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10 best grooming/brush and clean tips for men

Trim nose hairs
Trim your nose hairs neatly, it shows a person’s cleanliness and his personal care. Most of the people are not aware about the branded nose clips, Many companies manufacture nose clippers around the average price tags.

Trim your eyebrows
Make them trim through the professional touch, clean them but don’t shape. Cleaning the eye brows will open up your eyes and turns the face perfect. Remember to brush your eye brows every day before you are stepping out.

Clean the ear and neck hair
It is mostly done by your barber while the hair cut and gives you good grooming look. So, confess that you are not tagging with those, because a person having long ear hairs and hair tangling into the shirt collar doesn’t sights bright.

Cut the nails to short and make them clean
Don’t maintain the long and dirty nails, they will dull your appeal. Cut them to short and clean them. If you can afford some amount of your budget step into a men’s parlour and leave your nail care for them, try pedicure and manicure for once in a month. Also try polishing your nails which gives a natural shine.

Brush your teeth daily
You doesn’t need to turn your teeth shimmery or bright looking but all you need is to do is cleaning them daily in order to kickoff the smell and plaque. Have you ever faced a situation that your friend or colleague talking to with smelly teeth and the immediate turning of your face! So, don’t face such situations which shows the person’s laziness.

Choose the clothes wisely
In what ever kind of shape you are constructed with, the attire that fits your body always gives you good points. Whether they are tailored or ready made, give a trial and draw the best fit.

Stand up straight
In this case you need to agree with your mom, stand up always straight. When you are tall, a sense of confidence will wrap you and it displays you to the world as a secure person.

Cleanse your face in regular time periods with the facial soap
Whether you have noticed or not, the skin in the face is more sensitive in comparison with the body skin and most of the people treat their body and face with the same harsh soap. Don’t repeat that harsh practice, buy a cleanser from your budget that is especially made for the face.

Use less fragrance
Might you have noticed few people, who adds heavy amounts of fragrance. But it’s not good, use the fragrance of your choice in little amount.
When you use a perfume, choose in a wise manner because the smell that bounces out from your body is the combination of your sweat and perfume.

Match the belt to shoes
Match your shoes color with the belt color and don’t mix a combination. Despite it don’t turns you into ramp model but ┬áit is a simple tip to better your looks.