Not getting sleep – 10 techniques to fall sleep quickly

Not getting sleep – 10 techniques to fall sleep quickly

Not getting sleep - 10 techniques to fall sleep quickly

Most of us today have a kind of lifestyle that can force us to stay awake for unnaturally long spans of time. The damage caused to our biological clock can be so severe that on a normal work load free day, we might not be able to go to sleep. The state of sleeplessness can be good when you have work or study load but in the long run it has detrimental effects on our bodies. Insomnia can never be a good thing. There are a few techniques that can help you fall asleep, just to ensure that your body has enough rest that it needs.

10 ways to fall asleep

There are a number of ways by which you can encourage your body to fall asleep. Here are 10 techniques that you can resort to:

  1. A major reason behind sleeplessness is the sheer number of distractions that electronic devices offer. If we are not chatting over the internet, we are enthralled in some television show. Cutting out the distractions by switching electronic devices off, or by keeping them at a distance, can be a way of coaxing your body to sleep.
  2. Many people tend to keep their televisions running during bed time. The constant noise of the television might be helpful but the light emitted keeps our bodies alert. By surrounding yourself in darkness you allow your natural instincts to kick in, which drives our body to dream land.
  3. If you do need to have some kind of sound playing when you sleep then opt for some soft music. The best thing to listen to during bed time is the sounds of white noise machines. There are many kinds of white noise machines available in the market.
  4. Your brain might be too stressed to allow your body to sleep. You need to unwind before you can sleep. A good book can always be perfect for the job. Opt for books instead of magazines when you want to read in bed.
  5. After your hectic day you might need to get things off of your chest before you can sleep. Keep a journal to help do so. When you write things down in your journal, your mind is relaxed and this can help your body sleep.
  6. A combination of hot and cold can relax your body enough to aid your sleep. This can be done by cooling the temperature of your room but taking a hot bath before going to bed. The hot water on your skin immediately makes your brain feel cozy. The comfort of a cool room right after should be enough to give you good sleep.
  7. If you do not wish to soak your hair before heading to bed then there is an alternative. You can have a warm drink, which should not contain caffeine. A glass of warm milk can be good to keep your stomach full through the night; it can also help you fall asleep.
  8. The state of your room is also important. If you have a cluttered room then you might not be able to sleep easily. A clean bed is the best to allow your body to sleep faster.
  9. Beginning your day with work outs can be important if you wish to get a good sleep at night. When you work out in the morning your body is set into motion, this allows your body to function optimally throughout the day. By the time you get to bed your body is so tired that you can sleep easily.
  10. Maintaining a sleep cycle is very important. Have a fixed bed time, this allows your body to get the right amount of rest it needs. This ensures that you do not over sleep or under sleep. At the same time avoid naps during the day, this ensures that by bed time your body needs the rest that you plan on giving it.


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