7-Best fruits for men

7-Best fruits for men

Male dining plate may be flaunting the various colored food items but it doesn’t mean you are up to the mark of exact health. Many health studies have been reporting that men are lacking with essential nutrients and proteins due to their gust towards eating. So, encourage your diet with snack on fruits that will fill all the required proteins and vitamins.

Best fruits for men

There are many sufferers of erectile dysfunction, to head over it pomegranate aids you in a nutrition way. The pomegranate fruits and its juice are considered to have rich amounts of antioxidants that are proficient in reversing the oxidative damage or natural rusting of the vascular system. The role of natural rusting is to maintain and achieve erections.

Add on your daily diet with high quantities of blackberries to get the vitamin k and phyto-nutrients that are key in preventing the prostate cancer in men. It also helps you to get the trace mineral manganese, which is having the ability to increase the testosterone production. Other berries such as blue berries, raspberries and bilberries in addition to blackberries are having rich antioxidants lutein, which fosters the eye health and restrict the eye problem macular degeneration.

According to the studies conducted on people grape fruit has the capacity to cut off the calories in the body. Grapefruit reduces the hunger pangs, it suppresses the appetite. People who had ate half grape fruit before each meal have showed the reduction of 3.6 pounds in 12 fast weeks.

It is highly recommended to avoid grape fruit when you are taking any prescription medication because it may interact with the enzymes of the liver and  the medication retains for long period than the expected.

To reload the high amounts of glycogen that you have lost after the hard work session, high glycemic carbs will help you a lot. Grapes consists of rich glycemic carbs and hence it is under the  use of a post snack after the workout. In addition to that it is also filled with several essential nutrients, vitamins such as folate, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

Eat an apple everyday to get the daily amount of soluble fiber which is 17%. The fully loaded soluble fiber is vital to improve and maintain the health of the colon and is also beneficial for controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. Apples are also the storage’s of quercetin that consists of antihistamine and antiallergy properties. Another perk of eating apple is to get the immune boosting vitamin C.

Inflammation is linked as the inherent reason for most of the general diseases and discomfort. Many guys are suffering with severe inflammation due to sports injuries, on the top of it chronic inflammation is the main threat for vascular system. Studies have proved that eating cherries is a good way to curb the aches, pain and inflammation. Cherries consists of rich amounts of anthocyanins 1 and 2 that help to stop the enzymes which are resulting for the inflamma


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