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Push Ups Photo

Let’s be clear and pop that bubble, you cannot ‘spot-reduce’, or lose fat off of a certain area of the body. Instead, you must...
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Hair care for Men

Fade and Spiked Dreadlocks

Hair styles speak more about your personality than your words ever could. Dreadlock is one such hairstyle that has always intrigued others because of...
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Are you nervous about your first date? What should you wear? Where should you take her out? If you do not want to screw...
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1920s Suits

The 1920s brought a dramatic change to men’s fashion, and its legacy is carried on even today. Though many cosmetic changes have come in...
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Sex life

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

So you’ve been talking to a girl for some time now, and you guys have been getting steadily close. You have already talked about...
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