Mens clothing – Comfortable clothes for men

Mens clothing – Comfortable clothes for men

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All men want the clothes that are giving comfort to them. Women may stay patience while coming to tight fitting costumes but almost all men seek for comfort. On the same lane they don’t want to compromise with the fashion. A blend of both comfortable and fashionable clothes is a perfect mantra to wear on. Let see some of them which comes under that category.

Comfortable clothes for men

Fitting under garments

Many men wash their under garments less often, especially their underwear, when they do so they tends to become loose and unfit. So try some tight fitting and branded underwear to keep yourself fit.

 No olds

Though how much love you have for your old pair of jeans they don’t keep you on the step ‘as with the trend’. So forget those old one’s and try out some new shades of your choice.

Right formal shirt

What else other than a perfect formal shirt will give you great looks and comfort. Men generally buy shirts that are not fitting: either tight or loose. They really steal your original look, so go with the right size shirt to flaunt original you.

Flip flops

Not like a beach wear use them through out the day for the small and simple move outs whether it could be a meeting with your friend or to visit a doctor. Flip flops are one must pair in your shoe cupboard.


Make sure you are selecting loose boxers otherwise it makes you look funny. Choose the funky colored boxers so that you can blend them with basic colored t-shirts.

Razor cut vests

Do check your workout clothes both in comfort and according to the style. Razor cut vests display your biceps out and are one of the best clothes suitable to wear for the gym.

Track pants

Track pants suits perfect for the work out times. But choose the pant that is coming with a single shade, more than colors spoils your work out look and make you funny.


Though you can’t come out from the love and comfort of your old sneakers do not wear the torn ones. As sneakers have become the daily wear for most of the outings it is good to buy a pair of sneakers every year.

Hobo T-shirts

Most of the guys have the over-sized t-shirts which nearly comes up to their upper thighs. You don’t need to keep them in a corner take them out and wear at home with the match up of loose boxers. Indeed they look cute on plump guys.


Wash your socks atleast three times a week and also wear which doesn’t have any holes. Pick out the socks which makes you feel comfort because they are not a luxury but are a necessity.

Fitting blazer

The overall look of a blazer depends up on how they fit to your body. It is advisable to wear blazer or jacket that got stitched, a stitched one fits perfect rather than a ready made one.


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