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10 First Date Tips for Men

Are you nervous about your first date? What should you wear? Where should you take her out? If you do not want to screw things up, just act normal because being yourself is the key to confidence. And to know more about how to have a successful first date, read below:

What to wear on a first date

Many men get confused about what to wear and what not on their first date. The clothes you wear should be simple and well synced with the ambiance. If you are looking for something extravagant and posh, like a fine dine in a world-class hotel, go for suit or tuxedo. And if you are planning for some casual hook-ups like at the bowling alley or cafes then you must go straight forward and wear a nice pair of shoes.


Where to go

Go for something normal and interactive, it may sound vague but there is logic for this too. People usually don’t get the second chance if their first date land up to some harsh noise concert where the lead singer ends up shirtless. Go somewhere nice where you can have endless conversations with light background music and no disturbance.

Be a gentleman

Chivalry is not dead so, don’t be afraid to pull out a chair and open a door. Pay attention to her experience – because these old school moves will never grow old. Be respectful to the attendants, tip them well, and do let her know how amazingly you spent your day.

First date conversation tips

First date conversations are tricky, but there are smart ways to deal with it. Take an interest in her life, job, hobbies, and start the conversation. She will take care of the rest. And if she is not like the talkative kind, you better start telling about your dreams and aspirations, whereas talk as less as possible about your accomplishments.


What to do on a first date

When it comes to first date etiquettes, there are some guidelines,


·         Be on time.

·         Be attentive.

·         Be respectful.


·         Don’t get too cheesy.

·         Don’t be super touchy.

·         Don’t get drunk.


What to talk about

Talking is an art and once your date talks freely without any inhibitions then feel like a king. Never ask creepy questions about your partner’s past relationship. If you are of the introvert kind, take her to the places you know more about. Like, take her to the bowling alley if you have some really good bowling skills.


How to act on a first date

Getting drunk on the first date is a foolish thing. So, choose your poison of the day wisely. Experts say that guys drink too much and guzzle when they are nervous. It would leave a bad impression and you might lose the chance of a second date. Also try to understand whether she likes her drink or not, if necessary call the attendant and order something light and refreshing like Bronx, French 95 etc.

First date flirting tip

Flirting is a skill and needs much of your effort. First of all, you need to have a communicative body language that should speak how confident and generous you are. Maintain a comfortably erect posture throughout your date and always keep an inward turn towards each other, to define a good rapport.


Do use ‘touch’

‘Touch’ is a flirting tactic, which helps to communicate positive rapport and romantic interest with your date. Do not fear to break the ice in the first meeting. You can either shake hands or do a half-hug.


Drop her home

Even if you don’t have a motorcycle or a car, you can take the public conveyance and drop her home positively. This move could be the crucial one as almost every girl would love to be with a responsible man. And dropping her home has its own perks as well.Your good gesture might land up a warm kiss on your cheeks and make your night.