It has got a gutter crown, featuring a single dent running down its center along with a rigid upturned brim that can’t be easily shaped down. This hat style enjoys immense popularity amongst the top leaders, bureaucrats, and businessmen in the Western world.

Homburg Hat

Pork Pie

The Pork pie hat is named so because it’s superficially akin to a pork pie. It is a shorter style hat with a flattened top and a narrow, circular brim is a little pinched on the sides, just like a fedora. Glenn O-Brien marks it as a typically hipster style that goes best with casuals.

Pork Pie Hat


It is a semi-formal hat style which originated in 1849 among the British and American working classes. It is a round crown made from hard felt, popular as a protective and durable hat style. In the USA, people mostly call it ‘derby’ and it is now an important article of men’s styling.

Bowler Hat

Panama Hats

The traditional style hat of Ecuadorian origin is made from the leaves of palm-like foliage or straws making it ideal for hot and humid regions. The shape is similar to that of fedoras or trilby, whereas the comfort and finishing are incomparable. Since the brim is not too hard, it can be adjusted as per your mood. People are often said to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for authentic Panama hats.

Panama Hats


Still a typical summer hat style around the globe, the Boater is made from dried fiber plaits or sennit straws. It has a stiff flat crown and wide brim along with a grosgrain fabric ribbon. It goes well with suits and casuals, being worn mostly at informal occasions like summer regattas (boat race), musical performances, etc. Some schools or colleges in the UK have incorporated the boater with ribbons of different colors into their uniform.

Boater Hat


One among the many cowboy hat styles, the Stetson has a high crown, an inner sweatband, and a broad brim. The style is spruced up by the curled brim and whimsical bands. Its name has been derived from the world’s largest hat manufacturer, John B Stetson Company.

Stetson Hat


A brimless military style soft hat with a felt made of wool, it features a ballooned up, flat crown and is mostly worn by army and police personnel along with the people of France and Spain.

Beret Hat


A military hat made of cotton; it has a foliage print that was meant to help soldiers to hide in grasslands (camouflage). Nowadays, however, civilians sport it as well because of its immense comfort and functionality. The Boonie hat with broad and stiff brims and a branch-like fabric band around the crown successfully demonstrates a masculine style statement.

Boonie Hat


The design is more like that of a baseball cap with a front brim made of foam and a button on the top. It was distributed to the farmers, truck drivers, and other rural workers by US farming supply companies. Unlike typical baseball caps, it is made of a plastic net for breathability.

Trucker Hat

Top Hat

Popularly known as a magician’s hat, it features a flat crown, cylinder shaped beam, and a rolled brim. It can also be worn as a part of formal attire along with a black or white tie. Although the top hat has been in fashion since the 18th century, its usage has diminished drastically over the past few decades.

Top Hat


A Russian style fur hat with ear flaps. It is made of sheep, rabbit or muskrat skin and meant exclusively for the chilly winter months. It is mainly used in the Arctic regions to protect the head,jaw, ears, and chin from deep frost as the temperature therein ranges from minus 40 degrees to 70-degree Celsius.

Ushanka Hat